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How you deal with a rejection ?

In life we will not get always what we want. This is simply reality, that sometimes our wishes will stay only fantasies and that people will reject us. Imagine Jehova's  witnesses at your door, they are so persistent, but many doors will be closed to them in front of nose and people will consider them as annoying. Rejections are their reality.
When someone says no, it leaves bad taste of bitterness. Denials can affect on our self confidence. Why i am not good enough and why others are better? Also, rejections can be challenges, to wake up our resistance, we will try to prove why others are wrong, we will try to enter on back door to realize our expectations.
Average person will treat rejection as part of reality. That happens and life is going on, we can't do nothing about it, to persuade someone in opposite. Let's try one more time or give up. Nobody died from refusing by others.
When person is not thinking on healthy way, we can expect revenge, anger or rage. How someone da…

Do you believe in a second chance?

Fool me once, mistake is yours. Fool me twice, or for a third time, mistake is mine. People are not robots, so everyone can do something bad to other person. No matter if you miss to do something good or you did bad thing, you mistaked. Now this is open space for another chance. 
When you give another chance , your heart is opened to forgiveness. Forgive, forget and give new opportunity because we are all from flesh and blood. What is indeed second chance? This is benefit and we can't splash it again. Inside of that second chance is also an alert , if you fool me again, this is forever.
Heart is soft and there is big space for forgiveness. Sweet words are melting poison, and person can cross us with promises and lies. Second, third or forth chance, who care, if he forgot first time, he will do it again. So, when you use second chance as expanded background for more bad activities, this happens in bad purpose. 
Think about to whom you will give second chance. Will you exterminate lies…

The house of rage

You are angry on your boss, friend, relatives? You want to kick some asses or to slap someone? This feeling is familiar to everyone. Even the calmest person has moment of "yellow minutes", when feeling of rage takes over.
Whatever reason of anger was, we want to revenge to culprit, causer of this anger. Here is imagined picture, black eye or tears on his eyes, that guy who deserve to be punished. I wish to make miserable this girl. How dare she, to make me angry like that?
Feeling of anger has many sources. This comes out from disrespect or denials. It is not easy when someone underestimate our deeds and feelings, and when someone play with us. When we can't fight back on proper way, we are powerless. Yes how great it would be to slap my boss but i will lose job in this case. I would spit on my doctor because i got appointment with him and i waited 2 hours in clinic, but i can't do it. 
Savage people will have simple solutions with paddles in their hands. An eye for an …

People behind us

Friendship is complicated process. We met someone and our bond is established. Day by day this connection is more stronger and we feel trust, devotion and loyalty toward that person. We opened book of confidence and every message there developed from the heart.
Friends for lifetime is big statement. How can we be sure that we will be in contact with the same person we met in childhood? 
What happens when circumstances changed?
Some people we simply left behind us. It is not because we are nasty or evil. Simply, some people can't fit in our life anymore and they are considered as burden. 
Real friend will understand our silence , bad mood and lack of time.  This relation is swing, we will rock this swing right and left. If one person drag things always on the same side, this is selfishness.

How does it look like?
I need something from you, why you did not do this for me? I want to drink coffee today with you, find time for me. Why you did not answer on my message or call? I always have righ…

Why is not nice to brag about your sexual partners?

The most private question about someone is: Which is the number of your sexual partners? This is the matter of intimacy and in general you wish to keep it for yourself. Only persons worthy of your confidence will know about this. American actress Lindsay Lohan bragged about list of famous men she slept. There were Justin Timberlake, James Franco and many other handsome men from Hollywood. Also she spit on show business, like she expected reward after her scandals. There is saying that gentleman doesn’t talk about women he had sex. What happened between sheets should stay there, dirty details should not be shared around. It could be real war, bragging about rigid woman in bed and small size of penis. This is ugly . It is not matter of ethic, it is matter of dignity. If women talk about her sexual activities, should she expect that she will be accepted and that other people will clap their hands? That makes dirty sign on her reputation. Every next man in her life can expect the same. If …

What makes a difference between a joke and an insult?

A smile is the best makeup. If you radiate with joy, others will notice that and it will be easier to make friends and to find love.  Who likes the company of grumpy people? Frustrations are black curtains and there is no happiness. If you are able to spread jokes in tough times, it will be more worthy than the use of pills. 
Jokes are tools to make someone smile. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to use jokes in an appropriate way. If you say jokes about policemen to real policeman or joke about blondes to a woman with blonde hair, they can be hurt. There is a limit between good joke and insult. If you laugh so hard and pull your finger to make other person hurt, you crossed that limit.
Roberta had problems with weight. Looking in the mirror was a real pain for her, and she was on all kind of diets during her life. She had a boyfriend and she was dressed in sexy underwear, but he made a bad joke about her.
"You look like a whale. Do you know the difference between fat woman and …

Read my diary at own risk

What was your biggest nightmare when you were teenager? You have secrets, privacy and hidden thoughts in notebook called diary, and someone will discover your shelter and read it? That was the biggest fear of teenagers before computers. Today secrets are on blogs and social networks, and fear has another form. Will someone discover your password? Did you give password to other person and he digs into your privacy ?
Former Spice girl Mel B., Scary spice found a way for very strict education of her children. She simply asked her daughters to reveal their passwords from all pages on social networks where they are registered as users. 

Scary mom got in her hands powerful weapon, to dig into inbox and make censor  of all inappropriate messages. Big brother is now big sister and she can rule with her daughters accord her beliefs. Overprotective mother was not so perfect role model because her daughters have different fathers and she was not a saint , but on this way she wants to prevent them …