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Are you grateful for the things you have ?

Are you grateful for the things you have in your life? I don’t think about furniture or new plates, I think about your private and professional life. Sometimes, we forget to save gratitude in our heart because our mind is too busy dreaming about something we still did not realize.
The gradation looks like this:
I don’t have a boyfriend.
I have a boyfriend but we are not married.
We are married but we don’t have kids.
We have only one child.
Our kid is not obedient, we have a problematic teenager.

In the professional plan, we can use the same pattern:
I am studying and i don’t have a job.
I have a job but my salary is small.
I have a good salary but i have no free time.
I have a job but my boss is a dictator.
It is about human nature, where all are rivals, competitors and opponents. Why your neighbor owe expensive car, and you are going at work with the bus? Why your kids can’t have designers clothes? Why your friend has a bigger flat then you?
We are dreaming because of our ambitions. It is not bad, i am also an ambitious person. I think i deserve much more than i have in the moment. Just, also as other people, i am ungrateful. The root of happiness is in gratitude, and sometimes i forget how lucky am i to have things other people don’t have. I am healthy, but i was paying attention to my health only when the doctor said to me to do blood analysis. Then, waiting with other patients in an emergency, i felt gratitude when i got my results. Before that, i imagined all possible negative stories in my head. Later i was drinking, in the name of health.
So, this is key of human gratitude, that we appreciate something when our ground can slip under our feet. Simply, you have a boring husband, you are arguing with him often, and one day you see him to talk so friendly with some other woman. Then you start to think, why i am so ungrateful? Or, you are struggling with your work, but one day a new intern come to take your place and you start to fight for your position, like you wake up from a dream?
That is why we should not sleep with open eyes. I am grateful even if i want more. Why rich people get on the lottery? Because they are not in frequency of despair, they know it is possible to win money.
Today i will be grateful cause sun appears here , there is no flood, earthquake or hurricane. This is a feeling of happiness, when you breath on fresh air and walk free.
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