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How far we go for a promotion?

What kind of trend is the most popular nowadays? In one sentence, everyone wants to feel special. Shine like a star, let everyone clap their hands at your appearance. In this period of Big Brother, instant celebrities and internet, it is not hard to feel special. Create your page and your audience is here to wait for showtime.

In old times, only stars from Hollywood, as Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner could feel special. Nowadays, girl next door will also capture attention, because she colored hair in green or she put earrings in nose. Or, she posts her photo where she puked after party. This astral moment is taken at photo, for eternity. 

Which things will make people famous and special nowadays?

1. sex video - Croatian example, singer Severina. After her "stolen" porno video, her popularity grew more than ever. There is no such famous song from her album as this is her video.

2. criminal act - if person is behind jail, popularity grows. Bad guys and bad girls are competition to each other, so easy conflict with law will help them to be more popular.

3. nudity - many women will take off clothes for some magazine, just to be famous. Coco is famous because of her big booty, this is her brand.

4. sex with someone who is famous - girls will yell that they had sex with Beckham, Ronaldo, Neymar

5. public scandal - if you try to push or fight with someone who is famous in public, people will ask who are you, who dare to hit star?

Glory is not as it used to be before. People were famous accord science, Nobel prize or as war heroes. It was something noble and generous. Nowadays, you must break moral standards to pull attention on yourself. This will be for sure easier way. 

Imagine this example. If you doing performance on the stage, as masturbation, you will gather many people. If someone is playing violin, audience will not be so big. Famous pianist Sam Rothman was in my city before 2 months, his concert was great, but despite of free tickets, people were not so interested. Mostly, pupils from music school who were obligated to go on this event and some old women in retirement. In other hand, when concert of some folk or pop singer is announced, people will run to see her legs, decolletage and to dance on music without musical values. 

Let's see ordinary world. 

What people do on internet, to feel special, just that someone notice them?

Spit on other photos or page. Some people think that is so cool to say "fat bitch" or "cheap slut" as comment.

Steal other photos. It is not rarity that man or woman put photo of some famous person and represent himself as someone who is famous.

Make bad comments under articles, blogs or videos. If they swear, they think this is so cool.

Add random friends, about thousand, just that someone thinks how everybody loves him or her.

Spam other walls with flowers, kind artificial words, not because they love everyone on this world. They do it to make popularity.

There is something what such people don't know. Everyone of us is special person, but this is hidden inside of us. This special personality will get out on spontaneous ways, and when such person appears, real people will recognize it. This is not guy who bursts from ego or girl who is smiling on every photo or who has the biggest breasts or longest legs.  This is person who use feelings from the heart. This kind of person is here not to expose herself. She doesn't care will someone like her or not. She will do things accord intuition, no matter about reactions. At the end, she will do many cuts, but real people will support her.

Once guy named Bill opened profile at internet. He was very popular, women sent to him naked photos, every girl wanted to have his attention. He wanted to talk with Barbara, woman who never noticed him. He got her attention, but his ego was bigger than his affection. Once he offended her, and she deleted him. He asked her : "Why don't you like me? Everyone likes me. Women love me. " Barbara replied to him : "You are just getting on my nerves, that is all. " After that, she blocked him, without further discussion. 

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