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Are you grateful for the things you have ?

Are you grateful for the things you have in your life? I don’t think about furniture or new plates, I think about your private and professional life. Sometimes, we forget to save gratitude in our heart because our mind is too busy dreaming about something we still did not realize. The gradation looks like this: I don’t have a boyfriend. I have a boyfriend but we are not married. We are married but we don’t have kids. We have only one child. Our kid is not obedient, we have a problematic teenager.
In the professional plan, we can use the same pattern: I am studying and i don’t have a job. I have a job but my salary is small. I have a good salary but i have no free time. I have a job but my boss is a dictator. It is about human nature, where all are rivals, competitors and opponents. Why your neighbor owe expensive car, and you are going at work with the bus? Why your kids can’t have designers clothes? Why your friend has a bigger flat then you? We are dreaming because of our ambitions. …

It is possible to be alone in the relationship

Once my hairdresser asked me: “Do you have a boyfriend?” I said yes, and she said with a deep sigh: “Thank God because if you never had a boyfriend, it would not be all right with your sanity. “ That provincial judgment made me smile, cause relation is not guaranteed for happiness, neither is a loneliness a sign of a misery. Do you know how is to feel alone in a marriage or in a relationship? At first sight, everything is nice because you pleased social conventions. Formally, you are not alone and you are worthy accord standards because you have someone. If you look at this deeper, you will find many things under the shiny surface, which are not so fairy. In romantic movies, two people met each other, make love and got married. Then they get children, make a little conflict because of a breakfast, a dog or a furniture, make a peace and live together forever. In a real life, such a story has no logic. Relations are hard and a marriage is hard, especially if two people are not in a collabo…

Do you live for a possible achievement?

Do you ever get tired to do things for someone who will hardly move a little finger for you? Are you tired to chase a dream which is unreachable? Are you tired to deal with problems which are bigger and bigger every day? Sometimes, life is a tunnel which is so dark that we can’t see the path. We are walking as blind trying to find where is a little ray of light. As much we are trying, it is getting darker. People are deaf at your requests and even the closest one will not understand you. This makes me a question, what I have in myself that everything is so hard to reach for me? Others solve problems easily and I am struggling with it. I invest a lot, and I get so little. If I were a farmer, I would spend a lot of seed and at the end, I would sow some grass in the best case. I am trying to understand life, why I have so weak cards in this game and why I have to deal with so many obstacles for a small result? Maybe I pay some bad karma or I am ungrateful for things I already have. As I …

The life in a blog sphere

“How is it going on the blog? Are you earning a lot? ” My friend asked me this before a long time and said also: “I would like to write a blog, too. “ I did not want to discourage her and break her illusions. Writing blog is not simply how it looks. Mostly, people live in dreams that they will be popular overnight and that they will learn a lot of money. I am the person who will never pretend. If I comment on your content, it means I really like this. I am not a person who will put a thousand likes on your post and then say: “Wow, now look at my blog. ” This is an old trick, we all know that such “admiration” indeed means that I did not read your content and that I only wanted to be noticed. Another thing which every beginner at blog afraid are haters. Well, I must wake you up. There are no haters, there are only silent, ignorant people. Believe me, millions of bloggers are on the Internet, and if you gain haters, it means they read you. So, you should be grateful for haters. I want that …

The book for all women who lost hope to find life partner

This is my book about a seducing on the mental level. You can find it here for symbolic price: I would appreciate the review. I wrote this book, which is indeed a collection of my best blog posts accord this topic, for all women who are not self-confident. The lack of trust in yourself is the main barrier to find a partner.
This book is divided into three problems: Women who think that some men are out of their league. Women who are desperate for being single. Women who think that persistence in searching men is a value.  Seducing is not just outside work on hairstyle, makeup, and suitable clothes. Seducing start with mind and control of desires. Why put all cards on the table immediately if you saved ace in the sleeve? How to seduce guy on the internet? The answer to all questions is in the book.

Are you addicted to smartphones?

We live in the age of smartphone attack. Look around yourself, everyone is typing on his cell phone. Everyone is talking in full bus, tram, car, even during a walk on the street, because there is so much important things to say. Recently i watched movie with my husband. I was tempted to see what is on my smart phone, did someone sent me message, liked my posts etc.  I tried to focus at movie, but my hand were searching smartphone which was on low battery. Then my husband noticed that i talk while phone is charging. He said to me, few people got electric shock on this way. This is era of addiction. Those small electronic things obeyed us. Just look around yourself, smartphone is in every area of life. Walking dog? Checking phone. Sitting in office and write important document? Checking phone. Talking with friends on coffee? Checking phone. Dancing on wild party night in the club? Making selfies is necessary. Making cake? Check your phone is ringing. Make shower? Wait, your message is here.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

When you are sad and blue, everything looks hopeless. It is not pleasant to see how your dreams failed, how your love rejected you or you lost job. Feeling like loser, this is the last what anyone needs. Sadness is part of life. It depends how we react on this. Your pride is on the floor, you need comfort but not everyone is suitable to make you comfort. In the period of sadness you will reveal your real friends. Those are not necessary people who hug you or cry with you. Sometimes, person who looks cold and sounds rude is your best friend, but you are not able to see this , because you are too sad. Before 13 years i broke with boyfriend. I had a friend who was my support, but somehow after conversation with her i felt like last loser on this Earth. She said to me this : “Years are passing by, and it is less and less time and opportunities. You will hardly find someone, because in this city all good are taken already. “ Suddenly, i stop being sad. That feeling of sadness vanished, i …

Why I love a discipline?

I always loved discipline.  It helps me to solve the mess in my life. I love to know what’s someone brings on the table. I love to know with whom I am dealing. Even you might imagine discipline as something boring, even rigid, I see beauty in this. Imagine that you prepare the party and invite best friends. Suddenly, few unknown people came to your place to have fun. They came with dirty shoes, smash glasses and make music too loud. In the end, some of them puke and made a stain on your carpet. That happened to me when I was a young girl. I invited two best friends at New year’s party. One was quiet, decent girl, and other was hungry for attention. My neighbors, mostly men, had partied too. The woman I mentioned started to talk with them over the balcony. They started to ring on our door, asking for her company. She was in slutty clothes and of course, men asked for sex. I was girl 16 years old and I promised to my parents that I will save flat clean. I did not care for that guys, I kne…