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A girl for the one night

On first sight one night stand looks ideal. No obligations, no promises, no tears. If both, man and woman decide about sex for one night, there is no complain later. Everyone should walk forward, without regrets. Human heart is fragile thing and it is not always so simple. Maybe we can promise to follow the rules of this game, but shall we hold this promise after it happens? Our mind had a plan, but heart doesn't follow that tips.

Here are some reactions of girls .

- He did not greet me at the street. - He did not call me, but he said he will call me. - I saw him with another girl. - He said that he is not ready for serious relation now. - He said that i was just his comfort to get over ex girlfriend.

All is good when you are in the moment of passion, he kiss you like nobody before, you have so much pleasure, he whispers soft words in your ears, and you feel like his queen, like in dream. But then you woke up and fail on the ground. What a jerk, he has no feelings, he is an animal, moron …

Halloween story from Croatia

If you deny offer for proposal nowadays, men will be angry or disappointed, but he will forget and focus on other women. In ancient times, women who denied proposal were punished as witches, this was good way of discarded men for revenge.

13 - 18 century was age of inquisition and torching. Many innocent women burnt as witches, many were accused that they made contract with devil . What was procedure? Women were torching until they make confession and then verdict was "guilty." Many women betrayed their neighbors in exchange for their freedom, but court deceived them and they were executed anyway.

This story was from Zagreb in Croatia. Beautiful widow Barica Cindek , woman baker was accused as witch. She had many admirers, but she denied all. She was very successful as merchant, men bought her cakes and candies because of her beauty. Also familiar lawyer Lacko wanted to have her love but she denied him. He used his business connection to accuse her for witchcraft. He also abuse…

Women as a football supporters

On first sight guys will say :"Women and football don't match together." Really, in old times woman was in the kitchen and man was in front of  TV screen with beer and his mates.  The only role of woman was to bring him cold beer during the halftime and not to disturb him later. In some countries still women can't go on stadium, it is forbidden. World Champion cup changed the view, and more and more women became interested about football game.

Indeed, some couples go together at matches, and some follow football on TV.

What is advantage of such relations, when both of you are football supporters?

- you will not argue about programs 
- your have one more common topic for conversation
- your boyfriend or husband will not justify why he called friends to watch match
- you will not complain because of beer bottles in room, you will clean this together
- euphoria when your team wins will make you closer
- football connect you, not separate you
- he will be in mood for sex after matc…

Did you forget your honor?

Once upon a time, there was a handsome knight who fought for the honor of his lady. If someone insulted lady of his heart, he started a battle, with the intention to win or lose his life.

As time is passing by, we forgot values of honor. Nowadays we have different choices, and we will not ask our men to die for us. But together with past times, honor became something old fashioned. Some men will think: "My woman knows how to defend herself, she is swearing and drinking more than me, so what should I do, to stay without teeth because of her? No way."

What happened with a feeling of dignity and honor? And why guys lose respect toward women in some situations?

Here are examples.

The woman opens profile at the social network. If she is not traditional, big chances are to lose respect, to be invited on camera for striptease show or to be insulted. But different attitude doesn't mean always that she wants sex or that she is promiscuous.

The woman has a sexy private video with her b…

Don't be a copy paste follower

Even bad original is better than excellent copy. If we are just blank print of someone else, we lose our identity. Look at for example Marilyn Monroe. She had and she has million copies. Girls now days try to copy her, her style, her makeup, her clothes. Indeed when i look at some folk singers to copy Marilyn style, it looks so cheap and superficial. Marilyn would turn around in her grave to see such trash .

When we are teenagers, we search and explore our style, our ideas, our views. And some people are good role models, but we are not them. It is possible to write crime stories, but Agatha Christie is one and nobody can't replace Lady of death. It is better to develop own style than to copy other style on bad way.

Imagine reconstruction of Leonardo Da Vinci picture, that you put cheap jewel around Mona Lisa neck. That would be shameful. The same thing is with some movie remakes or evergreen songs. Leave it untouchable.

The worst kind of copies are people who pretend to be someone el…

A man from the cave

Once upon a time there was man in the cave. His duty was to feed his family, to make fire and to defend his woman from beasts. He was strong and tough, and all were afraid of him. Despite of fear,  they felt safe in his presence. During centuries things changed, technology give us much opportunities to make fire alone, guns replaced stones and beasts escaped in the forest. But one thing is the same, women like to feel protected and safe.
Why we loved Marlon Brando as Stanley Kowalski, even his behavior reminds on monkey in the cage? This testosteron attack makes him sexy. Ladies, did you imagine yourself on the desk with him? Clint Eastwood was savage policeman but we all loved Dirty Harry. As we love Schwarzenneger and Stallone and Jean Claude van Damme, with him we could walk on the street without fear.
So, guess who will be the guy who will have earlier sex experiences? Nasty guy with too loud motorcycle , who run away from school. Wild guy with black eye . The rebel who fight with tea…

Strategies in the love relationships

What is love without fantasies and strategies? Sometimes it is real race, and we compete who will win. Men are simple, they give us simple signals. If man says "i like you", he likes you. If he wants to marry you, he will ask you. Many women are misguided by thinking that men give us double signals. Maybe when they are teenagers and immature, until they have no experience. Little kid will tease girl because he likes her. When mature man wants to seduce woman, she will know it because he will clear expose his intentions.

Women are different. Indeed our nature is more confusing. That is theory of seducing, how we seduce man by words . We want to give them message, that we are not easy and that they must work hard to get us.

Girl likes guy and he invites her for a date.

Possible answers:

- i don't know for today, but i will let you know soon - now i am busy , i will tell you later - yes i will go with you, but don't take it as relation immediately - maybe - ask me again and you …

Happily ever after with Mr. Wright

Women are seeking for Mr. Wright from childhood until maturity.

If you ask a little girl which is her vision of ideal man , she will answer : "Handsome as Cristiano Ronaldo. Cute as Justin Bieber. Brave as Chuck Norris. Smart as Bill Gates." During life, women will meet many wrong men, many frogs instead of prince charming, and they will see that fairy tales are not reality.
Once my friend asked me: "Where to meet Mr. Wright?" For sure, not in balcony at home. An opposite to old stories from our grandma, real guy is not your destiny and he will not knock at your door to propose you. You must go out to meet him. 

Women meet guys in different situations. Lisa met her future husband in the train, when she was travelling in another city. They started usual talk and he invited her for a coffee, and that acquaintance became relation later. Sally met guy in the night club, when she was dancing alone and drunk, that guy thought that she is professional hired dancer because she…

How to deal with the unwanted fan?

Everyone likes praises. If it comes from person you like, that is gift without envelope. What if you are on unwanted target? 

See how you react on someone who is not dear to you.

Are you flattered when someone gives you compliment? 
Your cheeks blush on every kind of compliment and from anyone?

I don't think so. You probably have a vision of your love or you are already in love, and you care what will your awesome person say. What happens when you get a stalker, unwanted fan who doesn't want to give up from you? That is really annoying. You want to get rid of that nerd with glasses or you want that fat girl get lost from your eyes, but you are subject of their desires. They won't give up just like that.
You can get bunch of messages, request for your Facebook and other social network, your fan is here to follow you and that unwanted face jump out from every corner. Wow, almost you can feel as celebrity, just you need jumbo picture in his room.

So what to do next?

You may be harsh…

The backstabber from the past

We are humans and we all make mistakes. Some mistakes are productive so we can grow through them, to make our own updates if old version of our personality failed. In another case, some kind of mistakes are as stones, we slip on them in the moment of progress. Past might be very dangerous enemy , because it comes from the shadow.

What if woman was promiscuous and then she finds right man who is traditional? This is 21 century, but attitudes about promiscuous women are various, from judgment until mocking, so people are not always on her side. If man is playboy, he is a king. All women fall down in his trap, he has many trophies and even is embarrassing if man has no experience in sex. If woman is naughty and open minded, this is another story. She pays her price, and her character must be very firm to handle this. It is different with famous persons. They can earn money from their scandals, their affairs are marketing. Madonna became legend because of her affairs, more than from music or …

The expectation is a whore

When you expect something , you are on needles. This should be this day, this week, this year, and still is not there. You send apply for job and nobody respond you? You called this sweet girl and she did not answer at your call? Friend forgot on you even you invited him on party?
Expectation is a whore. If you expect something great, it might disappoint you when you get average result. For sure you might remember your facial expression when someone bought gift for your birthday. You wanted expensive perfume, and friend bought you spray. Now she expects gratitude, and you will say : - Thanks, it is nice. Indeed, all you wish is to strangle her because you expected more from your best friend.
Don't be naive in your judgment. If you think that giving much means getting much, this math formula doesn't work on that way. Classic story is hidden in love relations. 
All girls were running for the same guy in class. Lew was macho dude, sexy, smart and with great sense for humor. Girls wo…

Don't pity someone who is single

Old quote says "Everybody needs somebody". Or: "there is someone for anyone."
I would not agree with this. There are many single people in this world, which means there is no match for everyone. It is not because nobody wants them, it is because of some circumstances and their choices.
There is stereotype that single people are unhappy . But, are all people in relations and marriage happy?
Let't talk about relations on distance, relations where one partner cheats, and marriage from financial interests. Somehow, it doesn't sound happy, isn't it?
There is a big difference between someone we want and what we get. Life gives us cards, but we are playing. And when we do wrong steps in wrong time, results are not on our expectations.
I know guy who spent his youth on parties asking for a right girl. Mostly he was drunk and life pass over him. Now he has diabetes and he needs someone to take care for him. Also he lives in village and it is hard to approach to him, …

Did you deal with a love triangle?

Where is passion, there is a problem. Some people like to sit on two chairs until they fall down. Man and two women, woman and two men, problem is the same, because it is hard to decide who will be winner in this game.

Few things are for sure:

1. person who has two partners is selfish 2. someone will get hurt 3. you can't love two people in the same way 4. it is big possibility to stay alone at the end

There are words you can hear as an apology, from people who are guilty for love triangles.

"I want that all women are mine. " "I could not decide." "I love both." "I did not want to lose nobody, so i have relations with both."

Creator of love triangle is very busy person. Marriage and kids on one side, and wild life with mistress on other side. Also that person is very manipulative, it is hard to leave him/her. Sweet words are the main weapon. Imagine that man. He will be very gentle to his wife, buy flowers and chocolates and perfumes, take his kids …

"Love your enemies"

You might be the best person at this world but still there will be people who will dislike your personality. Simply that is in human nature. Jealousy, envy, hunger for competition, someone simply wants to be better than you and someone wish you never succeed. You might be surprised because such people could be in your friend's circle or even in your family.

All is good when this competition is healthy. Someone owes better car, prettier wife, bigger salary. Some people are blessed by happiness. An opposite, others  want to destroy what their rivals have, because they feel defeated.

Bible says "love your enemies." I don't agree that you should give bread to person who hit you with stone.

Also i would not hit that person with another stone. There are more clever ways to get revenge, so your competitor will feel like he ate poisoned cake, and sit for a hours in toilet.

Imagine, for example your friend from childhood, who gossiped you under your back even you were so good to h…