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The pending time - he loves me or not?

Every relation is made of few phases. First, you burn from desire , but after that you feel saturation, and it is time to take a pause. Heart can’t make 100 percent fire all the time , this is like a petrol, sometimes you need to refill it with new flame.
Why we need turbulence in relations? As passionate person, i will easier deal with conflict than with ignorance . Conflict is open field, you say this, he say that, you disagree but after anger pass , conversation is possible again. With ignorance, you are never sure.
If person ignores you and you don’t know the reason, you will pass through experience of pending time. Why he ignores me? When he will stop ignore me? When he will reply on my message and why he don't not answer on my call? You are for sure familiar with this questions.
When we are sure that person loves us, we will start to behave as we are on safe ground. 
Uncertainty is not an obstacle, he loves us, he will be there for us, he will do everything for us. Just, why are you so sure? What happens then? Some women will act like that is boring. They will start to flirt around, make million hobbies or even challenge conflict, just to turn back old flame into relation.
How this develops, it will show on this example.
Ken and Maria are 6 months in relation and they send to each other messages, because this is relation on distance. They live far from each other. First, he was sending so much messages that she could not breath. He had insight in every area of her life. She said him few times, don’t call me, i am busy with work. Also she said to him, i will go out with friends, i have life here in my city , don’t be sad if i can’t be online when you need me. Maria felt big burden.
After 48 hours situation suddenly changed. Maria opened cell phone in the morning and here was not usual message “good morning” as she used to. She sent message to Ken, but he did not reply her, even he was online. She sent second message for half hour and did not get reply either. Now she started to worry, maybe she was too bitchy when she said to him to be more independent. She did not get Ken’s messages 24 hours. Then she sent message to him ” you are ignoring me, i will not run for you. ” He did not show any reaction. After this, he replied her that he is busy with his work, that he has no time to write to her. Ken wanted to teach her lesson, not to take him for granted. Next days Maria felt that she appreciates him more. He took power back, and Maria started to melt. They even dealt for meeting soon.
I would recommend both sides, don’t let partner to drag you for nose. 
Don’t wait his calls and messages all the time , do something useful. If he will not call, don’t force him. If you did something wrong and he will not call, wait until he chills out. If you feel as redundant person in his life, increase your value. Live your life. Be in the company of people who are thrilled with your messages and calls.
Some guys will test women how much they are firm. Is this woman hysterical, paranoid, calm or crazy? Will this woman check every his step?
I will not blame them. Indeed, when person build wall , this is interesting. Who will jump over this wall? In this case, make your own rules. Why you should wait someone who let you to wait?
When women ask, should i call him if he did not call me, i will say no. If he wanted to call, he would call. Especially if this is start of relation. In long relations and marriages things are different. Sometimes you must call him to pay bills, to pick up kids, to cook dinner and invite guests, even you had argument. Married couples are sometimes forced to talk, by circumstances. Yes he was an ass yesterday, but today is last day to go into bank and i must talk with him. Later we will continue to fight.
Pending time is magical when you wait for statement of love
Does he love me? This is like in game from childhood , where little girl take flower and throw petals, and repeat : he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me…
Also pending time is good foreplay for sex. You had this tense situation, and now is time for passion. Award for your waiting and end of the game.

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