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231. Big and small fish in business

This morning is misty. Dino will cook more coffee, read newspapers and then ask postman is there new deliveries for him. He will open blue envelope with one more notification. "I am sorry, you did not justify our terms. With respect."

Dino is one of 370.000 in Croatia without job. That number is bigger and bigger every day and there is small hope in better days. 

Days of unemployed people are always the same. Cup of coffee in the morning, walking around, watching TV or reading magazines and waiting for a postman. Knocking on the door of the Labor exchange. There are clerks who will say : "Nothing new this month. I will call you when i will have news about possible job."

When you don't have job you can expect many side effects. Some are global, and others are personal.

What kind of side effects of unemployment appears in society?

Mendicancy. If you don't have money, it is very possible you will become beggar. Social minimum in Croatia is about 70 Euro, it is not enough for basic needs. If you will eat old bread and live without electricity, maybe you can survive with this.

Missing persons. This phenomenon is indirectly connected with lack of social existence. People without job are target for human traffic, they walk around as zombies and they can easy fall in trap. Maybe they just left from this country and search for money to survive.

Suicide. It is not rarity that person without job will be desperate and make suicide. After some time people lose aim and unstable person will make the worst decision.

Social isolation. Person without work will easy lose friends. People who earn money will hardly understand someone who can't find a job. Some will help, but with time, contact will not be so often.

Gathering in sects. People without work are great opportunity for sects. In Croatia is about 800 registered sects. They will gather new members, promise them work, then take them passport and they will work for small money about 100 Euro. 

Job under level. Devil will eat flies when he is hungry, old quote says. So even educated people will clean streets to earn some money. They will wash floor, clean other houses and toilets just to survive. Also many people will dig into garbage box to find empty bottles , to sell them for small money.

When person is without job, that is only statistic. Numbers are increasing. Who cares? Some people are ready to be retired, but they don't want to go into retirement. They will ask to extend their work obligation over 65 years. Accord Labor Law in Croatia, they can do it under special conditions.

We have rich people who will drive expensive cars and eat in expensive restaurants, and orphans who will beg for money on the streets. We have politicians with promises, who will make taxes for small entrepreneurs, and big businessmen will be even more rich , because they are not obligated to help in this situation.

Today we can buy newspaper and read more bad news. Some will read this and sit in their comfortable chairs. They will say : "Life is going on, and only the strongest survive. Big fish eat small fish."

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