1. Empathy in the corner

One simple thing can make you smile and your day will be better. As much your mood is bad or sad, something will capture your attention and you will forget your troubles, even for a moment.

I went to shopping mall to buy some food for dinner. I met man with bloody face , he asked for more beer. I suppose he fall or he got hard kicks from someone, but impression was like in horror movie. Freddie Kruger is in the shopping, walking around without purpose. Of course, people were in fear, what will that creature do, to break something or find some victim? Is it necessary to call the police?
Guy  took empty bottles in exchange for money and went out, like nothing happened, with his bloody face. Seems he had no mirror on his way home.

This event shown something else. 

Nobody cares , only in case of scandal people will ask what happened. 

I mean, wtf, that is only drunk dude , who asked one more bottle of beer. His face was bloody, so what? Probably he fall on the ground because he is drunk and clumsy.
When i saw him, i thought "here comes the man who care more for beer than for his face." What makes him so ignorant for whole world, how he stashed his problems in beer bottle? Maybe he has unhappy marriage with mad wife or nasty kids who spent all his salary, or his fiance broke relation and get married for other man?

So , thinking about him, about alcoholic man who shows up in the market, i thought also about myself. Still my problems have solutions, because i noticed him even i was so angry that day. That is kind of paradox, i saw someone with bigger problems, who doesn't care for nothing than beer bottle. Sometimes, you must see the bottom, to care for the things on the top.If you wish to stand firmly on the ground, clean your mind. Don't let others notice that you are miserable or destructive. People will not feel sorry for you, their empathy is not limitless. Probably they will laugh or ask what is going on, to please their curiosity. If you wish to pull attention with scarves on your face or tears or yelling, remember that nobody cares. 

Empathy is here, somewhere in the corner. Empathy is selective and for sure desperate people will not be chosen. Help yourself and others will help you too.

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