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What we say in the silence?

I am a talkative person, but once when I get silent, I can be numb forever. With years I learned about the power of silence, especially in a situation when someone hurts you. Before I thought that silent people are weak and fragile, and I underestimated silence as a tool of cowards. Recently one person hurt me. We were close friends, I gave him my trust, loyalty, and confidence. He mixed this gifts with toys, and he acted like kids with borrowed dolls, he broke it. We had conflict, a lot of insults were in the air, and it finished with silence from my side. I used to silence and ignorance as my answer, because it would be endless conflict. Simply, I decided to finish this story with my poker face, while insults dropped as raindrops, I was standing and smiling in the storm of bullets. I know I won and this is what I said in my silence: I am busy with my success and I have no time for your frustrations. I am busy with people who love me, and I don’t have time for people who hate me. I burnt …