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Do you ignore your partner to show who is the boss?

I used to say a long time ago that ignorance is deadly weapon against your rivals , and sword in the heart of your beloved ones. If you want to hurt person, ignore her. If you want to get revenge, use ignorance. Now imagine situation when you are in relation and you have certain expectations from your partner. You wish to share daily problems with him. You wish to smile to stupid jokes and to get opinions about something you did or said. Your partner should have skills of listening, because person who can’t listen is deaf with purpose, and such partner is ignorant one. How ignorance works out in relations? You send him long text, he reply with disclaimer or short sentence. You talk about your day, he just say ok and yes. You call him and your speech is long, and he is just numb on other side or say something as “we will see. “ You realize that he did not listen you carefully, because he asked question which is already answered. You talk with your partner, and he stares in other people at t…
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The point of a blog interaction

The blogging is not a blind alley. This is not one-sided communication, either. The beauty of blogging is trading of opinions and when I see comment on my blog which is connected with a topic, I am happy. Sometimes other bloggers inspire me to open topic, they remind me on a different point of view, or of something I have forgotten. What I will never do, is to invite people to comment on my posts. I am not a beggar or the attention whore. I respect other choices. If you find my topic interesting, be my guess. If I can make you smile, I won. If you think I am boring, you can avoid me. I comment on blogs which I consider as interesting. Some people write with many emotions, which is my problem because I don’t know how to express emotions in the right way. Sometimes I sound angry even I am sad in fact. Sometimes I sound vindictive and I only want a fair play.  Sometimes I don’t know what I really want. I feel lost in my own labyrinth. The point of real interaction is not “like for like”, “f…

Why nobody reads blog posts?

Together with a technology progress, people got back at the Stone age when they communicated in a primitive way. Clapping hands, smiles, drawing images. Do disclaimers remains you on this? How about short words as btw, lol, omg, LMFAO, etc?

We are overwhelmed with info, people have a lot to say and little to listen. They will read a title and make a like. They will bother you if you look good and ignore you if you wish to discuss.

My communication with a guy yesterday: 😍 😘😎 🤗

I did not want to bother with explanations so I learned Tarzan and Jane interaction. If you want to dig deeper into the surface you must be patient. The last time I saw focused people was during the World cup final. Even then some made shots of goals with cell phones. We got back in the ancient time with hieroglyphs. Now we must learn meanings.
What do people like to read? Good humor.
Political news.
Celebrity gossips.
Weather forecast.

You can't force people to read but you can refuse a lame communication. You can bui…

Do you know your worth?

Do you know your worth? Before you answer this question, don't be afraid that someone will consider you as a pretentious person. Some of you will look at the floor and say: " I don't ask much from life, just love and peace. "
Well, if you ask a little you will get crumbles. Because you were satisfied with a little piece of cake. Some of you get lost in their vision and they don't know how much is their price. They underestimate or overrate themselves.

If you are not sure how much is your worth take a look at this facts.
What kind of people are your friends?
What kind of person is your partner?
How does your partner treat you?
Are you enough paid and respected at your job?
If you hang out with people who use you for their purpose, if your boss abusing you and your partner doesn't care about you, you don't know your worth.
If you use your friends and make a fool from your partner you are egocentric.
Look at you on the economic way. If you were on the market, who woul…

Why people change sides?

Loyalty is a condition of love and friendship. If a partner doesn’t hold your side who will? Some people don’t understand the meaning of loyalty so they change sides. Now they are close to someone but next time they will gossip about the same person when they enter into conflict. Eric dated with Victoria. They split because he was not faithful and he found Mabel. For six months, Eric realized that Mabel was just a comfort. So he got rid of her. Now he asks for Victoria back even he betrayed her at first. He said that Mabel is a slut. He now sees the real price of Victoria. Why people change sides? They calculate where is a better offer. They want to see all the advantages of both opportunities. They are insecure. They manipulate. It is not possible to be half loyal. You are not in the relationship with a half heart. You can’t say to a person I love you after you spit on loyalty. If you do, you must justify why you changed side and explain what happened. Otherwise,e you are a snake. Would you g…

How does a self-control works?

How you define a self-control? 
Do you think that is a feeling which ties a spontaneous reaction? 
Maybe it stops you to do something brave, worth of admiration?
 Or it is a coward act which prevents you from possible judgment?
I think about a self- control as a positive factor. This is a form of a self-defense and a reasonable rational tool.

How does it work?
You will not hug someone who hurts you because of you are self-controlled.
You will not slap someone who insults you because you are self-controlled.
You will not make love with someone unknown because you are self-controlled.
If you are a professional person this self-control will be a great help at work.
If someone hurt you before and ask for a second chance you will think about with a help of your reasonable voice.
Self-control works slowly. You use silence and time to get what you wished. So while anger acts fast, like a running car, self-control walks slowly. When you fall in love your passion kills self-control but after a disappointm…

How do you accept new people in your circle?

How do you react when someone new comes into your life? We need changes. From time to time is good to refresh your circle and give chance to a new person. Friendship is about a quality, it is not to whom you know the longest. You might know a person for many years but your expectations fail. You are maybe a giver and that person only takes the advantage of you. Now you get a new friend and you decide to give some benefits? Trust is a value so if you give your trust you are willing to risk. Maybe you will be considered as naive but without the attempt, it will not result. Even I look at new people with the dose of suspicion I will give a chance and time. If someone abuses my confidence I will not give more credits. Who cares about me will be careful. I will not kiss and hug everyone at the first sight. When the person opens too much she is an open target. How to avoid bullets? No matter how you tried shit will happen. Then I can erase dust and go further. I was a witness that people regret…

How to solve a conflict with someone who was important to you?

Did you ever have a situation that someone hurt you and now he wants to come back? Imagine a period of silence. A long silence where you both stand like warriors with a weapon in their hands, waiting for the next move? He looks at you with anger and sadness, but without a word. He knows that every word could be wrongly understood. There are two situations. First, you are guilty but you don’t want to apologize. The second, he is guilty but his pride stops him to apologize. If you hurt a man, his pride won’t let him crawl for you. He will rather surround himself with a bunch of obedient women than to accept your stubbornness. The interesting thing in every conflict is a silence after. There is a mutual respect in silence when two people cut off their connections. If he doesn’t haunt you or mock you he respects himself. If he doesn’t gossip you he respects you. Sometimes you will agree with your silence better than in previous conversations. Two people who can’t agree together but who agre…