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How to avoid a toxic atmosphere at the workplace?

While I was walking at lunch pause, I got a compliment. Secretary from my workplace said to me that I have awesome stockings. Few days before my other colleague said to me that my skirt is cool. Today I meet alive with a colleague who is my e-mail business contact, we cooperate in some project but we never introduce each other. She says it was my pleasure. Small things as professional kindness and courtesy are necessary to make the working atmosphere better. We are humans, not robots, and it is not the same when you work in heat, toxic atmosphere or when you can communicate at a normal level. Sometimes, the workplace is a jungle. I was working with a Smoker, a Pervert, and a Gossip woman. I wrote this nicknames because this reveals all about their personality. It was a hard time for me. Smoker is a woman. She would kill for a cigarette and we had a lot of conflict about her smoking in the office. I was choking in her smoke, and I was constantly repeating to stop with this. She bought …