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Do you think you can change a man's nature?

I wish he stops drinking. I wish he stops staring at another woman. I wish he stops smoking. I wish he is different.
Since childhood woman has a vision about her man. He should be handsome, kind, rich, smart? He should be wild and brave, her hero? Reality faces us with different men, and many of them will not fit into our standards. What if you wished hero who will stand at your side, and he is a chicken? What if you dreamed about the faithful guy, and he is so flirty that you can’t handle this?
We, women, wish to have a magic stick to correct failures in some men, to fit them accord our wishes, but it is not real. Even if you manage to change guy for a while, will you like him then? Maybe this change won’t fit him, as some clothes won’t fit you, or he will stop to be your challenge?
What kind of guys are candidates for woman’s frustrations?
Immature men with Peter Pan syndrome.
Mama’s boys.
Skimpy guys.
Women wish to believe in some myths how a certain man can change. Women love to hear stories about the guy on emotional rehab, who was a big fucker and suddenly he settled down. So, while some women will be fascinated with changes, others will be sad because they did not manage to do this in their time and competition won.
For example, X guy said:
“I knew she was the right one because I was stopped drinking with her. “
The same X talked many years the same story:
“I am not for serious relation. I am a fucker. “
Women will wrongly think that they can change men, but real truth lays in man’s character. Ladies, he will not change because you told him, he will change when he wishes and when circumstances ask this from him.
Man Y was bad mannered, he was fucking girls in the basement and left many broken hearts. When he got married with a local rich girl, he wanted to capture her father’s affection so he started to read, go to courses to learn a foreign language and this change was unbelievable for everyone who knew him.
Another point lays in opposite psychology. Ladies, man will not change because you told him, and when you force him or beg him, he will do opposite and things will get worse. Instead of pressure you put him, make opposite. Let him do what he wishes until he faces it with own bad habits.
Man Q was a smoker and his girlfriend wanted him to quit this bad habit. He was hiding in front of her, but when she was not there, he was smoking again. Once his girlfriend saw him from her car, he was walking with a cigarette in mouth. She said to him: “I am leaving you, you lie to me”, and that relationship was over because Q did not want to be her slave.
On another hand, man W had a lot of flirts, his eyes were always staring in women . His girlfriend was angry and desperate, but then she decided to stay calm. They were at a party together, she let him talk with women, she pretends that she is not mad at all. She let him to kiss her friend into cheek, to give them compliments. When she started to do the same with her male friends, man W changed his focus. He kept asking “who is he, and what is he to you”, and his girlfriend enjoyed in this situation. Soon man W became more careful and gentle with her because he was afraid to lose so patient woman.
Ladies, your man is an investment. You need to invest in him, your time, your patience, your wisdom. Sometimes is good to be silent and close eyes on his mistakes. Next time you will have a joker in your hands. Persuade him that you are worthy of change, that you understand him. Then, when he shows cooperation with your wishes, change direction. Tell him that he made you happy with his change. Then do something for him. Make him happy with your change, prove him that you will not nag for every tiny reason, that you will not yell if he doesn’t wash dishes every day and that you will watch with him his favorite sports channel.
Change is indeed exchange. You wish he change for you? Good, give him a reason why.

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