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96. How to stay more far from your ex partner?

The worst thing anyone can do after breakup is to involve with best friend or family member of ex partner. That looks as kind of incest and more people could be hurt.

Breakup is painful thing and people don't see clear after broken relations, many ask for comfort on wrong place. Just is it reasonable to date with your ex boyfriend's brother, sister, mother or best friend, people who are closely connected with your ex love?

Before you start something with person who is close to your ex partner, think about this:

- they can gossip you and compare notes - you will meet your ex partner more than you think - you can break your present relation from the same reasons which caused your previous breakup

Rita was really hurt after relation with Edgar. He was playboy and he even slap her in publicity. After their breakup, she became close to his best friend Alan. Alan was opposite character, or she thought so. When they met Edgar on birthday party, Edgar insulted Rita in front of Alan. That ti…

95. Big cat woman and dependable man

When strong woman met weak man, we in Croatia love to say that he is cuckold. Woman will hold every angle in the house, and he is her little mouse, ready to be on service. This combination is not connected with physical look, this is about characters. Some men really needs babysitter, mother or granny, but not woman as life partner. 

If you think that weak man is good and sweet guy, you are wrong. Cuckold is not good guy, he is just an conformist and person spoiled from childhood, he is person not able to make important decision because his wife is a boss. In some cases this man will not work, he will wait his wife to come back from her job and to earn much money. 

How to recognize cuckold?
- he cries more than woman - he is afraid of conflicts with other men - he has habits to blame others for his mistakes - woman is usually cheating him, but he has no idea - usually, mother has dominant role in his life

Bridget was woman in middle ages and she was almost never at home. Her husband Dan used t…

94. Flirt - bad substitution for love

Words "i love you" are magical words. Even the most coldest woman will tremble when her partner start to talk about love and his feelings toward her. Indeed, these words are powerful, but only if their source is in the heart.

Unfortunately, these words also can be abused in other purposes. 

When someone say "i love you", meaning might be this:
- i love you because i want to make love with you - i love you because you have money - i love you because i want to recover from last relation - i love you because you are first person i will have sex
We can't blame person if he/she doesn't know meaning of this words. But, effect can be terrible if nothing stands under this. When actions prove opposite, words are useless.
John and Diane were dating about a month. He said to her "i love you" when they make love first time. After that he did not call her few days. She was confused and she asked him is it over. He replied : "i am busy, here is lot of snow, i must…

93. Compassion against dignity

Life brings us every kind of problems, but it is easier to deal with it when we are healthy. In the case when person became an invalid, things are getting harder.  Everything we do until now change.  Things have different meaning, different shape and world is harder place. But what is really necessary to do when person got sick, in the case on invalidity or any trouble which makes life harder? The worst thing we can do is sorrow, to treat that person as little child. Here are examples how that people wanted to save dignity at the first place. They wanted to be treated as others.
1. Peter uses wheelchair. He is passionable gambler, and he spent almost every day in casino. First other players looked at him with mercy, but then they accepted him as one of them. He uses his wheelchair alone, he doesn't allow any help and even he have big luck in slot machines. This passion means to him much more than tears, crying or prayers. Here, in casino Peter feels that he is still alive.
2. Joan had…

92. Discrimination - insight from both side of mirror

In Croatian Family Law marriage is described as community between man and woman, and idea of this referendum is protection of traditional family, which would be elimination lesbian and gays as married couples. 
In Croatian Constitution, on that way should be regulated that marriage is allowed just between man and woman. 
Croatian Constitution regulate that everybody has right on own freedom and expression of own opinion, freedom and values, so this kind of article is against law. In Sunday people must vote yes or no, to change basic of this Constitution. The group "In the name of family" started actions for this referendum.

Croatian people's opinion are different. Here is wish to take care of traditional values, mother and father who will take care of their children. On other hand, in Croatia are also people with lesbian or gay orientation and they want to have their love on official way. Gay pride in Zagreb and Split every year is cause of mess in the streets . 

Many people…

91. Let's be together again

Ways of heart are strange  and love is unpredictable phenomenon. We can love same person twice because first time maybe we were not ready and mature enough to realize that is true love. Sometimes, couple will split and then make reunion again after a while because they missed each other too much and something left unsaid.

When is it possible, on which way you can fix your broken relation and start again? 

Think about what separated you in past.

Reasons might be : 
- if your partner went in another city and you meet him after some time, if you are both still single - if you were both too young and your relation broke , so you can meet again in mature ages - if tradition, religion, parents did not approve your love, you can split temporary or hide, then it is possible to continue relation in other circumstances

Just, be careful if you want to be together with the same person again. That person can use fake reasons to misguide you for his selfish purpose. 

For example in this cases:
- you were po…

90. You can't be friend with your rival

If you ask why you are suddenly so popular in female company, take a look of your boyfriend. You got him, he is handsome, smart, strong, everything what girls want. So, girl who did not notice you until yesterday now will try to be your best friend. This happens just because once she slept with him in the past and in urban dictionary, she is your sushi sister.

Beware of this Trojan horse. Your new boyfriend is in center of attention, and he will not give up of his female friends. Maybe they are his ex girlfriends, and they will watch on you. In translation, they will wait for an obstacles in your relation to make a mess.

Why sushi sister is not your real friend?

- what you have in common with her is your boyfriend - she will try to be part of his present life too, because she already knows him and his interests, she can take advantage - women jealousy and envy, she can't handle why she did not keep him - she will watch your every wrong step

Competition is in women nature and character. …

89. Stuck in star dust

If you take a look ordinary life, it is indeed boring without fantasies and imaginations. Many of us have desires to create better circumstances but cruel reality swallows all attempts .  Some were born to be actors, writers, dancers, musicians and other celebrities, but others will always be just good workers, good neighbors and good spouses. In childhood, did you imagine your life how you stand in the kitchen with pressure cooker in one hand and child who cry in other hand? In the same time, phone rings and your mother wants to give you advice how to prepare duck in oranges. It doesn't sound as movie, isn't it?

So, in  we have examples of people who became famous, but from nothing. Who are indeed that instant celebrities? Shall we talk about their contribution, talents, can we consider them as stars? We must admit only that they are able to be subject of yellow stamp on every corner because of scandals they made. Instagram will push you into space if you show boobs, butt and br…

88. When prince become frog

Every girl has dream about her perfect guy. Talking about Karate Kid or Terminator, we all have vision of our Prince charming. 

I remember story of my friend from childhood. She said : "I will marry in Paris. I will buy big villa and i will be rich. I don't want to live in this small city with this village people around."
She got pregnant when she was 17 and she married in small village , first market is one hour distance from her home and every morning she is feeding chickens and pigs. So let's talk about fairy tales and how life make jokes with us.
When girl is young, she is inexperienced and all her visions are colorful. She cannot see fat belly, guy with lack of hair, financial problems and life with her mother in law, because it doesn't fit in her dream about prince. No, it is not possible, that prince cannot be so boring, lazy, irresponsible and immature. He is perfect and he will solve all her life problems, because he has magic stick.

Unfortunately, man from …

Sacrifice lust for the sake of love

Two man fight for affection of one woman, sounds as feed for ego? I bet every woman dream at least once that men will fight for her, as knights in the past, and that better will win. In this situation, every woman must be aware that one man will lose and someone will be hurt.
This is not rarity, you can fall in love in two men. It happens, and feelings are not equal, you might love someone and to be affected with another one, but your heart is divided on two parts and this is poison for soul. How to choose one, or will you lose both indeed, because you look as manipulative bitch?
Sally was in that situation when she got married. She got married for love of his life and this marriage started good, she and husband were travelling a lot and dating as young teenagers. Suddenly, her husband became grumpy, he lost sense for humor, money debts and problems at work prevailed his mind. He was cold in sex and also suspicious about Sally, because she has many friends at her social networks. 
Soon S…

86. Midlife crises

The best period of life is youth. Time is passing by very quickly, and if we don't gain what we wanted there is space for emptiness. It is like mosaic, one cube is missing. Now you are old man or old woman, and when you turn around yourself what you can see?
Or here is something what you missed, but not behind you, this is forward you?
Hugh Hefner for sure could be role model of many men who wanted to be playboys, but for some reasons it could not work. All this beautiful sexy ladies around him, and he needs only to pick . Many men dream about harem, because it is boring to have one woman for a lifetime. I bet male fantasies will include young and beautiful women, kind and sweet, without many questions, ready to realize hidden men wishes. 
So, what is with average old man, retired, who has no money for beautiful young women? He can only look around or make fool of yourself. For example, Samuel is old and ready for retirement. He has an awful habit to kiss all women at his work , he w…

85. Stolen and cursed

There is a quote :"If you find money, give it back to owner, because that money will not bring you luck. " The same is with people, if you steal partner who is already taken, you will have bad luck. You will ask, how can someone steal partner?
It is possible to use problems in other relation as chance to make a mess. This is old story from my childhood. Ivana and Slaven loved each other, but they were so young. When they started, Ivana was only 14, and Slaven was 23. He was man from village and his parents wanted to see him in marriage. They were not fascinated with Ivana, because she was girl from city and they wanted someone who will work on the field, with animals , someone who will fit into hard life in their village. 

This couple was really crazy for each other, but they had so much problems. He went to the army, she was waiting him , they wrote bunch of letters, and suddenly he back home. When he got back, he was different person. He said to her that their relation is ove…

84. Only love can't save marriage

Money can't buy love and happiness, that is clear. Also people can't live without money, and everyone who believe that only love will save their marriage or relation is in big mislead.

Many marriages split because of financial problems. When your children are hungry, when your partner can't find job, love can't help too much. Nerves are weak, conflicts are often, and harmony from yesterday became tragedy for today. If you love your family, you will find a way to earn money to keep your beloved people in safety, to give them chance for better future.
Nowadays, money has bigger meanings than in past. Your children will need computers, cell phones, good education, nice you wish that other children laugh to them, that they will not be accepted in their environment? So every marriage needs  financial background, for stability.
Everything is nice when you fall in love in someone. You love spark in his eyes, sound of her smile, soft whisper of his voice, and you fly …

83. Love scam

We meet our soulmates in different places. Every love story is individual, and life creates the best movies. No matter did you meet your love in the train, in nightclub or he/she was your neighbor, this is your own magic story and you will tell one day your grandchildren about that, if you are enough lucky to meet person who is worthy.

But love is also area of the biggest misleads and fraud. Human heart is very fragile, and the biggest mistakes are in love , indeed love is the weakest spot of everyone. This key discovered many cheaters and impostors, and they found ideal place for their activities. That ideal place is internet. What will lonely person do in attempt to get rid of loneliness? He/she will open internet pages, in searching of soulmates. But as much some soulmates are in internet, also there are many traps. It is like you are walking on battlefield, you don't know when you will stand on bomb and you can explode together with your illusion.

What kind of misleads are in int…