Your fatal friend for benefits

It is hard to make definition of love with one sentence. Physical contact, understanding, loyalty, respect, appreciation, all these are elements of love. If you have only sex and silence after, it is pretty clear that is not love.
Well, what happens when you start relation as friends with benefits which turn into something more? Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis started their relation on such way, and nowadays they are married.
Sometimes, life will make joke with you. It will happen something which you did not planned or you wanted to avoid this. Your energy will motivate space to give you exactly this you runaway from. You wanted friendship with benefits, because you don’t want to commit, you run from obligations and you are not good in showing feelings? Maybe past scarves make emotional monster from you, or you just think you are too young, too messy, to immature for serious relation, so you chose just sweating between four walls?
Whatever reason is, this signs will show you that your hot adventure became more:
You can’t handle 24 hours without contact with your sex mate.
You ask her opinion about everything.
You want to share your daily events with her.
You want to drag your sex mate with conflict with other people, to have her support.
You are interested what she is doing when she is not with you.
You are jealous on every man in her life.
You are sad and empty if she did not reply on your messages.
There is no immunity toward love, and if you feel good with your fuck buddy, if you smile in her presence, if you want to poke nose in every part of her life, you are busted.
That happens when girl is not crazy for you, or at least she did not show this.
She did not reply on your message after sex?
She went out with girls after day in your room? She is kind with you, but she is not melting?
This things will make guys to fall in love, because even girl was sleeping with you, she is not easy as you thought.
She gave you an opposite opinion about something you thought she will stand by your side?

This is power of an opposite psychology. She did not run for you, she let you to do what you wanted, she did not bother you, and now she woke up your curiosity. You want to keep your fatal friend for benefit, before she slips from your hands. Maybe another girls cried for you, called you and declare love for you, but you only want to see where is your fatal fuckbuddy. Now you are staring at your mobile and wait for her message.