29. Unwanted fan

Everyone likes praises. If it comes from person you like, that is gift without envelope. What if you are on unwanted target? 

See how you react on someone who is not dear to you.

Are you flattered when someone gives you compliment? 
Your cheeks blush on every kind of compliment and from anyone?

I don't think so. You probably have a vision of your love or you are already in love, and you care what will your awesome person say. What happens when you get a stalker, unwanted fan who doesn't want to give up from you? That is really annoying. You want to get rid of that nerd with glasses or you want that fat girl get lost from your eyes, but you are subject of their desires. They won't give up just like that.

You can get bunch of messages, request for your Facebook and other social network, your fan is here to follow you and that unwanted face jump out from every corner. Wow, almost you can feel as celebrity, just you need jumbo picture in his room.

So what to do next? 

You may be harsh and reject unwanted love. 

You can pretend that person doesn't exist. 

Or, if that person is not so bad looking you can play game with him or her. 

Raise your ego, make comfort if you can't find something you really want. Well, here you can find yourself in danger zone.

There was a girl from my city, she felt sorry of this guy who was so resistant, but mentally sick. And she went to drink coffee with him but he wrong misunderstand her kindness. And he became her shadow. One night he killed her in elevator. Her body was found on first day on New year.
That tragedy shocked people from my city, and everybody talked about this, how could it be different end. If he was on time in mental hospital. If she denied him more firmly. If she just told anyone about this stalker.

The point is, giving wrong signals to someone can make confusion. If you don't want, make it clear. If you don't know, don't decide until you will know.
I think we can't love from wrong reasons, because we are lonely, rejected from someone else, or we want to be popular. If heart say no, listen and act accord wishes of your heart. Use your brain to draw a line, kind of border which some people cannot cross without your permission.

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