The conflict with the man you love is the hardest exam

Some people will remind you on harsh way why is necessary to love yourself first. Why is important to establish your values and not let anyone to cross your lines?
Heart is fragile target and infatuation is blind road. Sometimes, we fall for those who are not on our level , or who wants to tame us into their world, to play accord their rules. The hardest opponent is the person you fall in love. I felt this on my own skin. If you have luck, you will survive misunderstanding with your partner and he will accept your values as part of you. If you don’t, you will get out from this impossible situation.
When you fall in love, passion and self-respect could be on opposite sides. You met this guy, he attract you so much, he is amazing in bed, but soon you realize that he is not guy for long term. He doesn’t respect you. Once when man start to provoke you, to put you in the same box with other women who are really under your level, to ignore you and to show his muscles, you will see what is on first place for him. If his vanity is more important than love toward you, this feelings never existed.
Once my friend told me: “It is the best that you get rid of him. You should never had connection with him. ” She lived her safe life with man who gave her financial stability, but there was never love. Safe advice, but also act of coward, because she did not want to get burn her fingers.
I got burn often but i got my score at the end. I accepted, fighting is part of marriage. Tears, broken nerves, yelling, that is all part of marriage. Who said that they never argue, that person lies. I don’t promote conflict as recipe for good marriage, but sometimes is very constructive. Throw some brick if you want clean house.
Now i come at my point. I am woman made from principles. I can fall for some guys, as i did in past, to follow them blindly. I don’t care if he is rich, poor, model or average, i was there when he had something special which captured my heart. In the moment when i felt lack of honor and disrespect, that person faded for me.
Conflict with those we love is the hardest exam. He will yell on you, he will try to obey you, maybe he will be one foot outside , ready to leave you. If you show that you can live without him, he will ask himself is this really what he wish. Or not?
Victory happens when you both admit your mistakes. I am bloody under skin, i did some stupid things, i was messy, i was selfish. He was too, he wanted to show me my place. Let’s find each other on half way, cause mature man is flexible. Mature man will not replace one woman with other, just like that, because she said wrong word.
If you think that you are invincible, that nobody can beat your arguments, that everyone listen to you, try to make conflict with person you love the most. Even the biggest mafia bosses had their weaknesses. Those were women they loved.
If you win such conflict, you will never be alone in your throne. You will pay your price, you will make sacrifice in some fields, but also you will be honored by your opponent.
Even men love to be bosses, mature man will not be satisfied with woman who just clap their hands and say YES on every his words.  If you decided to spend your life with such woman, you will get bored, isn’t it?