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The price of modesty

Be good and modest person and everybody will love you. That is kind of attitude to avoid conflicts, judgments or to be accepted in society as good member. That is small line of resistant, don't fight, don't argue and you will live peaceful life.

Modesty has good sides, so modest person knows where is her place, don't ask for impossible things , stays firm on the ground and know to control herself. Also, modest person know to value what she owes. She is grateful even for small things. 

If you are born as modest person, and you live accord this principles because you like it, this is your right. This is part of your personality, you like to walk, you don't need BMW, you will buy clothes in second hand shops because you don't like brand fashion. 

Conformists love to say what others love to hear. Modesty is sometimes connected with conformism because pushing yourself in the corner is similar. When you are modest, you sustain of some material wealth, and when you are confo…

The worst love advices

Comfort is medicine when our heart is broken. This kind of cure should heal our wounds on the way that we should move on in future.
If you have good friend, he will help you with useful advices or examples. Maybe you can learn from his mistakes or you can compare bad experiences. 

What happens when we can get only platitudes?
So, imagine yourself, you are crying on the shoulder of your best friend, you are shaking from rage and all what your friend can say is next:
Time heal all wounds.  God has plan for you. You did not met right one. He /she is not worthy of your tears. Forget him, today you are crying, tomorrow you will smile. Nothing lasts forever. We will all die anyway.
There is truth in this words, but how appropriate is to give platitude in this tragic moment? When person is miserable, time stops for a moment. Heart is frozen. Soul is devastated. You don't believe in God or in any high forces, because you feel like victim and for you any justice is blind.

After you pass through few b…

The day when the respect died

From ancient times people were hungry for sensation. Hang man on the square like in western movies, we will go there to see his end. Inquisition time gave special events with  so called witches, everybody should see torching and deaths on bonfire.
Today, death penalty is removed from many legislations, but still people are hungry for blood and death. We have new technology, so you tube can help us too see unusual events. Famous designer Sandra d' Auriol made suicide, jumped from 15th floor of clinic in Beverly Hills and we can see video about this. She had plastic surgery and after that she behaved strange, she was naked in the moment when she made suicide. There are doubts about side effects of anestetic cure, which she got after her plastic surgery. Her suicide made free showtime for people , even it was terrible tragedy for her husband and family.
What we think when someone made suicide? Shall we judge or feel sorry for that person? Many reaction talk about wondering, curiosity, …

The resistant couples

One day you woke up with feeling of love. Your heart is opened, people are beautiful, suddenly you greet all neighbors and you repeat the same song on CD. "I will always love you" from legend Whitney Houston. You found that perfect guy and sacred promise is that you will always love him.

At the start of every relation you don't care what your beloved do, the point is to make him happy. Butterflies in your belly, sparks around you and him and you forget that he maybe did not wash his teeth or that he could change his shirt after few days. You love all about him, even his dog who is barking at you every time when you meet him.

After some months your perspective is changing. You will not be so blind and deaf under influence of love sparks, so you will ask some things from your boyfriend. Don't be late every time when i have deal with you. Please don't talk on your cell phone when i am talking with you. Conflicts rise up from small details. Something was not bothering …

Who are black sheep?

Society is covered by rules. Don't do this, be careful with this, you should not do this. Conformists will follow this rules without complaining because they need this as orientation. This is like compass for them, how to behave if you don't write tips. They would be lost.
An opposite, rebels make own rules which are not in harmony with rules of society. It doesn't mean that rebels will behave against law, they will simply not fit in .
It was end of school year and children in class decided about celebration. In former Yugoslavia, all parties were with folk music, and singers as Lepa Brena were very popular. Everybody in class accepted to make celebration with bellows, but Maja said no. Sound of bellows was awful for her ears. She did not come that day in school, simply she stayed at home. They said to her that she is an awesome sausage, in Yugoslavia it was symbol for black sheep.
Maja was fan of Metallica and she stayed by her taste and attitude. Her friends were gossiped h…

Why bad men pick fragile women?

World is not black and white, there are many other colors in this rainbow. Some people want to make is more simple, so they will mark others as two extremities. When it comes time to get marry, some man will say that they want pure woman, not a slut. This is Kennedy syndrome, marry with Jackie, not with Marilyn. Jacqueline Bouvier was woman with good reputation and created to be first lady of United States of America. She was from rich american family and she had career of journalist. Marilyn Monroe was Hollywood actress and mistress so Robert and John Kennedy had hot adventures with her. Nobody talked about Marilyn as possible candidate for wife.
We can understand Kennedy, because he could lose a lot, he was president of USA and he wanted wife by his standards. Later he had lovers and affairs, because this kind of things happens in political circles.
Paul is drummer in local rock band. He earn extra money as bartender, because his band is not successful and he must do another work to su…

Send me a miracle

I wish i had crystal ball to predict all what can happen in my future. I am not the only one, so i believe many women wish to see future husband and job. 
If we could predict our future it would be step forward. Maybe we could avoid something unpleasant and stop things which we don't want.  How to win in this race with unpredictable life?
Fanny can't find normal boyfriend. She is blind in this tunnel of love. Every guy she met had something what rejected her at the end. So, she was printing their photos with one purpose. She will take this photos to clairvoyant. Fanny heard about man who lives in lonely house in the village. She paid him some money to see important things from this photos. 
She was disappointed with result.
- You are insecure person Fanny. You can't decide what you want. That men are unavailable at the moment and i don't see clear what is on their mind. Seems vibration for today are not good. 
Later, Fanny met with her best friend Alice. 
- Dear, why you pai…

Are you playing a game warm and cold?

How to capture somebody's heart? This question will be actual when we fall in love in someone. If person give us signs about interest, we are on the half way. Another question is, how to keep this special person forever?
Some relations are short as hamburger, and after that we have only bitter taste in our mouth. We can compare this with fast food, short pleasure and problems with stomach later. I wish i never met him or i wish i could skip day when i met her are statements about such partners.  Other relations are long, and some couples have special recipe, what keeps them together. Why you are bonded just with this person and why you don't want anybody else?
Human mind has special spots. If we press right buttons and that spots are activated, we will be donor of love. This person has something that we need.

What will women say, why particular man captured their attention?
He is the best in bed i ever had. I feel like most desirable woman in the world with him.

He has strong charac…

Do you live under a virtual magnifier?

Secret is something hidden and we don't want to reveal this to everybody. Now days, secrets have different meaning, because if you share secret to someone at internet, don't be so sure that you will keep this safe.

Bertha was very surprised when her mother in law come into  her house . She was so angry that she attacked Bertha in the same minute when she opened door.

- What i heard about you ? That you will divorce from my son?

All was clear, because Bertha had small argument with her husband Roy and she wrote in her Facebook status "divorced." She wanted to show him that she is still desirable because he was adding pretty girls into his page and commented their photos on nasty way. Bertha was angry so she changed status. Even she had this status only one night , she got many private messages from worried people and some new friend requests. Also someone with bad intentions called her mother in law to tell her bad news. Bertha invited her on coffee to explain what is goi…

The emotional blackmail

When you love someone, your share with that person good and bad moments. You decided to carry burden of this life together.  Real love is not fairytale and you will not always smile , sometimes you will yell on your beloved partner, you will cry and you will wish that you never met him or her. You will even think that you could be happier alone. 

Life is hard teacher. Every mistake might lead to big punishment, and if you have someone to exchange experience, it should be easier. Imagine when you come home after you were working hard whole day, and your man cook dinner for you. This is happiness. Or, when you come home after you spent night with drinking buddies and your woman make you coffee with a smile. This is understanding.

Unfortunately, it is not always like this. We met our partner in some period of life and sometimes we forgot that we are not the only person who care for him. Healthy relation can't be possesion and there is no place for selfishness. When our partner insist tha…

Do you see a shopping as a kind of therapy?

If you are sad, grumpy or your heart is broken, shopping will be your best friend. Women practice shopping as additional tool to forget all troubles and make yourself beautiful.

Look at your wardrobe. Accords some polls, every woman use only 30% of her closet. For sure you have trousers or skirt you will never wear. They are size 36, and you are size 40 and your strong belief is that it will fit you perfectly one day. Then you sit in McDonald's to eat hamburger and you can forget about your dream. Women can be superstitious. That skirt brings me luck, i had that blouse when i met my boyfriend. This shoes are your fetish, you were dancing whole night and you had many fans because you look so good in them.

Lucia was very unhappy after her breakup. Her friends Sally and Brenda invited her to shopping mall. She had Visa and she joined to them. Lucy was not slim so after she realized that she can't stand in size 40, she became depressed. Then Brenda started to pick clothes to make her…

How women protect each other?

You love him, but she also love him. Here is the crowd in this love circle, and one of you must get out. Love triangle with one man and two women is filled by pain and tears.
When you know that you share guy with other girl, you should gave up from him. Now , the main question is: "Why should i give up? Let other woman get out and leave him alone."
This is ungrateful position. Wife and children on right side, mistress on left side. Wife can lose a lot. Stability, financial situation will be worse, children will suffer and divorce is not so good idea. This is not just matter of just one person, if wife has two children, we have three ruined lives, all because of fatal woman , sexy mistress of your husband.
Wise woman will play on this card of women solidarity. Many won this game with ace of solidarity in their pocket. Two women, same gender, we should understand each other. 

When Lydia found out that her husband is cheating her with Ingrid, woman from his office, she called her t…

The moment of the inspiration

"The night was warm. No, the night was hot. The night was so hot." It was beginning of black comedy "Throw momma from the train", with amazing Danny De Vitto and Billy Crystal. It talks about writer who is asking for inspiration for new book and his destiny will be connected on funny way with nerd (Danny de Vitto) and his freaky mother.

I think that every writer face it with lack of inspiration. Suddenly your brain stops and you want to squeeze pieces of thoughts , but it can't work out. What to write, how to write? You are spinning in this circle as clown. Inspiration comes out when we are fragile and sensitive. J. W. Mozart was creating "Requiem" when he was seriously ill. He was dying and that music became his creation, as post mortem. Pablo Picasso painted picture of his lover Dora  Maar because he was inspired with her moody behavior. Once she was fighting with another woman for his heart and cut her own hands to prove that she bleeds for him. She …

How to deal with the ignorance ?

Yesterday you had wonderful friend. Today you associate with pretender who talked behind your back. It hurts, and when we are hurt, we are wounded and the only wish is too fight back. Love, friendship or business are areas where we need trust, loyalty and confidence. If your boyfriend is cheating you, there is no trust. If your friend gossips you, there is no loyalty. If you can't lean on business partner, there is no confidence.

Some people think that they can hurt others without punishment. Simply they consider others as toys. I need you now, i will play with you, later when i will get bored, i will throw you into garbage. If i will need you again i will call you.

We will be lost until we let others to do this. Such people will ask for excuses, like, it was not deliberately, i did joke, i did not know that i hurt you. They will continue to act like this until we forgive them without punishment. After this, game will continue and this bewitched circle is eternal pain.

You might beat…