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Friends for a lifetime

It is hard to make real friendship. Statistic says that in life we might have 1-3 real friends for a lifetime. Others are acquaintances, colleagues from workplace or people we meet every day on the street.  You can also have great virtual friends, but if you have profiles with thousand people, can you consider all as friends? Accord statistic, you can relate with about 150 people at your pages.

We will meet many people during our life. First connections starts in childhood. Then we pass through first conflicts, fights and tears. Later we will find friends for night life and dating.  Temptations starts  after school age. We will move in another city, find other new friends and maybe partner for marriage. Then old friends became past if they don't go on the same path. We can't expect too much and also it is wrong to blame someone if friendship did not survive. 

Also, it is wrong to keep connection from next reasons:

- if you are neighbors and your parents are friends, why should you …

The judgmental society

Society likes marks, because it is easier to categorize people. When we ask for our identity, society offers us a label. For example: "old maid", "reactive woman" or "divorcee". Mistress, whore, slut , all that beautiful names for single women who is not marriage and did not gave birth.

Moral majority will offer us inappropriate label, we will get explanation and warning, also maybe notes and deadlines how to fix our situation.
"You should have children until 30. You should marry until 25. What, you are not married yet?" "You have no reason to live if you have no children. " "There is good opportunity for you to become my mistress."
"You must be lesbian because you did not marry yet."

Superficial people will never ask why woman is not married. They are not interested for a reason, they just see facts and make own ideas. 
There are lot of stories in background about someone's status. Some people are playing on all or no…

All is allowed in love and the war

Jealousy is fragile weapon. Men will be jealous on your sex partners, women will be jealous on romantic feeling toward other woman.
That is an old truth. If guy writes you romantic letter your partner will smile, but if he wants to have sex with you, your partner is ready for fight. And that is normal, every male protect his ego and his right. Even romantic letter is not so harmless if this is background for something more, or trap for sex. So, when man can loose his partner, he will fight and kick ass of other man.
What to do when other woman wants to steal your partner?

Women are more complicated. In this race, woman will even pretend that they like their rivals. They will make friendship, give compliments and then make sabotage to their competition. Woman will prove why she is the right one, and why is other woman the wrong one. Woman doesn't fight with fist. Woman fight with sex appeal, high heels, short skirts, smell of perfume. Because, men are weak on sex appeal, and when such …

Women without a sensibility

Some women nowadays act like superior species, robots who are able to do all alone, so they don't need a men. This superwoman is great business lady, with good skills in kitchen, bed and outside, elegant, ready to realize her wishes without help of any man. She will call for a man when she is horny. 

Talking with colleague inspired me to write this text. She said that all men are the same and that they should be objects for reproduction. She talked as black widow, make love with man and spit him out. It makes me wonder, did some of us lose sense and sensibility? She said to me that she did not allow her man to cook dinner, because she can do it alone. She did not allow to her son to do house work, because he would make a mess.

Woman doesn't need to be strong sex machine to rule with world . Some women forgot tenderness, kind of powerful  weapon of every woman by birth, just not used nowadays.

For a change, listen and let man to talk, give him right and he will feel like he is a bo…

What if Cinderella gets drunk?

In fairy tale Cinderella is sober girl who came to dance with king, with styling as queen.  When midnight come, she will lost shoe . As it is predictable, king will try to find awesome girl who lost shoe because she captured his heart. Good girls never get drunk, as moralists say, so she left this place with sober mind.

Nowadays Cinderellas would like to capture man's heart, but it takes courage and liquor could help to kill shame and to make them braver. 
Being woman has an advantage. When my friend celebrated birthday in night club, he was undressed. During party he did striptease on half way, so i broke glass, in the moment of excitement. Really it was nice to see all that pieces of glass on the floor, and i was nervous because of crowd. Other drunk people didn't want to move from my way, so i broke glass. Bodyguard saw my friend and warned him to wear the shirt. He did not say nothing to me, even i smashed glass. I had only innocent smile and confused face.

Reasons for being …

The key for love

What i learnt from mine love relations, is that you should never be desperate. That  makes wrong impression, as you are the most lonely person in this world. I remember guy who sent me love letters, calling me on the phone and stalking me on every public place i went. He was my nightmare, and i was swearing myself why i dating with him.

But i was crazy for one other guy, i was calling him, his mother knew my voice because my calls were so often, i was able to do anything for him until our conflict.  I saw him when he was on date with another girl. I even approached them and asked her who is she. She was cold as ice and did not say a word to me. I could learn from that girl. Then i woke up, and i remembered first guy. Was i better from him? Also i was persistent in my intentions to get his love. I could avoid my shame, just if i was able to control myself.

Today i remember all of this with laugh, with dose of sadness. Oh that teenage girl was so stupid, so hasty, and i could never be her …

How to survive in the world of toadies?

Two new girls were employed in my workplace last year. They act like two dolls, available to do anything what bosses ask from them. Their clothes, smile and behavior, all is in harmony with rules of system. I watch them with nuisance. When their fat, hag boss comes to office, new girl opens door wide to her, offers cup of coffee and sweet words. 
I am in fear, she is melting so much, that here could be flood soon. I will jump over lake of sweet words , i bet, it will be soon. When boss is sad, new girl is sad. When boss is grumpy, girl is grumpy too, her face is as mirror for boss mood . I wonder, what if suddenly boss die? She could die too.

So, black hair girl and blonde girl are not permanent employers. They are here currently, as help assistants. For few months big bosses will say :"Sorry dear miss, we can't keep you, we don't need new workers."
They know it, but they hope to be exceptions of this rule. They will sell the last drop of dignity for salary and promotion.…

The empathy in the corner

One simple thing can make you smile and your day will be better. As much your mood is bad or sad, something will capture your attention and you will forget your troubles, even for a moment.

I went to shopping mall to buy some food for dinner. I met man with bloody face , he asked for more beer. I suppose he fall or he got hard kicks from someone, but impression was like in horror movie. Freddie Kruger is in the shopping, walking around without purpose. Of course, people were in fear, what will that creature do, to break something or find some victim? Is it necessary to call the police? Guy  took empty bottles in exchange for money and went out, like nothing happened, with his bloody face. Seems he had no mirror on his way home.

This event shown something else. 

Nobody cares , only in case of scandal people will ask what happened. 

I mean, wtf, that is only drunk dude , who asked one more bottle of beer. His face was bloody, so what? Probably he fall on the ground because he is drunk and cl…