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The Player Without Luck - my new thriller

During the lockdown, I wrote a thriller. My emotions were mixed up, and I decided to use my free time for writing. 
The Player Without Luck is a story about addiction, remorse, and revenge, all in one.  What would you do if someone would try to destroy your life?
How would you protect your job, spouse, and reputation?

Silvija is a fatal woman. She is not an example of moral, but she has her principles. Many bad guys are around her, she entered in a criminal circle. The only bright spot in her life is Alen, her devoted husband, but she doesn't appreciate him enough. She involves an affair, and that will make things complicated.
Circumstances will show, what is real, and what is fake?  Would you choose a dangerous passion or stable family life?
Do you afraid of risk, or you wish to gamble with your destiny?
Who is the player without luck?
You can find my book in Amazon in this link:

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How to handle bad reviews?

Every author will face it with a bad review for his book, sooner or later. You might have a perfect book, but there is always a reader who will think differently. If you think that a good editor and translator will help you to change the audience's opinion, you are wrong. Your book is an investment, you paid an illustrator, editor, beta readers, but still, this is not enough to be a bestseller. You got a bad review.What I consider a bad review?1 star in Amazon.2 stars in Amazon.Receiving bad reviews doesn't mean that your book is a pile of rubbish. The reasons for bad reviews might be different:

It could be an act of revenge. Someone doesn't like you and he will spit at your book.The reader doesn't like this genre, but yet he read and reviews.It could be trolling. Such people exist, mark many books with bad ratings, just to make a mess.It might be compensation. If you give an author a bad mark, he can do it for you too.
Does a bad review have an influence on sale or rati…

Introducing author Patricia McDonald

Let me introduce an awesome British author. She is very collaborative, one of those who motivated me to write my stories and inspired me. 
British Crime Author Pat McDonald lives in a rural part of the Midlands, United Kingdom. After studying for a degree in Applied Social Sciences including criminology, psychology and sociology, she had a long career as a researcher, project manager and program manager in the National Health Service and in policing. She is now a full-time novelist and writes primarily in the crime genre. Her crime novels have been described as ‘gritty’ although she also writes humorous satire (The Penny series) and her thrillers have included the paranormal and historical W.W 1 drama with a ghostly twist.Take a look at her books:Amazon link:
Take a look at her pages, give a like, and follow her:Author page: http…

Why do people underestimate indie authors?

Stereotypes about indie authors are the main obstacle to their success. If you ask an average man about indie authors, he will say: " They are not real authors, because they are not publishing in a traditional way. "
If you go with questions further, there are some myths:
Indie authors should give their books free to readers.
They are not professionals.
They should make their price of books lower. 

Such things I heard so many times. Don't expect your friends will support you if you are on the way to become an indie author.
They will say: "If she can write, I can write too. What do I have because she is an author? Why should I buy her books, she is not famous!"
So, in short, when an indie author publishes his book, he will pay for the cover, formatting, editor, beta reader, and sometimes for book promotion. If you want your product to look good for buyers, you must hire professionals, and it will cost you. After all this, you will meet people who are not willing to give…

The list of general mistakes for indie authors

It has been three years since I uploaded my first book on Amazon.  If I knew then what I know nowadays, things would be different. I made all the possible mistakes that indie author could do, and this affected my status in Amazon, but not for so long. It was a good lesson.
I did not edit the book. That is why my first review was one star.I did not order the cover. I use a Kindle pattern cover, that made book looks amateur.I did not make my Author page on Amazon. After this, I gave a book on editing to editor amateur. Of course, professional editors immediately guessed my editor is not English nor American.I try to explain to the reviewer that I edited the book later. Never talk to reviewers who give you negative reviews, they will not change their minds. Leave it their opinion, unless they are abusive. I was asking reviews between people I know. There is how I make mistakes because not all people are eligible to give reviews on Amazon. I gave my book free to some people, even they neve…

Why I started to write?

I am talking about my motives, what inspires me, and why I decided to write. Subscribe to my channel for comment.

Representing author K. T. McQueen

Let me represent an awesome author. Her style is mysterious, she is writing horror stories and myths in the way it makes you feel like you got lost in a dark fairytale. K.T.McQueen is an extension of Kate Trinity.
Stars are the first story in the series and a kind of introduction. K.T. McQueen has a degree in Applied Science and Forensic Investigation and a masters in Fire and Major Incident Response, which may or may not have had some influence on her latest offering, Bad Habit. She also writes dark fantasy and horror. Born in a post-industrial city on the east coast of England, K.T. McQueen rode steam engines growing up and horses when she left school. Returning to education much later to get a BSc and an MSc before turning to self-publishing.And when she's not writing, she's catching up on the latest movies and shows or indulging in a day of painting.
Her Amazon link:
Her blog…

Does a relationship without obligations exist?

You heard about this story already: "I want the relationship without the obligation. " This is how a man turns on his defensive mechanism when he doesn't want to commit to a woman. He wants immediately to clear all conditions:
I am not obligated to be faithful.I am not obligated to reply to your messages.Don't expect calls from me.I am not obligated to marry you.

Even some women will accept such a "relationship" when they fall in love, a man could have problems. Some women are persistent, they don't want to accept the fact that love is one-sided. So they give without return, invest, expect, and dream about a change of attitude. They don't hear, they read between lines.
"I can't be faithful in the beginning but when I realize how awesome are you, I will stop chasing other women. ""I will reply to your messages because with the time you will miss me.""I will call you to check how are you.""I will marry you because y…