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I love to hate you

Love is a strong feeling. We could write a song about love, make a music, and scales of emotions will jump up and down, from negative to positive and opposite. Love is not just positive circle filled with sun and joy, because if you enter into this circle you will see sorrow, sadness and hate, all this feelings stuck in one box.

Why we can love and hate in the same time? 

Why some love stories finish with tragedies? Romeo and Juliet ended up with death, because their love was not possible in this circumstances. Tragic love story between Maria Vetsera and Rudolf Habsburg also finished with murder in castle Mayerling. He has killed her and make suicide. She was only 17 years old.  It was official version of story, but many question stayed unanswered, because their relation was not appropriate for Habsburg monarchy.

Curiosity and challenges are party of human nature. 

Also we people love forbidden fruit. What is forbidden to us, that is exciting and desirable. Muslim guy fall in love in cath…

After party syndrome

Holidays are favorite part of the year because we can relax and forget about control. Sing, dance and smile, that are only orders. No more boring bosses, annoying teachers and parents, now is all allowed. We can be clumsy, crazy and out of our mind. 
If you can't relax on holiday, you must be dead inside.
How to get perfect party without alcohol? That magical bubbles in glass of wine, champagne or beer are our followers on every celebration. Even our perfect boss is drinking, so why we not?
Alcohol is double sword. We can do things we should not do, it will courage us to expose our love or hate, depends of situation.

There are more kind of drunkards.
Aggressive - don't say wrong word to them, you will cause big fight
Cry baby - they will remember sad story from their past and cry under influence of alcohol
Boring fool - they will not give you peace, because alcohol make them so talkative
Alzheimer drunkard - they don't remember what they said before half hour so you will listen re…

How we work on our promises?

Promises are kind of obligations. If you gave your word, it means you owe to someone. You are debtor because you said you will do this. If you promise something to yourself, don't disappoint your principles.
It is not necessary to change our aims to realize promises. We need to change pattern which brings us failure. If we had same solutions for same problems, we will not go so far. Some things have tail, we drag this as burden year by year.
Usual promises at the beginning of  year are:
I will break this relation because this is not for me. I will lose 10 kilograms. I will find new job. I will find new love. I will travel on places i never was before.
Yes, we all have drafts. How it should look like. Some wishes are realised last year, and if situation is like these, this is success. There is no regret for something what happened. Look forward for anything new because our path is changing .
There is no big change without big cuts. If woman wants new man in her life, she must leave her prev…

Casanova with a broken heart

Nobody has an immunity from Cupid arrows. Love can hit as tornado and we are ready to do things which we did not think we will ever do. This complete perception about love is suddenly changed.
When guy is changing girls faster than socks, he is playboy. This is kind of sport between four walls and under the sheets. Famous playboy Warren Beaty was bragging about huge number of his sexual partners until Anette Bening caught him and bonded him for a lifetime. Before that, he broke many hearts.
Many women dream how to change playboy, to be his last station. Women believe they can change promiscuous man in a way that they offer them something he could not reject. They forget that is not easy to surprise playboy. He saw  and experienced this before, and women are all the same , they are only numbers. All this happens until something in his life change his perception.

Matthew was big spender of women. He did not remember their names, he was in unpleasant situations because he used to have sex e…

How the success spoils people?

Imagine that your life suddenly change over night. You might get rich. Nothing makes person so poisoned and gloomy as success. Drink this sweet champagne and enjoy in taste, you are privileged person. 
Yesterday you were poor, today you are  rich, and how to be flexible with this change?

The moment you started to be famous and rich, main questions will be:
Who is your real friend now?
Who are your enemies? How to treat people who loves you, and how to deal with others who hate you?
How to treat new people in your life, as potential friends or rivals?
Where you will invest your money?

You will need backup with many ingredients. Honesty, truth, loyalty, don't forget real values when shinny stars are all over you. Maybe you are role model for others, but be able to look yourself in the mirror and don't lose your roots and your identity.
Justin Bieber is still so young, but press talk about his behavior . He was in brothel and did not pay to prostitutes, he spit on flag in Argentina, and h…

Are you a creator of your own happiness?

Why something is going wrong even we expected different? It was not meant to be. God had different path for us. I am cursed, psychic told me that i will never be happy. I did not give coin to beggar so i will pay my karma.
Making apologies for our problems and mistakes is an easier way to accept failure. It is harder to say, that we even did not try, we were lazy or just delusional about some situations.
We are creators of our happiness. It is true that some things in life we cannot predict or stop, but we have choice between more life paths. Life will give us cards, and we will play. It depends about our strategies, how we will play with this cards. Good player play with bad cards, but still there is a chance to win. Bad player play with good cards and still there is a chance to lose.

What is considered as destiny indeed is an opportunity. We will fail in our attempts because we don't use chances in front of us. If we afraid of changes, this makes things more difficult. 

How to solve …

All I want for a birthday is you

The birthday is start and end of your natal year. This is like a personal New year when you make a circle between your wishes and realizations. How much you did in one year, and are you happy with your accomplishments? As my birthday is tomorrow, I love to make a line and compare my dreams with reality.

I had a hard year. In this obstacles and sometimes nightmares I saw the message, that I must be strong if I wish to realize my dreams and beat my inner demons. I had a lot of conflicts, private and business, but I get out of this stronger. I learned about patience in my marriage and about calmness at my workplace. 

I learned about forgiveness with my friends, but also to distinguish fake from real ones. I learn to save my time and to cut off those who wish to sabotage me or to stop my progress. I learn to stay quiet when I wanted to explode. I learned to act professionally when I wanted to punch someone in the face.

These bitter lessons are swallowed with nuisance, but today I can say tha…

When a woman abuses a man

Women are known as gentle, fragile creatures and this soft perception about us is a kind of standard. If you talk too much, cry on romantic movies, if you spend hours in shopping, simply you are a woman.

In relation, woman represents gentle side. If man beats his woman, he is violent and woman can report him for abusing.  Law will protect women and female groups will brag about maniacs.

What happens if woman beats his partner? Mostly, men will be ashamed of that fact. Come on, woman beats me, she hit me with fist, she slaps me? That is not a woman, she is a beast. Should rules change and in this case, man must treat woman as strong gender, not as fragile flower?

If your woman is as princess Xena, things are not so funny. Megan Velter is a former soldier. She thought that her boyfriend is cheating her, so she decided to punish him on old fashioned way, with fists. What is more interesting, she called operator and told him that her boyfriend is professional fighter and that he beat her. Sh…

The winner knows all about priorities

One of the biggest advantages in life is to know what you want. You might know this already, but you did not give up from other options. So, it could look like this : "Well, i would like to be a writer, but entrepreneur is also not bad choice. I would like to get marry, but i can't stop flirting. I would like to stay in my city, but living in Australia is also good choice. " This is hesitation and life on two or more chairs.

Very lucky person will have good choice. Some people were born with gold spoon in their mouth and life will give them many options. Well, as much they are sure that they are multi talented, results will show an opposite. Look at Bruce Willis, good actor, but once when he sung "Under the board walk", we did not want to hear him again. So many people will try themselves in many areas, sometimes they will behave ridiculous, so convinced how great they are.
Know where is your place. You might do excellent pie, but you sing as alarm for disaster. …

Tic toc secrets

Your lips are sealed and you hide something dangerous. Your secret is your prisoner because just right now you found out something harmful for person you love. 

How to deal with secrets ? 

Everyone could remember old days at school. Little boy got bad mark and now he has problem. How to bring bad news to his parents? Even he is quiet, something is bothering him and parents will find the way to dig what is this. Why this kid closed his mouth, where is his smile and why his eyes are big from fear? Yes, secrets are bombs. Tic toc, time is ticking away and they can explode every moment. Then we will have victims and collateral damage.

Even law talks about secrets. Lawyer has obligation to keep as secret information what he heard from his client, priest will save secrets which are discovered during his confessions. Military secrets are dangerous for security of the state if they will be published. Also here is penalty, for discovering every information considered as important secret.

What happ…

The best friend in your bedroom

She is your best friend. You are as sisters, all secrets and problems you can share with her. Since you played with her on sand as kid or since you smoked first cigarette together, you feel special connection with her. All is great, and even your boyfriend or husband accepted her. You are happy, because your partner allow that your best friend can visit you and all together you remind on happy family. This is real harmony until the moment you found out that she and your partner have affair.

What can happen with best women friends? Raphael van der Vaart and his wife Sylvie had happy marriage until they split at the beginning of this year. He has new relation with her best friend Sabia now. Even Sabia said that Sylvie is not mad and even Sylvie wished them happiness, that friendship broke. 

How we can share husband, even ex, with our best friend, and keep our friendship untouchable?

There is a line we should not cross. Every healthy friendship has a list of forbidden things. Some women shar…

How to survive in the office?

Once upon a time, young man had a dream. He wanted to work as famous lawyer after he finished Faculty of Law. He imagined himself as defender of O. J. Simpson, as famous Robert Kardashian. To realize his dreams, he gave up from his private life. During summer he was studying even outside was 35 degrees and his friends enjoyed in summer joys. He squeezed teeth and after 6 years he finished his education. He was poor man so he decided to work first, and then to go on expert exam.
In Croatia , accord statistic from 2012., are 230 000 civil officers. It is not easy to find job as a lawyer if you have no family tradition and office from your father or mother, so you are forced to work for others few years, or you will work in agency or for ministry to earn some money. Public services are also one of the ways to get job. If you have good connection, you can work for private firm or entrepreneur. 
So this guy from the beginning of this story started to work in office , as civil officer, as int…

How we change our preferences in relations?

Women will ask for Mr. Wright, and men will try to be the right ones. That is circle of love, everyone is asking for soulmate. In their attempts men will make some mistakes, try to be something what they are not. First initiation come in the prom, when guys start to drink and smoke , all because they want to grow up in one night . 

How to be real man and skip all that obstacles? Women are more mature and step forward from men in teenage period. 
That is why guys want to impress girls, to show them that they are worthy.

As we grow up, our wishes have updates, they are changing with time. Experience taught us that our best choices were indeed failures and that someone who broke your heart wasn't for you anyway.

What little girl wants?

In period from 16- 24, girls want bad guys, macho men, wild rebel as James Dean. He is the one who beat all bad guys in the street, drive fast motorbike and runaway from classroom.
His characteristic should be:

- guy who  owes big motorcycle or fast car - he is…