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Are you the hunter or the kill?

Criticism is a sensitive field. It is easy to give critics, to mock someone, but it is not easy to receive this in return and to make a joke by yourself. Do you laugh at yourself, in public? Do you allow friends to tease you, even this means that they will overrate your faults and make your values smaller? There is a thin line between social clown and person who loves to make jokes about yourself. If you are a hunter, if you respect yourself, you will allow the certain dose of criticism but you will not be a doormat.
If you ask me to whom you must be grateful, maybe my answer will surprise you. Yes, i am grateful to my parents because they give me motivation, strong will, and attitude. I am grateful to my sister because she stood on my side when i felt miserable. I am grateful to my husband for accepting me as i am, even when i was the worst nightmare.
Mostly, i am grateful to my rivals, to develop my strength. As i passed my initiation, faced with many troubles and get out from biggest crises, i am grateful.
I am grateful to my double-faced, ex-friends. I am grateful to my ex-boyfriends.
So I am grateful for betrayal.
For underestimation.
For disloyalty.
For mockery.
For critics.
For breakups.
For pushing in the background.
This familiar sentence “everything happens for a reason” has real sense for me. I found reason in tiny box, under key, wrapped in so called kindness, loyalty and, love. Under this envelope was disappointment and lesson “Next time you will know to whom you are dealing with. “
As i am learning fast, and i am learning with sense, i got this point. No, i will not blow on cold, neither i will be paranoid. Just, all that lessons developed my sense for logic. If it looks like bitch and talk like bitch, it must be a bitch. If it smells like shit, then it must be shit.
Sometimes, i did not see wood from the forest, but that wood was my solution. I can do it better. Just as Terminator, if i stay without one part, i will upgrade myself to better version.
Can you say that you are grateful for someone who gave you hard time?
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