How to avoid toxic atmosphere at work?

While i was walking at lunch pause, i got compliment. Secretary from my workplace said to me that i have awesome stockings. Few days before my other colleague said to me that my skirt is cool. Today i meet alive with colleague who is my e-mail business contact, we cooperate in some project but we never introduce each other. She says, it was my pleasure.
Small things as professional kindness and courtesy are necessary to make working atmosphere better. We are humans, not robots, and it is not the same when you work in heat , toxic atmosphere or when you can communicate at normal level.
Sometimes, workplace is a jungle. I was working with Smoker, Pervert and Numb woman. I wrote this nicknames because this reveals all about their personality. It was hard time to me.
Smoker is a woman. She would kill for cigarette and we had lot of conflict about her smoking in office. I was choking in her smoke, and i was constantly repeating to stop with this. She bought electronic cigarette but only few days, later was all as before. The only solution was that we sit in separate rooms.
Pervert is a man. His stories about size of my bra and my “fucking ” body were so unpleasant to me. He was sometimes drunk and it makes story even worse.

Now, what we can do to make working atmosphere less toxic?
Share your meal with colleague. 
Make some compliments about hair , clothes or anything else.
Ask advice about your work. This cuddles ego.
Walk on lunch break with your colleague to share some stories.
Borrow things as lipstick and perfume. If you go on business meeting sometimes you have no makeup and this small things can help you.
Borrow tampon during period. Yes, it happened to me at work, i got period and my colleague give me tampon.
Tell colleague if you don’t feel well. Someone has pill or chocolate, or he will bring you coffee.
Don’t gossip. Stories are spreading fast at workplace. If gossip is your hobby, be aware that you will be subject too.
Try to be fair when you share room with colleague. If you yell, laugh loud or talk on phone loud and your colleague has important task, you are selfish. 
Deal with colleague about air condition, heat or open or closed windows. This small things can cause big confrontations. Someone is sweating, someone is getting cold so habits and needs are different.
Don’t dig at  your colleague’s computer. Respect privacy.
If your colleague is not married, or other sexual orientation than yours, don’t be an asshole. Be tolerant.
Workplace might be jungle and tigers are ready to tear you. You can show tolerance, but also teeth. If you did all to make peace, and nothing’s work, make report to bosses and ethic departments. Some cases are pure mobbing and it is another story.