27. Expectation is a whore

When you expect something , you are on needles. This should be this day, this week, this year, and still is not there. You send apply for job and nobody respond you? You called this sweet girl and she did not answer at your call? Friend forgot on you even you invited him on party?

Expectation is a whore. If you expect something great, it might disappoint you when you get average result. For sure you might remember your facial expression when someone bought gift for your birthday. You wanted expensive perfume, and friend bought you spray. Now she expects gratitude, and you will say : - Thanks, it is nice. Indeed, all you wish is to strangle her because you expected more from your best friend.

Don't be naive in your judgment. If you think that giving much means getting much, this math formula doesn't work on that way. Classic story is hidden in love relations. 

All girls were running for the same guy in class. Lew was macho dude, sexy, smart and with great sense for humor. Girls wore short skirts just to get noticed. Pamela solved his home works, and Celia defended him when teacher accuse him for fight in classroom. At the end, Lew chose Caroline. She was not on his back as other girls. She was realistic, objective, even rude. They even did not talk some time, because Caroline rejected to support him in runaway from class. Lew saw challenge and wanted to date with her.

I don't say that you should never expect anything from anyone. It is natural that we expect big things from beloved people, friends and family. They might surprise us , but also disappointment is possible. 

When you don't expect, you are more objective.

When you don't expect, you can't be disappointed.

When you don't expect, you don't feel anger .

Situation when you don't expect makes you feel more free and with more logical sense. Also, it will let you insight into pleasant surprises. You are not influenced by fear, how you will survive if you don't get job, if you don't get love for return or if you are not invited at party. Your mind is free from delusions. 

You are not pimp to this whore, because you don't expect anymore.

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