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352. Boys don't cry

When we talk about feelings, this is sensitive area, because by default we will think about women who cry or lose nerves under breakdown. Man has duty to be calm, firm and to offer his shoulder for fragile lady, when she can't carry her burden alone. Accord to that, man should not cry or show too much feelings, because he could be considered as pussy or gay, to be mocked and teased by other , strong dudes. That is unwritten rule of society, men are not weak, emotional and sensitive, because this is benefit by women. Men will go into army to defend their countries in the case of war, they will work at hard jobs, and women will wait them with warm meal , kiss and hug. When this testosteron jump out, it will be more than one woman to give them comfort, because such Superman will attract whole group in his shelter.
Extremities are not good so every guy who swallow his feelings will sooner or later break on pieces. Death of family member, loss of job, divorce, problems with kids, this s…

351. Summertime sadness

Recently i read in newspapers about couple who had argument on vacation. They took free days and spent holidays at the sea, but whole week was rainy so they could not realize their plans. After vacation they complaint to each other why they spent money and free days, when they did not have quality time.

The point of every relation is not to celebrate only good moments.

All is nice when people passionate make love and earn big money so they can share joy and victory. What will be when you step into black days? Problems are test of every relation, because the point is how to dance on the rain when you expected sun. Sometimes, you will be sad because of partner's behavior, you will be so mad at him or her that you will swear the day you met them. If you will give up from relation so easily, you should change partners every time when something goes wrong. People are not shoes, so you can't throw them in garbage when they are not useful anymore. 

Sources of love delusions are differen…

The criticism - a magic stick with two sides

Once upon a long time, Brian played in the sand with his little friend Ross. For half hour he came home, with a face full of tears. Mother asked him what happened. Brian said: "He said to me that I am a jerk and that my father is an asshole." Mother gave him smile and replied: "Oh my dear, during life you will hear many insults, but you can't cry just like that. You know, boys don't cry for every harsh joke."

Rage, sadness, fury are an expression of human frustrations. Life is not a fairy tale, people are not angels and they are not flying around with flowers and good wishes. People wish to hurt you, tease you, mock you, because this is part of human nature. 

What is a source of criticism?
Someone wants to compete with you so he will provoke you.
Someone is envious so he will tease you to forget his problems.
Your actions hurt someone so he tries to fight back.
Someone get bored so he will make jokes to kill his time.
Someone simply doesn't like you.

Critics are…

Every breath you take

You can't hide real love no matter how much you try, because signs will reveal your secret. Also, you can't pretend that you love someone if you don't feel it , because sooner or later heart will expose your intentions. When friend asked me how she will know that somebody loves her, i said that she must follow signs. 

Which are signs that somebody has crush on you?

He follows every your step and he talks much in your presence, just to be noticed by you.
He will tease you just to pay attention on him.
He will listen you even you talk without sense, because words came out from your mouth.
He will laugh on your stupid jokes.
If something is not alright with you, he will ask you what happened.
He is jealous on his competition, no matter are they your ex boyfriends or friends.
He wants to be in the same friend circle where are you, to make his approach easier.

Women will often make mistakes about words i love you. Such words are not proof of love if actions can't support them. 

The mo…

Can you stay faithful to your partner?

Butterflies in your belly, feeling of dizziness, and you dream with open eyes. What happens when you see person who is subject of your desires daily and nightly? If you could be experimental rat, scientists would make amazing result how your body tremble and heart is beating like crazy. This situation has special meaning when you wish someone who is forbidden to you because you are not single.
Many will judge women who have lovers and men who cheated their wives until the same happens to them. Some will resist to sweet temptations in a way to choose middle solution, how to keep their sweet dream and not to ruin their reality. Temptations are part of our life, and in this case you need Libra to make balance what is good for you, and what can damage or even destroy your reality.
When couples talk that they never wanted another person for a 20 or more years, they lie. You will go on summer holidays with wife and look at the beach other sexy women in swimsuit. Also you will work and notice …

347. Me, myself and I

Selfishness is a trap without bottom. Everyone will fall into this seduced by own desires and wishes. The main difference is in control, how much are we able to resist and fight against this demonic feeling?
Every human relation will consider selfishness as enemy. Mother can't be selfish, friends can't think only about their needs, lovers must share things and accept opinions from other side.

How you will recognize this moment when you were selfish?
Selfishness will develop from small seed into monster plant. 

First stage: you are talking only about yourself, even you are not alone. "I think we should go there. You need to accept my proposition, i know the best."
Second stage: denials of other wishes and needs. "I think you are not so experienced to do this. Let me do this."
Third stage: you do mistakes, but you don't want to admit it. "What, did i mistake? It could not happen to me, i am perfect. "
Fourth stage : you will blame others that they hurt…

Friendship under the surface

Elimination is part of selection, so when you pick friends , you will also reject some candidates, because they are not accord your standards. Sounds cruel, but it doesn't mean you are antisocial. We are not obligated to give hand to everybody, to support anyone and to hug every person in this world. If you are picky, you will say gently NO, and every wise person will accept this choice. Marianne had few good friends and she shared all her secrets and problems with them. That were people from her childhood and she trusted them, because she knew them for a many years. She was cautious girl, and kind of person who will not let anyone in her life. When her roommate from office, Emily, wanted to get close with her, Marianne was formal and she rejected her invitation to birthday party. Marianne said : "We work together, we disagreed at some projects, and i don't think it would be wise that we involve as friends." Emily was furious and called her cocky bitch, so she did not…

345. The third is redundant

When we love, our desire is focused on one person. We don't want to share this person with others, and that is why we don't like competition. This is in human nature, to defeat, eliminate, even destroy every competitor or rival, because they stand on our way to happiness.
Before we exhume war cleaver, we must be aware that competition is not the main problem. If you have problem in relation, you can't blame other people, because your partner is the one who is with you. You sleep, eat and share life with him or her, not with others, so if something went wrong, discuss that with owner of your heart. 
Many women think wrong that problems will disappear if they get rid of their opponents. Yes, that Sheila bitch wanted to steal my husband, but if i kick her ass , we will be happy. Now you get rid of Sheila, Rebecca, Annie and all those trash, but your partner is still cheating you? If you saw movie "The other women" with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, you will get the po…

How do you accept a defeat?

Life will give us some bitter lessons, and one of them is personal defeat. Suddenly, life said NO to your dreams. You can't get your sweetheart, you are rejected on a job interview or your friend betrayed you? 
How much we suffer because of defeat? What happens when life starts to kick us and when we are down on knees? Anyone of you had at least few times blackouts, when all boats were drowned, and everything important lost meaning. Defeat is the darkest forest and we are powerless when we lose.
Some people are not ready for defeat, because they think they are the exception and that life will award them because they got benefits. 

The biggest misleads winners:
The name will make me famous. 

My father is businessman, politician, an actor so I will be privileged too.
I never lose, because I am born as the winner.

Even if all in your life was smooth until now, obstacles will find you.
That happens to others, but not to me. 
I am at the top of the word so I will stay there because this is my p…

I will not do it again if you forgive me

I forgive you - that sounds nice. Suddenly, you are fragile person , ready to forgive other's mistakes. Also you are merciful and you don't remember bad things. The main question is, to whom you will forgive? Who are people who will have more credits from you, and when you will say enough?
At first sight you will forgive to your husband, mother or sister because they made your life bitter from time to time. Family is important and blood is not water. When stranger acted bad toward you, will you have the same standards? I don't think so.
We accept people in our life because friendship is precious value, and to share things with people is much better than to stand alone. Sometimes, people will use our affection on bad way. Trust is not place without bottom, so it will come the day when you will lose patience. You will cut of this person from your life, because he abused your confidence.
How to behave with new people in our life?
They must earn trust step by step.
If they are not r…