7 types of relation's killers

Some couples looks so perfect at first sight that you could never believe in their breakup. What could separate them, they fit so perfect? As time is passing by, and if you scratch under surface, you will see how tiny things can ruin good relation and you were not pay attention on this.
What kind of things can separate one couple?
Ignorance.  That is cold killer. Silence is lethal.  Things whats left unsaid hurt the most.
Secrets behind back. Something what is important, you never said to your partner, and you should say it on time.
Return in past. Go forget past mistakes and leave it behind you. If you warn your partner all the time because of something what happens many years ago, you are torching him.
Avoiding serious conversation. If you don't want to hear what your partner wish to say, you disrespect him.
Constantly nagging, make your partner's faults bigger than it is. 
Never say compliments.  We all need praising, our ego needs cuddling, especially from person we love.
Never show gratitude for things what partner did to you.
Relations are like sea. On first sight, it looks beautiful blue, crystal clear and nice for enjoy. If you look into depth you will see dangerous sharks, jellyfish ready to burn you and unpleasant sea plants. That are problems in your relations, which you did not pay attention at first sight. You look as excellent couple. Both sweet, both nice and with good manners, both educated, without stain on your reputation. How many of us are like that? Then, one day , someone got hurt. She cheated. He beaten her. Nothing is the same anymore. How this happen, from where troubles arrived? It was in front of our nose, the fact how one partner started to feel alone in this relation. Now, you look at partner as on your rival, not as on your second half. How to get revenge? Will you roast him?
We forgot about love, that we started because we felt love. When love died and when hate took its place? If we wish to heal, we need to get back on moments which makes us happy.
You and your partner were dancing, listening music, making jokes together, even mock another people together. Now you are only silent, each one in their corner, waiting for a miracle to recover your relation. That miracle is hidden in you, inside.