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Do you ignore your partner to show who is the boss?

I used to say a long time ago that ignorance is deadly weapon against your rivals , and sword in the heart of your beloved ones. If you want to hurt person, ignore her. If you want to get revenge, use ignorance. Now imagine situation when you are in relation and you have certain expectations from your partner. You wish to share daily problems with him. You wish to smile to stupid jokes and to get opinions about something you did or said. Your partner should have skills of listening, because person who can’t listen is deaf with purpose, and such partner is ignorant one. How ignorance works out in relations? You send him long text, he reply with disclaimer or short sentence. You talk about your day, he just say ok and yes. You call him and your speech is long, and he is just numb on other side or say something as “we will see. “ You realize that he did not listen you carefully, because he asked question which is already answered. You talk with your partner, and he stares in other people at t…
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How do you accept new people in your circle?

How do you react when someone new comes into your life? We need changes. From time to time is good to refresh your circle and give chance to a new person. Friendship is about a quality, it is not to whom you know the longest. You might know a person for many years but your expectations fail. You are maybe a giver and that person only takes the advantage of you. Now you get a new friend and you decide to give some benefits? Trust is a value so if you give your trust you are willing to risk. Maybe you will be considered as naive but without the attempt, it will not result. Even I look at new people with the dose of suspicion I will give a chance and time. If someone abuses my confidence I will not give more credits. Who cares about me will be careful. I will not kiss and hug everyone at the first sight. When the person opens too much she is an open target. How to avoid bullets? No matter how you tried shit will happen. Then I can erase dust and go further. I was a witness that people regret…

How to solve a conflict with someone who was important to you?

Did you ever have a situation that someone hurt you and now he wants to come back? Imagine a period of silence. A long silence where you both stand like warriors with a weapon in their hands, waiting for the next move? He looks at you with anger and sadness, but without a word. He knows that every word could be wrongly understood. There are two situations. First, you are guilty but you don’t want to apologize. The second, he is guilty but his pride stops him to apologize. If you hurt a man, his pride won’t let him crawl for you. He will rather surround himself with a bunch of obedient women than to accept your stubbornness. The interesting thing in every conflict is a silence after. There is a mutual respect in silence when two people cut off their connections. If he doesn’t haunt you or mock you he respects himself. If he doesn’t gossip you he respects you. Sometimes you will agree with your silence better than in previous conversations. Two people who can’t agree together but who agre…

What makes you happy?

Happiness is not the universal thing. What makes you happy will make me bored or even angry or sad. Priorities are different and that is why the source of good luck is not a global thing.
For me, happiness is a race.  I like to move and discover new challenges.  I like my space of privacy where is not everyone invited.  I like harsh jokes which make me smile that my belly pains from laugh.
I like the smell of fresh air.  I love greenery where my eyes are resting.  I like a hug of water when I am swimming.  I love when my beloved partner kisses me. I love when my favorite team wins a football match.
Happiness could be a big thing but also it is a collection of small things. Even happiness eliminates anger and heals sadness you will not experience a true happiness until you know a bitterness and frustrations.
Happiness is not a golden spoon but it feeds you as the biggest meal.
Happiness is sometimes invisible and silent as a ghost but you can hear a walk. 
Don't take an advantage of happiness c…

When passion dies?

How is possible that you feel a passion in the one moment and for some time that feeling dies?
Remember when someone attracted you in a way you felt like the drunk. He was a reason to smile and the source of your tears. You would give him everything.
Then something happened. He betrayed you. He humiliates you. He broke your honor by ignorance. He gave all to another person.
At that moment passion dies. The flame is watered by your spit. You feel a sickness when you see him. You feel a guilt because you let him to manipulates you.
In the second phase, you smile cause you got rid of him.  He lost his power to abuse you mentally. In the final phase, you look at him and there is no a reaction. The empty space replaced your obsession. Time bites memories so a big tooth destroyed your passion.
The result is a freedom. You are free from a self- destructive passion. In that way, your heart is healed. Your brain is free from a slavery.
You are ready for a real love. The real love will not allow a hum…

What is a blog without haters?

You never know who is reading your blog. Maybe you think you are unnoticed because millions of bloggers are in a blogosphere trying to make a success. Maybe you think that you will hide between many posts which jumps every day on the internet. I was thinking that too.
Then I found out that someone I know from the reality reads my blog. He said to someone else: "I follow her every day. This is so stupid to read." And another person said: " I think that is very interesting. She has the attitude. She doesn't use a sugar coating."  Well if something I don't like I don't read or listen or follow.  For example, I don't listen to Shakira and I don't follow her on social networks. I will not say she is stupid. Her music is not my type of music so I ignore.
So your fan zone might be divided. If someone follows you and criticize he is still a fan. A bad advertisement is still a promotion.
People will use your page to try a revenge if you kick them from your …

How to fight back when someone hurt you?

People will hurt you no matter how much good person you are. They will complain at your mistakes which you even did not know it exists. They will neglect your good side as it doesn't matter because they wish to see your fall. This is a reality and I accepted this a long time ago. Not all people are the same so sometimes you will get surprised with good hearts and good intentions, especially if a person doesn't ask anything for a return. When you meet a shining personality, don't give up on them.
I believed in a vengeance before, I even had an imagined blacklist of people who hurt me. I was happy when someone from that list got what he deserved. She passed her karma, he paid his bills. I was thrilled and then I realized, I am thinking about that people, I gave them the attention, even they hurt me. Why give them such award? Do they think about me, unless in a negative sense? Maybe they smile if they heard something bad or they simply ignore my existence?
Sometimes you can fix…