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We couples (should we share passwords with our partners?)

We are the word of connection, togetherness and mutual deal. For sure you know many couples who use the word we to explain to you why they can't do something without acceptance of other side or why they will do something.
It is nice to live in community and exchange opinions and ideas, but what happens when your love swallows your personality?
Some things should always stay private and personal.
Passwords of your web pages. - Don't share it with a partner, you can hurt your friends to reveal their secrets in such a way.
Access to your cell phone.  - You have a habit to dig on your boyfriend's SMS? It shows a lack of trust and obsession.
Pin of your credit cards. - If you split, you can stay without money with your guilt.
The number of your ex-lovers. - This is unpleasant and unnecessary. 

If you understand relation on such way that you reveal everything to your partner, you will drown there as part of his personality. You don't exist anymore and he can rule with you …

How to recognize a mutual love?

Love is a wonderful feeling when is mutual. Your strength is double, the mind is clear and heart is full. Now you can hug even your worst enemies and give the coin to a beggar because you feel blessed by the gift of love. 
What if you fall in love, and your love is one-sided? This person doesn't love you, but accept your feelings for some purposes, to please own wishes. What when you love someone who treats you as toy or slave? Simply, the answer will be: leave it. The heart is deaf so love can't stop overnight, but you will suffer and another area of your life will swing like a boat on the storm.
Which are signs that your love is an unhappy choice?
You cry even for small reasons. Everything around you is black, people are getting on your nerves and you wish to shot from a shotgun.
Your work looks very messy. So, you can't focus, your results are low, and nobody wish you as a cooperator, you can blow everything you touch.
You hate other's advice, even they are with good inte…

The guy accord standards

Life is big basket. There are lot of things to choose, but we can't have everything. One choice will eliminate other because it is impossible to pick up all. Also, we have standards. If you close your eyes and imagine what your prefer, your vision is made by standards.
Person who has higher standards is not always happy, but also  not easy to approach. If you hear that man have big standards, that he is picky accord women, it sounds somehow interesting, because every woman will think that she is better than others. Standards start the race and competition is here.
When you fall in love in picky guy, you know what to expect. He will be yours or not. At least, you will feel special and not every woman should take your place. An opposite, when man involve with many women, you will never know how long your relation will last. That women are numbers, they can be ugly or old, but everyone can throw you out of race.
How to recognize picky guy?
He will be on abstinence some period, because he…

The relationship with a teddy bear

Responsibility is follower of maturity. If you are responsible, you know everything about obligations and how to deal with this. Your immaturity will hurt people even without your intentions, because they expected something from you.
Love doesn't know for numbers and years, but heart feels immature actions. This clumsy guy left mark in your heart, because he doesn't know how to deal with responsibility, he was immature. Problem is, women are often more mature then men. That is why older woman will have problems in relation with younger men, they are on different levels. So when women complaint that their heart is bleeding, often man is not bad, he is immature. There is a quote, if you lay in bed with kiddo, he will pee in your sheets. So that is why we can say that immature actions are childish, without responsibility, even without thinking about consequences.

Which are signs that you are in relation with brat?
He did not came on date, even you had deal.
He got late on date, more t…

How we hurt ourselves?

We used to say that someone hurt us or make us miserable. This is not completely true, because if you are hurted, there is connection between your reaction and act of that person. If you cut of that connection, there is no harm.
What makes us depressed, hurt or sad? 

How we hurt ourselves, even without knowing that we are doing this?
Friendship with wrong people.
Are you in company with those who underestimate you or make jokes with you? Your best friend is grumpy person and his presence make you grumpy too?
Wrong choice of life partner. 
You fall in love in someone and then you found out that person can't make you happy. You will not be happy until you change your choice.
Wrong choice of profession or job.
Your parents had ambitions and you became engineer even you did not want it. Now you feel frustrations inside of you.
Wrong priorities. 
You are constantly at pressure, so other's wishes are in front of your wishes. In fact you live this life for others, not for yourself.

Today friends, tomorrow enemies

Yesterday we were close friends, today we are enemies. Shit happens, and life is creator of dramas and tragedies because human nature is variable. Some people will turn you back, no matter if they were friends, lovers, even members of your family. Some of us simply can't stay firm and stable in their choices and decisions and life will push them on other side, side against us.
Amelia and Clara were good friends in childhood. Amelia was sensitive, and Clara was sharp, and she often underestimated Amelia , she loved to play mother role with her. Amelia loved Clara, she saw leader in her, and she was her follower. With years, Amelia start to feel that something is not alright and that Clara is more rival than friend, so she talked with her about her behavior. Clara thought that Amelia can't understand her jokes and nothing changed. Later Amelia found new friends and openly said to Clara that she doesn't enjoy in her company anymore. This was not the end. Amelia left with decen…

Do you believe in a lost half?

People in love use to say that they found their lost half. This is someone who complete you and you share everything with this person. Bad or good, till death separate you. 
If you look into real meaning of this sentence, your lost half is someone similar as you. There must be something what connected you and this person is your reflection from other side of the mirror. Although couples are two different people, they are connected in one, and that means their parts fits perfectly. Our choice of partner talks a lot about us.
What guys say?
"I like to date with married women. I am their lover and i am not ready for marriage so i enjoy in this type of relations."
"My girlfriend can't have children. It is ok for me, because i don't like kids and i can't imagine myself as father."
"I love young women, fresh and innocent. Really i like control and to teach them, it makes me feel powerful."
"I like women with experience. Virgins are not challenges for…

The big eyes of fear

Remember when you first time went to dentist. If you aware of this, your nightmare begun with all these tools there and with sound of dental drill. Your dentist in white uniform and smell of anesthetics, you are in hell. Later it became habit and routine. 
First date, first kiss, first sex, all is not easy at first time. Fear has big eyes and often we will ask why we afraid so much? The answer is, we afraid of unknown area. We were not there before and this path is insecure, full of obstacles, we are in kind of tunnel so dark can swallow us.
If we hold on the same patterns and habit, life will be boring. People don't move forward from fear. Some will work for years on unpleasant work just because they are safe. Others will stuck in long relation, even they are not happy. 
How to face it with fear from unknown?
Read about thing you don't know nothing.
If you wish to travel in unknown country, inform yourself.
Ask others who experienced this situation before you
If you wish plastic s…

Few shades of jealousy

That sting will pinch you right into your heart. Your beloved partner is staring on other woman, and she is young, sexy and stunning. How do you feel? You wish to slap him or to make her vanish? Simply, you will swallow this bitterness or you will make a fight with him?
No matter how calm person is, it is hard to avoid jealousy. How does it happen? Jealousy is made of fear and envy. We afraid to lose our partner because of another person and then we feel envy toward our competition. Other followers of jealousy are insecurity, rage and anger. How much you did for him and he is acting like this? What will happen now, my relation is on insecure ground?
Jealousy might be spice to your relation if you use it properly. When couple is in long relation or in marriage, routine and boredom will attack your harmony and small dose of jealousy will help. It is good to remind your partner from time to time that you are still desirable, that other men are looking for you and you can return smile to ha…

Where is a seed of the success ?

Give me one finger, i will ask whole hand. Step by step and whole universe is mine. Sky is not the limit, so i can remove clouds and make my own kingdom.  Human nature is made of greedy elements. If we have pieces, we will ask for whole cake. You have house at village, soon you will ask for house on the beach. As much we get, we are not satisfied. Little worm inside us is hungry for more. This appetite is limitless and we can't get enough.
Imagine that you are big leader and whole world is under your feet. You will grab more and more until you reach your quote, and your appetite will kill you at the end. The key of happiness is in balance, you should know when is enough. Some politicians are now behind bars because they did not know when to stop. They were cheating and stealing, but nobody recovered them until the end. Movie "The wolf from Wall street" talks about reach man who skipped over all limits, until the day he did fatal mistake. From that day, his life went back. …

Is your heart bulletproof?

Key of frustrations is inside of us. We are the worst enemies of ourselves. It doesn't matter what will others say or do if it doesn't reflect us, we are calm and stable. Once when we relate to something bad, this is beginning of misery. Some people have a big system of punishments. They will cry because of things which someone said to them. They will get revenge or start a big fight. In extreme cases, they will hurt themselves in the real sense.
Gabriel was a very sensitive girl. She was depressive and introvert and it was hard to communicate with her. Once when she opened her soul, she expected too much. When her boyfriend left her she started to cut herself with a razor. Small scratches on her hand, one by one, all were reminders of her failures. She was guilty so it was her way to get punishment. Later she grew up in a gorgeous woman and she gets married, but scratches on her hand could not be removed. She did damage inside and outside. 

Why is important if someone treats us …

How did you lose a virginity?

The important step in private life is loss of virginity, this moment when boy become man, and girl become woman. This change brings various reactions, from fascination until regret. Girls were imagined their perfect man and boys expected big testosteron adventure. Movies and magazines fooled them with some fake visions how should it be.
Some reaction of girls i knew:
Vision number one: "In my fantasy, my first lover was man who made me romantic dinner with slow music. We were dancing in room with fireplace. Then we went into bed and made love until morning."
"That happened with guy i know for a 3 weeks. We were in his flat, he was with me about 10 minutes, i was bleeding and he went to sleep. He was hairy and i could not watch on his penis, it was too big, first i saw in my life, it was shock to me."
Vision number two:
"I love him a long time ago and i wish that he is my first lover. I want drink expensive champaigne with him and later i want to show him my …