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Brothers by depression

Grumpy person is not desirable friend. It is normal to be moody, but people who are constantly sad, angry or depressed are not welcome. If you pass hard time, you will wish to be in company with someone who can make you smile. Cheerful friend will lift you up, and your situation will look better.
Imagine that you wait results of important exam or job interview. You would like to have someone beside you, to lean on. The last what you need is demoralization. If your friend is there, and if you hear something like : "Competition is tough, and your chances are small", this person is not good support. Also, if you wait result of surgery, and your close family member is in the hospital, you don't need pessimistic person near you. It would be like song of owl, creepy and undesirable.
Friends will share everything, but friendship is never equal, in sense that two friends live the same life. There is always balance, as on swing. Someone will be more happy, other will pass hard time…

Are you a dumb blonde?

One of the most familiar stereotypes are views about blondes. No matter is that natural hairstyle or woman just dyes her hair, blondes will never stay unnoticed. In movies with romantic story, the mistress is a usual blond woman, and wife is a woman with brown or black hair. A good example is ex-US president John F. Kennedy, his wife was Jacqueline Kennedy, the lady with brown hair, and the whole world bragged about his blonde mistress Marilyn Monroe. Blonde women are labeled as easy, stupid or cheap, accord superficial men. In one hand, a blonde woman will be someone fatal, and in another hand, she will be a woman which is easy to get. Alfred Hitchcock was a big fan of blondes, his favorite actresses were Kim Novak, Janet Leigh and Grace Kelly, all blondes.There is something intricate in a woman with blonde hair, with transparent white skin and blue eyes as a combination.
The last woman hanged in Great Britain was Ruth Ellis. She was blonde and she killed her lover with pistol Smith&a…

Can you handle the rejection?

Role of hunter is not grateful position. Men are by nature leaders, and from them is expected to do first steps. Especially, if they wish to get certain woman, they must be ready for everything, from gentle rejection until harsh kick in the butt. As much real man will take leash in his hands, he will also know when to back off, and when is time to stop with his attempts. Croatian football player Ivica Olić is happy married, but accord his story his present wife denied him few times before she accepted to date with him. Also, Cristiano Ronaldo got rejection at first time from Irina Shayk, his present fiance. Women sometimes tests how much guy can handle. Unfortunately, some guys are not so wise to recognize real rejection from warm-cold strategy. This is also women fault, so women will play and make fool of men in some situations.

How to separate real rejection from warm-cold strategy?

If woman is interested for you, and she is not yet sure, she will give double signs.
She will say no if y…

Did you date with a voyeur?

Be spontaneous, you can hear it many times when people talk about sex. That means, don't think what will be later, don't afraid of negative side effects. Just to it. It was cold winter time, one of the days when ice is on the road, and trees are decorated with snow. Everyone normal would like to get warm at the fireplace, but Sandy decided to go with a boyfriend at some lonely place. Even better, it was evening. So they freeze in the car, under a blanket, and it was not the realization of the dream. A romantic story in the car, who made it? So they were listening to music and suddenly her boyfriend made a strange face. He was shocked. Expression of his eyes was like he saw the devil. His hands were shaking and he said that he saw a face on the window. He suddenly opened the window and started to yell on maniac, but outside was the only shadow of the man who was running through the snow. Sandy did not know should she laugh or to be serious. 

The rest of night they did not make lo…

Are you the egocentric partner?

Many women will deal with a breakup on the hard way. You are not an important person in his life anymore, so all that you wish to do is to hurt bastard. After you are dumped, you will think about revenge, how to fight back, if he was the one who left you.  In this situation, you think with the heart and act with instinct. Only small number of women will think with the mind, on the cold and practical way. 
One of the biggest failures after a breakup is a relationship with ego. 

Yes, you read good, some women enter into relation with their ego so they pick someone who will confirm all that she think or do, no matter is that guy handsome, smart, rich or is he a good person. He must satisfy only one term: to agree with everything and to ask nothing. In this way, the certain woman will get over her previous relation, because now she is the one with control in her hands. When a woman loses the partner, she is powerless. She will cry, yell, even beg to return him back. In this situation, when a…

The sense for humor is a great gift in a relationship

It is Saturday night and your boyfriend still talks about his job. He is under stress and he can't relax even for weekend. You said that you are tired from stories in office, it comes out on your ears. Everybody around you want to escape. One bad day is not end of the word, but it could be close if you are in relation with someone who lost sense for humor. That kind of person can make it worse.
Gerard and Cedric are two best friends. Both had bad period, it was written in the stars or they stand up on left foot, but definitely they were not favorites of good luck. Gerard is an optimist, and Cedric is grumpy man so you can never guess about his real mood. 
They both described day at work, because they are working together.
Gerard said : "I spill coffee on my new trousers, but anyway i did not like the color, so there is no damage. My nervous client called me ten times and at least i learnt how much my nerves can handle. I will work also for weekend because we have deadline, but a…

How far we go for a promotion?

What kind of trend is the most popular nowadays? In one sentence, everyone wants to feel special. Shine like a star, let everyone clap their hands at your appearance. In this period of Big Brother, instant celebrities and internet, it is not hard to feel special. Create your page and your audience is here to wait for showtime.
In old times, only stars from Hollywood, as Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner could feel special. Nowadays, girl next door will also capture attention, because she colored hair in green or she put earrings in nose. Or, she posts her photo where she puked after party. This astral moment is taken at photo, for eternity. 

Which things will make people famous and special nowadays?
1. sex video - Croatian example, singer Severina. After her "stolen" porno video, her popularity grew more than ever. There is no such famous song from her album as this is her video.
2. criminal act - if person is behind jail, popularity grows. Bad guys and bad girls are competition to…

How to stay in a relationship with the vixen?

Strong attitude is sexy, because you know what you wish and how to ask for it. You don't afraid to approach to guys , to express your desires and to take control in relationship. If you do some steps more, you are into men area, and this is negative for you. Ask any man, would he like to date with vixen? Mostly, they will say yes for one night stand with vixen, but no for relation, especially for marriage.

Who is indeed vixen or harpy? 
Woman with hysterical approach. 
"If you don't do what i asked from you, you will pay for this."
Woman who will always complain on anything. 
"You did not call me on time, you did not wash dishes, you are generally idiot. "
Woman who is ready to use physical force to get what she wants. 
Yellow press wrote about Slavica Ecclestone , as about woman who beat her husband Bernie.
Woman who make scenes in publicity, because she needs audience for approval.
Woman who involve in everything, so she will know what is the best for her man. 

How strong is your connection with your family?

I suppose that every one of you got sweet promise about something that will last for a lifetime. Eternal friendship, sisterhood or love, words said in the moment of enchanting feelings, secret pledge about forever. We all feel that when someone makes our life so beautiful. You made love with this woman and you will say that she will be yours forever. Your friend impressed you by his loyalty and you feel as you owe him. If you have a rational mind, you will put reserve into your words. Instead of "I will love you forever", rational words should be " I will try to make you happy, as long as I could." 
Our paths are different. One mother gave birth to daughters, two sisters. She could not give them guarantee that life will make them happy. Sometimes, one girl will have an easier path than another girl. This is a test, how much this circumstance will have an influence on their future connection.
Sarah and Tilda were grown up together. They borrowed each other clothes, th…

Why is your nose in my business?

If you think about life as a gift, this will be a special envelope addressed to you. It means you will open this and try to make something from awesome elements. You will find lovers, friends, job and try to live this life with full lungs. 
"This is my life." When you say this, you protect your rights to live as you wish. Maybe you are poor, promiscuous, in conflict with all around you, but this life you chose. There is nothing so exciting as freedom of your beliefs and thoughts. 

Sometimes, we can notice different people, who like to talk about others, but not about themselves. They live through other lives. Imagine a situation when you walk around, and someone is following you. This person will do the same what you do and go anywhere with you. This is your shadow mate.

Which are symptoms of life in shadow?
Person talk as she or he. "She was here with this guy. " "He was buying apples when she came."
A person is angry, not because of own reasons. A person is …

Your love story is not finished with a marriage

Your love story is not finished when you get marry. Boredom , habits and routine will wait in the shadow and after many years you will ask for refreshment. These days when your heart skipped beat because you saw that beautiful woman are behind you, and now you see bunch of unpaid bills instead of your sexy partner. I read your mind now : you wish to turn back time and to travel in the age of your youth.
How to activate butterflies in stomach again?
Typical conversation between two men sounds like that:
"Look dude i don't know about you, but i don't remember when i had last time good sex. I have no time and space because of my kids, and even when my mother in law is take care for them, my wife is too tired to have sex with me. "
"I know what you mean. That is why i watch porno movies because i can't wait my turn. And i have own collection of some magazines for adults. "

How to give colors to your grey marriage? Is it really true that boredom became master wit…