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Are you a princess on the peas?

Did you hurt someone today? You will say: "No, I am not such person. I would not kill even fly. I watch my language. "  
Examples from real life will show you an opposite. We are hurting each other every day, without awareness and warning. Even if you walk on eggs, victims will lay down around you.
One day you forgot to say hello to old woman next door. She will get hurt. Her reaction: "Behave yourself. You did not say hello to me? I am your first neighbor. " Next day you forgot to open door to the old lady because her hands were full of bags, she was in the market. You were rushing, so you did not open the fucking door. She will say again: "You are monster, can't you have little compassion toward old people?"
Even you think that you are in the safe zone if you don't talk and if you talk only with kindness, your behavior can also hurt someone. So, let me see your day at work. You are a man, so you did not shave your beard. 
What will your boss say? &q…

Is your partner a double-faced man?

Knife in the back is the most painful tool of suffering. That is double scar: we are betrayed by someone who had our trust and we are fooled by our visions. Don't blame yourself, you are not the first neither last who experienced this. Once I meet someone who gave me love, at least it looked like this. That person kissed the ground where I was walking. Until our relation was placed for harmony, everything was perfect. The situation changed during the first conflict. Suddenly, I was not a beautiful woman of his dreams. I was smug, bitch and devil. Then I noticed a pattern: it happened every time when I had a different opinion about something. That relation turned on real war and we finished as enemies. All we could agree in the end was to break every connection between us.
People will ask: "How wonderful love can turn into incredible pain? " 
If you can turn back the movie, you will look at things with different eyes. Real love can't transform into hate. It will happen o…

Are you a survivor ?

When life starts to slap you from every side, you will survive or fall down. That is why quote says : "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. " We could analyse why some people became ruthless, harsh or even heartless. Circumstances define you, no matter do you wish this or not. Every bad experience will leave track at your soul, and you will never be the same person as before. Rules of survival are cruel.
Elaine was girl from poor family, they had a lot of unpaid bills and once she was studying for exam with the light of candles. She had only one pair of boots and she spent many winters in them. When Elaine finished her education and got a job, her clients complaint that she is too harsh. Even her boss said : "Please, try to be warmer with people. We are here to help them." Elaine was formal and she did her tasks accord the law. She was good lawyer, even some clients considered her as cruel. As she used to say : "I am lawyer, not a nurse or nanny. Accep…

He thinks that you are the undesirable woman

It is big humiliation for woman when guys take an advantage of her. Any woman doesn't like to be used as piece of flesh. Imagine that you love someone so much, and all what you got is trade of fluids. So if you are man, and you ask woman : "Do you want to have sex with me?", think about who is she and what she means to you.
As much any woman despise to be a number in big chain of sexual partners, there is something worse. If woman feels that guy doesn't desire her, she will be frustrated too. So now guys are in confusion, what women really want?
This is a story about Helen. When she was young, all guys from her city were crazy for her. Blonde, blue eyed and tall woman was their Barbie girl and she changed many sexual partners. She was hungry for men and they were thrilled by this. Later she got married and had two daughters. Years and life ruined her good look, she got diabetes and her body changed. Suddenly she was too skinny, too wrinkled and her blue eyes got dark s…

Your house of cards

When you live in the cloud of expectations, you will expose yourself to disappointments. In your mind is a scale, top list of things which you expect from some people. When they don't bring you what you wished for,  result is depression. Expectation is background of hope. What is indeed hope? That is transparent spider net of dreams. One little touch of reality and it will break. So if you live from expectations, it means you forgot the other side of life, real one.
Megan met this guy Nathan in the club, he drove her home while she was drunk. He cared for her until she was vomit, and she saw savior in him. Next time her best friend was also drunk, and he drove her home. Megan did not expect that Nathan will care for her friend, she thought she had exclusively right for his care. She felt sting of jealousy when Nathan called her friend next morning to check is she alright. Soon she realized that Nathan is kind of saint who like to help people, but he is not ready for serious relation…

Where is your boiling point?

Indifference is aphrodisiac. Ask one woman to choose between many men, she will choose the one who doesn't care about her, because that is interesting. Especially if you are pretty, smart and desirable woman who can pick. If you have choice, why not to choose the best?  When women complain to each other that guy hurt them or left them, they will ask one question: "Why this happened to me, am i cursed? " Indeed they forget that they chose particular guy and result was not as they expected. Maybe they were deaf on all warnings and they wanted to change him. When woman is crying, she must to go back on the start of her story.

Who are unavailable men?
You call him and he is not answering. He always find excuse not to talk with you. He spent night with you but later he will not message you.  He is constantly busy. He will not say i love you so easy.

It looks out of logic, but woman will often chose unavailable man. 
Why should woman pick guy who will hurt her?
He is sexy because you ca…

Paws at your partner

When we involve jealousy in our relation, that is limitation of freedom. Simply , if you demand to your darling what to do and what not to do, you give him hint that he is not free as he wish to be. Such relation is close to prison and soon he will try to escape from this.
Another extreme is total freedom. You give hands of your partner free, he can do what he wish. This is kind of test, so let we see will he abuse it or he will justify your trust. 
Tiffany and Blake were together eight years. They had different friends, and she spent many time with her team, how she used to call them. In other hand, Blake was in local football team, so he participated in every match and training was part of his life. How time passed by, they were more far from each other. Tiffany did not want to ask nothing from him, and Blake did not ask himself why his girlfriend doesn't complain. In fact, Tiffany met new guy, Jerry. So when Blake spent some time out of city, Tiffany was dating with Jerry. This c…

Do you hesitate with your decisions?

If you can do it today, don't leave it for tomorrow. The one who delayed too much, in fact, did not want it. Shortly, when you hesitate, you are not doing a favor to yourself. More you think about some problem, you are far from a solution. Finally, you will get confused, as a goose in the fog.

What makes us undecided when we are in the middle of our solutions?
Fear of failure. You know that you learn all lessons, but despite this, you don't have faith to pass this exam.
Superstition. You believe in bad luck, and if you see a black cat on the day of your interview, you will give up.
Bad experiences. Last time when you invested money in your stock, you lost.

Our actions depend on our character. So if you are by nature person who delays, you will go more slowly than others. Caution is a good thing, but if you can't decide too long, that is your failure. It is not the same if you can't pick right shoes or if you can't propose your girlfriend. Your hesitation will bring doub…

Beware of a woman scorned

If you offer someone heart full of love, don't expect that you will get the same. Joke of the nature is that smart, beautiful women involve with bad guys, who are not able to give love back, or they will give love to someone else, even that person is not woman of dreams. It looks like story is over when your beloved chose your competition, but not everybody will make peace with that solution. A woman scorned will say "it ain't over until is over", because her word is the last.
The last hanged woman in Great Britain was Ruth Ellis. She killed her lover David Blakely, after dramatic love story. He was abusing her, underestimate and humiliate, so she decided to kill him. She had cooperator, Desmond Cussen, man who was in love in her. He gave her pistol and drove her on the place of crime. Ruth got death penalty for crime passionnel. Sudden strong impulse prevailed so Ruth signed her death sentence because of discarded love.
When you are in situation to make comfort your b…

A hooligan in your arms

Young girl will easy fall in love in hooligan. Guy who drives fast, spit on the floor and swears, what a dude! He said to his mother to go to hell, his teacher got nickname bitch, and his old neighbor is just an old corpse who breaths this air for a granted. For sure anyone of us women knew such kind of guy in youth, because something in his behavior was sexy, ruthless and cool. 
I knew a guy who lost teeth at football match and spent his night in jail. Even he was without teeth, many girls were flirting with him, because his chaos made him attractive. An opposite, nerd with glasses, guy who had excellent marks and who was living book of knowledge stayed virgin until college. With years, situation changed and suddenly hooligan was not welcome. Football supporter was not good candidate for marriage, and girls who were with him did not invited him at parties anymore, because now they were in ambitious race for success. 
Manners are basic of compulsory education. If you are well mannered, …

Is is right to give your money to beggars?

Generosity is a gift if it comes from the heart. Today you feed hungry birds, tomorrow you will buy food for cats. Another day you will give coins to beggars. Do you feel as big humanitarian person?
One of the biggest tools for manipulation is exactly generosity. Some people will act as saints, but indeed their intentions are hidden. Remember big causes in the Philippines, in the time of typhoon tragedy? Kim Kardashian made big humanitarian actions there, and then press wrote that only 10% money is for a humanitarian purpose. The rest, you guess, fly away into her pocket. 

How you will know that person wants to promote himself, and that it doesn't have any connection with generosity?
Humanitarian actions are free from taxes. Big relief for rich people, because they will save money, and yet, promote themselves.
A rich person will make a photo with a poor, ill granny, with invalids and Gypsies, but later, when nobody looks, he will turn his head.
A rich person will notify the press. No, …