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Why you lied about your ages?

Have you ever lied about your ages? Do you look younger? If you can make a wish to stop the time, would you ask a golden fish to make you younger? I know that many women desire to look younger, especially if their partner is younger than them. Men are as wine, as older as they are they are looking more charming and sexy. I had this luck to look younger, but I never used this gift to deceive my partners. When I was 24, people thought that I am 17. Now, when I have 44, people think that I am 35. Or less, depends what I am wearing, how I slept a night before, or do I have make-up or not. If you look younger than your chronological age, it takes an advantage. Also, the negative side is that some people will not get you serious. If you don’t have that sharp, business look, if you are a babyface as me, people will consider you as „a girl“ „sweetheart. „ So you will explain to them that you are not a teenager. If your lifestyle is dynamic, it will also make you younger. You are still partying, …

A girl who changed her mind

Have you ever liked someone at the beginning but later you put a wall, cause something happened? A woman’s nature is not simple. We might like a guy, but it is not the final decision in a way “happily ever after. ” Between like and love is a long way, so some acts and words might change a situation in an unexpected way. You like that guy because he will make you smile. He will get drunk with you and listen to your stories without a judgment. He will make you hot in a way you never thought. All is perfect, but suddenly things run away from control. He said something you did not like or he did something bad. Sylvia was dating Brian and they agreed very good for a month. She was almost ready to jump into his bed because the chemistry between them was huge. His voice, his smile, his dangerous eyes made her melt. They were talking about this, but Sylvia was convinced that she is the one who has a choice. She used vulgar words as foreplay,  he indeed excited her. A few times she rejected his of…

The book about a virtual traps

I am representing my first book, inspired by traps in the virtual world. The Internet is a place where people come to hang out or find love, but what they find is not always what they expected. Even people are behind their computers, their thoughts and expressions are alive. If you say something ugly you will not hurt just an Internet user, you will hurt someone's soul.  Why people commit a suicide because of something that is said on the Internet? You might ruin someone's life by a threat, an insult or your behavior. This is the age of cold-blooded and ruthless people. The Internet brings an updated version of Darwin's theory: only the strongest survive.

What reviewers said: 
This is the first book by the popular blogger Kristina Gallo, and it’s a well-written, perceptive look at the problems encountered by people on social med…