679. Do you press wrong buttons ?

Did you ever asked yourself why some people don’t accept you even you did your best effort? Did you asked why you give more than you get and why you stayed with short sleeves in some situations?
This questions bothers me because i am person for “all or nothing. ” I give myself in complete, i have direct approach, my intentions are pure and i don’t know how to lie even i should know, to protect myself. After that i see people with hidden intentions and double faces, how they take my part of cake and i wonder why.
I lost some friends cause i did not know how to fake my mood, how to pretend or to enter in some asses. In life, i met many men who wanted to obey me. I have sharp tongue, hard speech and i don’t get in my mind that i should obey to anyone. Some women have that talent, how to shut up when is time. I admit, when i get into discussion, is hard to get out from this, i love to say all what is on my mind. I am certainly not a type for “hi, how are you, have a nice day. “
What happens to me is in this draft:
First impression : “You are sexy, smart and strong, all 3 in one.”
Second impression: “You are difficult woman.”
Third impression : ” I can’t deal with you, it is too much for me.”
After this selection, in my life stayed only the strongest people. Why i write this blog 2 years and i have no such big number of followers as i should, this is because i don’t follow pattern.
I hate drafts. Do this, do that so results will be here. I wish spontaneous affection. If you like me, i am here, ask me i will reply you. If you follow me just to follow you, that is artificial love. That is the same as you offer me gift and next time ask gift from me.
I don’t know which button i should press to hold some people in my life, but i certainly know which button you should not press in my side:
Humiliate button. – Don’t ever try to make me feel less worthy. Don’t preach me, teach me, educate me , especially not with bossy tone.
Pity button. – Don’t feel sorry for me like i am child who did not walk yet. 
Laugh button. – Don’t laugh to me when is not funny or to make fool of me.
Rival’s button. – Don’t hold side of my rivals if you are my friend.
So, now when i show off my buttons, which are yours? If you were computer, what people should press to piss you off?
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