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Make a wish

Catch your golden fish, she can make your wishes true. What do you wish the most? Love, success or money? Or, you just want to be happy and healthy?
Everyone has wishes and desires. We make list before New year. When we have birthday, we can make cake and blow in candles. Imagine your wish, maybe it will be realized. Eat in Chinese restaurant and open Chinese cookies. There you will get note with something like this: "Your opportunity is in the front of you." Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas will make your wishes true. Just look under your Christmas tree. Or, put your boots on the window, in the morning you will have candies in them. If you were naughty, Bogyman will take away your gifts.
What is the truth if you want to make your dreams real? Realization of your wishes is just hard work and depends on you. Lazy and indifferent people will never make their dreams true, or they will give up on the half way.

What is winning combination to realize your wishes?
Resistance. You must be …

Mistakes are lessons

We are born clumsy. You try to walk and you will fall. Try to swim and you will swallow water. Your heart will skip beat from fear that you can get drown. Nobody learnt everything about life immediately, in the first moment. Some people are learning fast, others are behind them. What is in common,  people are not robots and not perfect. This means, we will do plenty of mistakes on every fields.
I remember when i wanted to learn typing on keyboard with 10 fingers. This skill of typing i needed to make my job easier. I was in mess and very slow. Later it was very useful  so it saved my time. 
Mistakes are part of your life. Who will  learn, work and participate in anything can't avoid mistakes. What is bad is judgment and contempt. 
"Oh, you are retarded. You don't know this? How you don't know simple and basic things?"
Every skill starts with mistake. You will eat bitter meal when you are cooking for a first time. You will stand on foot of your partner when you try to …

The life exam for couples

Even most compatible couples will have conflicts. Small fights and discussions are part of life, especially when you share your space with someone. Who can handle years of life in common without arguments? Every conflict is indeed test for couples.
Small conflicts are constructive. You will say what is bothering you, he will say his opinion and you can met on half way. Also it can make your relation spicy and more exciting. You are fighting, soon you will kiss and make love with him. Sounds like in romantic movie.

What are most often subjects of conflicts between couples?
His or her parents. You can't stand his annoying mother, she brings lunch every time she visit you, like you don't have idea about cooking. Last time, when she went, you throw her meal into garbage. He can't stand your bossy father, this man knows the best about everything, from football until how to paint wall.
Sex. You have headache, he is horny. He is busy, and you want to make love. How to find common lan…

What happens when your crush wants your bff?

You can tell her all secrets. When you lost innocence, when you got period and when you pretend that you were sick to escape from class. She is guest in your house and your parents like her, you are wearing her blouse , she is your lost sister.
Finally you decided to tell her about your secret love. He is not yours yet, but you are doing everything to be close with him.
Cold shower is next chapter of this story. Guy you love invited your best friend on date. She did not know that you like him too. How could she knew?
That happened to Sandy. She wanted Josh, and two months she made all possible excuses to talk with him. For this purpose she borrowed CD of his favorite music, even she could not stand heavy metal. She will return him this CD of Sepultura, but now she has something his, this is reason to talk with him again. Even psychic tell her that she must have something from her favorite man. This will connect them forever.
Until she was dreaming and interpreting every his word as promis…

The big and a small fish in the business

This morning is misty. Dino will cook more coffee, read newspapers and then ask postman is there new deliveries for him. He will open blue envelope with one more notification. "I am sorry, you did not justify our terms. With respect."
Dino is one of 370.000 in Croatia without job. That number is bigger and bigger every day and there is small hope in better days. 

Days of unemployed people are always the same. Cup of coffee in the morning, walking around, watching TV or reading magazines and waiting for a postman. Knocking on the door of the Labor exchange. There are clerks who will say : "Nothing new this month. I will call you when i will have news about possible job."
When you don't have job you can expect many side effects. Some are global, and others are personal.

What kind of side effects of unemployment appears in society?
Mendicancy. If you don't have money, it is very possible you will become beggar. Social minimum in Croatia is about 70 Euro, it is not …

Patience is overrated

Mabel is taking her little daughter in the market. She always did the same scene. Bunch of chocolates are in her hands and she wants to open and eat immediately. Mabel is gentle mother and she knows that little Tara will cry if she will not get her favorite candies. But her teeth are not in well condition and too much sugar is not healthy for child. So this time she said no. Tara started to scream, and she did not shut up until Mabel slapped her. She did not hit her hard but it was useful. Tara stopped to cry and her face was just grumpy, but next time she did not ask for a candy.
Patience is wonderful thing. Some people have ocean of patience and you can move their limits into the sky. Your friend came at your door every day when you came tired from work. How to reject her, she is so kind. You want to take a nap and you said to her that she came in another time, but she said she is busy later. 
During life we will need large doses of patience. When you wait for your turn into market an…

The choice and the regret

I don't have luck. Me and my bad luck. We will say this often when nothing good happens in our life. Then, happiness will leave track. You hear someone is knocking on the door? If you don't open, person will leave and maybe return next time. Or never. The same is with opportunities. They are here, and if you don't use this moment, all what is left is regret.
Ivan had good chance to work in Switzerland. He was engineer and he got offer to work on project , for good salary. He was thinking because this opportunity has a price. He should move from Croatia, together with this family, and to live in Luzern. He should left his friends, parents who were old and sick and simply to start for a new life.  After many doubts he gave up. How he will leave his city, friends from childhood and how his parents will live without his visits? He had children and they used on school, how would they fit in Luzern? He stayed at his job, for average salary. After ten years, when his factory fall …

The relationship for a comfort

Space between breakup and new relation is still unfilled. You think about your ex, but he is not coming back and now new guy is in the game. Sometimes we need comfort, tight hug and shoulder for crying. We are weak and savior is here to rescue us.
The problem is when we are not fall in love, we are just grateful. New guy in our life, he spread hands to catch us, he falls in love, but we are cold and unready. 
Old saying recommended : if you want to heal from previous love, find new love. Like, put new safe bandage on this wound. What if we hurt someone in this attempt to forget?
Sylvia was broken after relation with Richard. He left her because of younger woman, and she was in pieces. She did not go out for a months. Brian was beside her, to make a comfort, because he knew her from childhood, they were neighbors and he was "man for all." She leaned on him in every trouble. She wanted human touch now, soft kisses, smiles and passion, all what she had with Richard.  Brian loved Syl…

Did you fight for your forbidden desires?

Make love with feelings, appreciate your partner, what can be more beautiful? When sex and love are separated, someone will be hurt.
It is not just situation when you have sex with someone, and you don't feel nothing. You can love someone, but you don't have desires toward this person. This happens when you think that sex is dirty and love is pure.
Kemal was guy with double standards. He made simple rule in his life : dirty sex with easy women or prostitutes, and pure love with his wife, without any sexual experiments. His wife Emina was traditional, but she felt like machine for reproduction. They had four children and she was not happy in that marriage. She had problems with orgasms. She wanted to feel as desired woman, she bought sexy underwear and that day Kemal was very angry.
- What is this, red tanga and garters? If i wish to be with prostitute, i will visit brothel. I don't want to see you in this trash again.
Emina obeyed to his wishes and accepted this limitations as…

Life in the gloves

A person who is afraid of other reactions and opinions is not free. There is saying "he walks on eggs", as metaphor for his behavior. Be careful what you say. What will people think about you? Don't yell, don't laugh loud, don't cry in publicity. Pay attention how you act because people can judge you. 
It is normal that we are connected with environment where we live, and society made some rules. No, you can't walk naked on the street unless you don't want to be in prison or in mental hospital. You can't hit people with bottles because you don't like them. That is violent act. 
Insecure person will always take care of other opinions. Wear gloves in interactions with others because that is safe. Well, it is not right and also it is impossible to please everybody. 
For example, your parents are traditional people . They believe in God. What if you find girlfriend who is an atheist? How you can represent her to your family? If you are coward or conformi…

Designated partner

You met someone and your heart tells you this is your soulmate. Hurry up to mark your territory , until hot sparks are in the air.  That is what some couples do. Few fast steps and their partner is already as dog, with necklace, and everybody know who is the owner. 

Samuel fell in love in Nicole at first sight. She chose him between many guys and he was proud that he captured her heart. Soon, he introduce her to his family and they accepted her very good. Nicole was kind of lady, well mannered, elegant, educated and pretty. Who would not like her? Soon she was regular guest on all family dinners, every gathering and birthday was an opportunity for Samuel to promote Nicole as girlfriend.Nicole wanted to go on concert of Pearl Jam, but, gosh, it was anniversary of Samuel's parents that Saturday so they skipped it.
They were just two months in relation, but everyone knew them as couple. Common photos at Samuel's Facebook page were pop out every day. Nicole is having bath. Nicole eat…

Nostalgia is a seductive liar

It was better before. I remember how we had fun and smile. These times will never come back.  If you use any of this sentences, it means you are nostalgic. You regret for past times and you want jump into time machine to be there again.  Usually, people became nostalgic by ages. When someone can't fit in new trends or changes, result will be flashback. Often we can heard from elder people how much they were respected before. Also, if old woman look into her photo album, she will say : " I was so beautiful, look at me now."
Nostalgia is delusional feeling. It is not true that it was better before, maybe is easier to remember something what makes you smile, to handle daily routine on better way. Indeed, people who lives in past are not progressing.

The main question about nostalgia is: "If that time was so awesome, why it did not continue?" 

This is the same feeling as when you have breakup with your love. You remember her smile and her long hair, her jokes and how yo…

Claws of a feminism

Recently i visited very useful seminar. The topic was equality of genders. This word "equality" was wrong from the start. Men and women can't be equal never, because we were built from various DNA. What we should do is to gain mutual respect. Marilyn Monroe said : "I don't care if this is men world, as long i can be woman in it." That is the truth, that we can't run from one extremity to others, just to prove that women are worthy. When you say about feminism to men, they will see woman with mustaches, lesbian, with legs as Maradona and sharp voice. They will make jokes about this and i can't say that they don't have right.
I like to cook dinner for my man, but also i like when he is preparing lunch for me. I don't have wishes to drive truck or to change tire. I will shave my legs and i will put makeup, but i don't expect that he will shave his legs or chests for me. Also i have no desires for wrestling with other women who wish to approac…

Are you a virtual addict?

As little girl i was playing with other children on the playground. Our clothes were often dirty and few times i fall from bicycle but under tears was always a smile. As teenager i went in cafe bars and night clubs, and during summer river was my favorite place for gathering . Later we were travelling to the sea and enjoyed in parties on the beach. The same pattern i use now days because life exists on fresh air and in nature.  I am also big fan of internet and social networks. Great way to meet many various people which i could never met in my real life because they are too far from me. Also internet is an excellent tool to expand my knowledge and save my time, to get info on faster way. If you don't use internet, you can't fit in.  Side effect of internet is big addiction. Once people were addicted to pills, drugs and cigarettes, but now days internet addiction is going forward and more and more victims are in this spider net. 
In Croatia young addicts to internet, especially F…