133. Mind your own business

Privacy is our secret box. We decide shall we share it with others or not. Also, when we open view to this box to someone, this is the way how we give that person key in hands. This is trust, and it can be used and abused. If you expect that everybody will be grateful to you for giving them trust, you are wrong. Snake is a snake, and if you don't know well human character, you will be surprised why particular person hurts you. Because , if you trust to snake, he or she will spit poison when you less expect. 

Very important thing is, separate private stuffs from your work. People at work are our cooperators and they should not know about our privacy , not all details.

Here is the example. Woman who speaks on the phone during work time, about her daughter who needs to go to gynecologist and she is still a virgin. Oh, how she will handle man doctor, she is so shy? Why should we know about this?

Some questions are not allowed even on job interview. For example: - Are you married? - Do you h…

132. Dominatrix and brat

Some men still believe that this is men world. How does it look like? Women should not work, her place is on the kitchen, she must be virgin or have one partner for a lifetime. This woman is lady, with pure soul and worthy to be a wife. It is hard to handle that woman can earn money, but it is more  harder to handle that woman can use man only for sex and change partners the same as man is doing this.

Yes, women move the limits. Famous model Carla Bruni confessed that she was promiscuous and that she doesn't believe in monogamy. She is leader woman and she needed man who will understand her and support her no matter what she was. Her husband Nicholas Sarkozy, who was president of France, accepted to have wife as Carla Bruni.

You want to move limits too, to be Super girl in this men world? Be careful , you can stand on bomb.

What will happen if ordinary woman says that she used man for one night stand?
- she can be subject of big gossip - man can blackmail her with video or naked photos,…

131. Beggaring is not as it looks like

It is very clear that every society needs order, people are not animals and some rules of behavior must exist. Laws and regulations are here to reminds us, and punishments are here to learn us where we went wrong.

Just, laws are theory, and what is in practice? How to make rules on paper real? We need people who will work to make them real.

Here are some examples, what is written on paper, and what happens in reality.
Many cities in Croatia are full of beggars. This is not question of moral or mercy, begging for money is something what is punished by law.  The Law of public order is clear, every beggar caught in the action should pay money penalty about 40 until 100 euro. New Law of public order will be even harder, punishment will be 150 euro. 

In reality, how to report beggar and who will report this? I don't know about any case that someone reported beggar on the street. People are ringing on others door and asking for a money, they enter into coffee bars and asking for a money too,…

130. When hero falls down

All is easier when you are young. You can be wild, crazy, your mistakes will be forgiven easier because you are on the start of life path. When you are getting older, it will be harder to carry on life burden. It is hard to adjust to changes, especially when this is not what you expected. Some changes might make damage to your personal values.

Sometimes, young people can be really cruel because they believe that world belongs to them. Just, they forgot that they are getting older too, and that one day someone will mock them too.

Imagine two people at work. One is new, young and inexperienced guy, other is man with 20 years of work experience. The same mistake will have different mark. You can mistake if you see something first time because you are new player in that area. If you are senior, this is not allowed to you.

Even the biggest stars are not exception of some punishments. 

Remember football player Zinedine Zidane, what happened when he hit Marco Materazzi in chest because he was sw…

129. Murphy's law - unlucky story

When something is bad, don't worry. It might be worse. Everybody has one of that days, when everything is going wrong.

You get up and spill hot coffee on your white dress and then you must clean mess and get late at work. There you will meet grumpy boss and hysterical clients. When you finally can go to lunch pause, food in business restaurant will be disgusting and someone will sit near you to talk about work during you chew this bitter meal.

You will think that someone hit you with spell or made woodoo doll, but this is just bunch of negative circumstances. This is an opposite of what you wish because you sent wrong energy to universe, and universe reply you back with bad events.

Can we block our good luck? Yes, we can do it unintentionally.

Sheila wanted that guy Tony so much, and he was not cold toward her, but she had one unwanted admirer at her workplace. Brian was her roommate and it was hard to work with him, he gave her compliments about her looks, he was staring at her so sh…

128. Life in golden cage

Some people live whole life in golden cage. They are afraid to open the door for better view because outside can be dangerous. An opposite, long period in golden cage can cause boredom, bitterness and frustrations, and then we want to runaway. Why to travel? There are much troubles you can expect. Someone can kidnap you, also you could be  raped, robbed, even killed. Better to stay home and you are safe.
Irene had such way of thinking. She never liked risk. She married to guy who promised her safety and peaceful life. He is policeman and he fit in her idea of life. She also has safe job, even she bored in small office , but this work is in city where she lives , few steps far from her home. 

One day someone made mess in her small, cozy life. New handsome boss came as replacement for old man who was retired. New boss was charming and all women were crazy for him. Irene had fantasies about her boss and first time in her life she started to think on other way. Yes, her husband is not handso…

127. Prince charming without tools

Once you met a guy who made your voice tremble. His kisses were the best you ever tasted, and he was realization of your dreams. You hold his hand, he buys you gifts and his words are poetry, suddenly you feel as you are on the top of the world. He was perfect, but your romance had black side.
That was story from fairy tale and Tracy experienced this. All her friends were jealous on her, they envy because Albert was really gorgeous and well mannered guy. When Tracy came grumpy on birthday party of her best friend Sally, she asked her:

- Come on, what is going on with you? Troubles in paradise?

Tracy could not be quiet anymore , and she discovered her secret. Her prince charming Albert was bad lover. In fact, they just tried to make love, but every attempt fail. Tracy was six month in nightmare, because she felt like she is not desirable anymore.
Albert had impotence problems. He was angry and sad in the same time, and as time was passing by, he started to avoid sex with Tracy. It was like…