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Women are not weak as they look

Where is a fight, there is love. Since childhood opposite genders tease each other, make conflicts and argue, just to compare their mental strength. Men are strong gender by nature, but many of them underestimate woman’s will and character. Some judgments define a woman as fragile, sensitive creature, and the man who is educated in the traditional family will often underestimate a woman. He will see the weak creature in the corner with a face full of tears.
Well, a woman can defend herself in thousand ways. She will seduce you to obey you. She will pretend weakness just to take revenge on you if you humiliate her. Be ready for her trick as on poker table. Especially men who are used to silent, obedient woman can’t count on such resistance.
Remember, the woman is the one who is working and clean house after work, carry for kids and for your laundry and your meal. Women are multi-tasking, so how can they be weak?
When you fall in love with a woman who can care for herself, she doesn’t need you. She wants you, but as your partner, not as a slave or as a servant. She will not serve you and swallow your insults, she will not share your opinion if she has a different view. She will buy clothes for herself and she doesn’t need your money as a manipulation tool.
Some girls read romantic novels in childhood, other’s learn how to survive alone. If you meet princess warrior, don’t treat her as a fool, especially don’t put her into the same circle with dependable women who can’t pay bills without men.
Women are not weak as they look alike so angel face might deceive you. She can live without you if you treat her only as an option because she is interested only in first place in the heart of beloved man.
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