470. Friday 13th - invisible killer

Did you late at work because you stuck in traffic today? Maybe you are fired? Look at your calendar, today is Friday 13th. If you saw black cat who crossed your way, definitely your day is ruined. 

Legend about Friday 13th is western superstition. Old belief said that Kain killed Abel on that day, and Eve persuaded Adam to bite the apple. Accord Bible, that day is considered as death of Jesus Christ. In old Rome was legend about witches circle, which gathers 12 witches, and 13th member is devil by himself. 

What else happened on this fatal day?

In year 1307 was execution of knights templars , mostly in France, on 13 October.

In the year 1927 was bankrupcty on marketplace and many brokers made suicide. Guess, it was on Friday 13th.

About 20 milion people in SAD suffer from special kind of phobia,   paraskevidekatriaphobia. Greek word "paraksevi" means Friday, dekatreis is thirteen and phobia is fear. This title appeared in 1911 for a first time.

This fear shows up as small disorder , but it can grows until large anxiety, as form of panic or nervous attack.  

Accord some scientists, many hotels and 80% skyscrapers have no 13th floor. Failed journey of "Apollo 13" is also good example, why this number is unlucky.

What is not recommended on Friday 13th?

Don't cut your nails.
Don't go on business meeting.
Don't change your sheets.
Don't go on journey.

This day has also positive side, so people are more cautious in traffic, accord some statistics number of accidents is smaller. Also, movie industry is earning good because of this legend, so everybody knows about famous killer Jason and movie "Friday 13". 

Once i got two bad marks on Friday 13th, but it was result of my laziness, i did not study enough. People are used to ask roots in superstition because it is easier to blame demons and devils for possible troubles. 

You attract what you feel, so if you afraid that something will happen on that day, it will happen. As famous Gioacchino Rossini considered Friday 13th as unlucky and  died on that day.