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477. Man for everyone

Now is the most happiest time of your life. You fall in love over ears, and he is the right one. At least, you think, this guy is realization of your dreams. Now, do you wish to introduce him to your friends? If you have big friend circle, you will wish to notify them about your new boyfriend. This is kind of initiation, and you are worried, how will your girls accept this guy? Will they mock him, judge him or maybe, seduce him? I suppose that you know your female friends well, during many years. If you are self confident person, you are not jealous on them. Maybe your friends are pretty, smart and funny, but your guy loves only you. 

Or you just think so...
Carmen waited a moment to introduce her new boyfriend Adam to her friends. They met in coffee bar, Adam and four girls. Laura, Samantha, Jane and Judith, all good and well known Carmen's friends. They sit at common table and chatting, and Carmen could not hide glow on her face, she was so happy. What to expect more, her beloved m…

476. Beloved traitor

Until we swim in the sea of passion, our view is not objective. Any advice will escape from our ears and critics of others will be undesirable. If someone said something bad about your guy, you will think that is act of envious person. If you are woman who gives your heart in complete on first sight, you are in dangerous road. Don't surrender to your emotions too soon.
Love is connection of two people, but it doesn't mean that you should be unavailable for world outside. If you fall in love in person who is not for you, others will tell you some info, in good intention. No matter is that your sister, best friend or mother, you should listen before conclusion.
So, Adele had much problems with her daughter Rose. Her boyfriend Max called her once on week, in the middle of the night and later she was crying, because she heard that she is not the only one.She could not leave him, until she found out that he had sex with other girl right before he drove her home. And Rose decided on r…

475. Fifty shades of morality

If you ask someone what is in the cinema these days, "Fifty shades of grey" is the main answer. This movie rise the dust, and reactions are various, from thrilled women who wish to scream for amazing Mr. Grey until preachers who wish to crucify author of the book. Some of them go so far that they compare this movie with act of devil.
What is really so special in this movie and why reactions are negative? I remember when women cried on "Titanic" and "Bodyguard". It was time when Leonardo di Caprio was symbol of dream guy who will give his life for love and Kevin Kostner was main hero who will save you from bad guys. Personally, i was not attached with this kind of movies because it was too sugary for me. I prefer movie "Basic instinct. " Just, romantic stories were significant for that time and fragile woman as Whitney Houston was symbol of femininity. Kate Winslet was romantic sweetheart and nobody noticed her handsome fiance Jack because all eye…

474. Reserve player

Main player is always on the ground and his substitute sits on the bench. He will jump in accord opportunities. He must wait until main player hurt himself or give up from the match. Similar situation is in love affair. If you love someone who is taken, you must wait your turn, which will maybe never happen. Reserves are always in background. You are as eagle, wait when sight is clear to catch your chance. Many couples are not aware that their second half already have reserve. They live in blessing ignorance , that their love will last eternal and forever.

Some signs will help you to find out, is your soulmate only yours or you share her with someone.
Your partner has friends which you never met. You just heard about them, but you were never introduced.
Your partner spend a lot of time on some free activities, as yoga, fitness or library club, and you don't know nothing about this.
Your partner hides cell phone or email when you enter into room.
Your partner start to change complete sty…

473. Feniks with briefcase

Rise from the dust is motivational quote. That is something as "die to be born again". When you touch the bottom and only shits are under , your friends will courage you on this way. Legend about Feniks is good example. Red-gold bird Feniks will die to finish his life circle, and then he will rise from the dust and go in Helliopolis. Accord some legends, that bird lives 500 and more years, as symbol of eternal braveness. 
If you ever participated on business meeting where some entrepreneur wanted to sell his products , you will hear similar stories. First what you see is man in business suite or elegant woman. They will talk endlessly with artificial smile on their faces. 
"I was fat and ugly, with bad teeth. Everybody laughed to me. I was victim of bullies. Then i woke up one day with strong decision to make success in my life. I got an idea, this product will change my life forever. People joined to me, we spread our circle and now we are earning a lot of money. I will …

472. Ping pong lover

You see that bitch with your beloved man. Do you wish to strangle her? Feeling so familiar, isn't it? No matter how much one woman is pretty , smart or well mannered, we are the same when someone involve in our relation. As cats, women will fight for their territory, with all kind of tools. 
"She seduces my man. " "She stole my lover". That words are sign of despair, because man whom you love is not only yours anymore, in fact he is on the way to replace you. Before you spread your paws and claws, you need to know the facts. 

Know your enemy, who is she, what is she and what she wants from your man.

You rival wants:
Only sex. That kind of women are not dangerous, probably she has more men for game.
Money. She is threat for his wallet and his heart , but you can use it against him. He will be double idiot, man who cheats good woman with material girl.
Love. She is dangerous, because she wants to steal his heart.
Friendship. Maybe woman works with him and she only needs…

471. Copy and paste friendship

Social intelligence is ability to sympathize with others, to feel their needs and to help them if you can. Selfish person is deaf on other wishes, so when you hear someone to say "What i have to do with this, this is not my concern", you know what to expect. 
This kind of ability gives you eyes wide open, and your view into world is more ample. In this case, you will be able to communicate with people from different countries and with different attitudes. It doesn't matter is your friend gay, atheist or nigger, you love them all on equal way. No, it doesn't mean that you must agree with others in everything, just this time boundaries are different. So, if you feel disrespect from other side, your right is to push this person away.
Recently i saw this kind of sentence in one group at internet. Guy said: "Please add me, i need friends, i have no friends. " This voice of despair sounds creepy, because person marked himself as loser. So the same guy started to lik…

470. Friday 13th - invisible killer

Did you late at work because you stuck in traffic today? Maybe you are fired? Look at your calendar, today is Friday 13th. If you saw black cat who crossed your way, definitely your day is ruined. 

Legend about Friday 13th is western superstition. Old belief said that Kain killed Abel on that day, and Eve persuaded Adam to bite the apple. Accord Bible, that day is considered as death of Jesus Christ. In old Rome was legend about witches circle, which gathers 12 witches, and 13th member is devil by himself. 

What else happened on this fatal day?

In year 1307 was execution of knights templars , mostly in France, on 13 October.

In the year 1927 was bankrupcty on marketplace and many brokers made suicide. Guess, it was on Friday 13th.

About 20 milion people in SAD suffer from special kind of phobia, paraskevidekatriaphobia. Greek word "paraksevi" means Friday, dekatreis is thirteen and phobia is fear. This title appeared in 1911 for a first time.

This fear shows up as small disorder ,…

469. Secret pledge

Happiness is more effective if you share with others. Sadness is easier if you talk with someone who will listen.  Throw your anger in a way that you admit your bad deeds.  So, choose your best friend and tell her that you lost virginity. Tell her that you cheated on exam or that you fooled your boss about your travel expenses. Do you think this powerful information will stay sealed and hidden safely?
Sometimes we regret because our mouth did not stay closed. We set up own traps and what makes us surprised?
Silence is gold and if you can keep quiet and bury your secret inside of you, you are the best friend to yourself. If you share, be careful to whom you are sharing your private details.
Trudy was kind of seductress, beautiful teenage girl who loved attention of guys. Her friends were envious because everywhere Trudy appeared, guys approached strictly to her. Other girls got pieces of this cake. Also, Trudy needed big audience, so her habit was to talk about her adventures. She said in …

468. Hot potato - how to avoid responsibility?

It is hard to accept responsibility if our ego is against it. What makes our life miserable? Of course, other people. Or bad destiny, spell and high forces? So we are not guilty because life is not fair to us. We are not chosen as someone who was born under lucky star.
Fred is manual worker, he works in warehouse. His job is packing bags with tubing. This work caused him pain in back and spine , because he must also lade this bags in truck for export. This brings to him many frustrations, because his friends look at him with irony. Also, he can't find girlfriend even he is handsome. Usually his relations are sexual, with women who are married or divorced. Fred opened internet profile to create his own world, where he will show all women who is the boss. He is lurking women for cyber sex. Also he is asking for homemade videos. Some naive women accepted his offer and now he is blackmailing them , with threats that he will publish this on internet. Recently Fred had nervous breakdown …

467. Round table - how to be good conversationalist?

If you talk much, you are talkative person. What is the matter, it is not ammount of your words. That is skill of communication and it is based on quality . Granny who sells eggs can be talkative, but it doesn't mean that her speech is an example for others.
What comes out from your mouth will labell you in every area. If you want to date with awesome person you need communication skills. If you want good job that is also desirable. Everyone will like to hangout with polite, talkative friend, so this is one of terms for good friendship.

What will make you good conversationalist?

1. Call your interlocutor by name. If you say "Peter, how are you today? " it is much more respectable than : "Hi dude, what's up?"
2. Don't use nickname when you talk with someone, unless you know this person good. Nicknames are childish, and sign of immaturity or disrespect. Imagine that your girlfriend had nickname "Barbie" and she hated that. So if you use that word to…

466. No friendship in business area

Old proverb says: "There is no friendship in business." Rivalry, competition, enemies are present in business world, but place for friendship is somewhere else. Do you think different?
Friendship is based on emotions, and when you work with your friend, emotions are irrelevant. No matter do you work in office or in shipyard, your friendship cannot be an excuse for faults at work. Just because you hired your friend, he should not have any benefits, especially he can't be an exception between other workers.
When we talk about corruption at work, one of reasons are friends and relatives at workplace. One good joke says : "At this workplace we never had sexual affairs. All are relatives." If you hire your best friend, someone will accuse you that you are overprotective, unfair and not able to think on objective way. Imagine situation were two people at work are in conflict, and one of them is your friend. Which side you will support? If you support friend, others wil…