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336. Fading like a flower

When people fall in love, someone is always in advantage. That belongs to person who love less on first sight. In this circumstances, such person has slow reactions, heart is locked and self control is on the highest level. Other half in this couple is more sensitive, fragile and more available as emotional target. 
The same happens when people start to chill out from romantic blindness. Person who chill out first is also in advantage. Yesterday she was crazy about you and she did not notice your bad breath, short legs or not so slim belly. Today she said that you should wash teeth more often, that you are not so fit and that she can't get horny on you. So when we love even monkey is beautiful. When we don't love anymore, we see things as they are and our criticism blinks on every detail.
Remember your ex boyfriends or girlfriends from the past. Today you will smile or even regret why you did such choice. But on other side, maybe reactions will not be the same. Maybe person is s…

335. Memory box

We can love people on many different ways. Sometimes i wish to hug person to express my devotion and affection. My internal instinct never lie, so on first sight i can see that something is not good or an opposite, when i feel how someone can fit in my life. Good memories are for sure reminder in our heart, accord previous experiences we can see what went wrong, and what was good.
Memories are not always nice. If you close eyes and think about person from your past, you will be surrounded with flood of feelings. Yes this guy made me so angry and sad, i felt even sick and i don't wish to see him anymore. Delete button would be good tool in real life, if we could erase bad memories from our brain and take place only for something nice. 
On other hand, bad memories are teachers. 

How we can use bad memories from recycle bin and made something good in future?

Take it as lesson. You were blind, so this will help you to open your eyes.
Don't repeat old mistakes. This will remind you on t…

334. Virtual infidelity - did you cheat your partner on internet?

How many times you smiled to someone who is not your husband? Did you feel sparks when you talked with attractive man at work or with stranger you met in the train? Handsome photo on internet profile occupied your attention?
If you reply yes on all these question, you are welcome in the dark zone of passion. People will talk about infidelity, judge or pity others, but many should questioning themselves, how far they go in some moments. Special kind of infidelity is cheating in virtual space. 
First question is: virtual infidelity is really cheating or only imagination in your head?
If you think in technical sense, virtual flirt is not real cheating. You can't touch or kiss person, you are not going on date with them and sometimes you can't even see them or hear them voice. That is why some people were misguided before web cameras, because sweet words from fake lovers were poison for fragile and weak hearts. Even today you can sell someone story about your life, with fake photo on…

333. You have right to be silent

When you have choice, you can pick what you wish because your hands are free and you are not influenced by others. You choose accord your principles and beliefs. That is very easy, because you know what is the best for you. What happens when you need to accept other choices, even you don't like them? This question is measure of your tolerance. 
Every time when we meet new person, we are introduced with her personality. That person comes with package. That means, you will not accept in your life only beautiful girl with sweet smile. You will accept her beliefs together with her. You may not like her parents, relatives or friends. Also, you will be terrified with her political beliefs. You could be an atheist, and she is religious. You have different musical taste and enjoy in pop music, and she wants to go in opera to listen Chopin or Verdi. Differences will cause conflicts, and reactions will be various.

How to represent your choices in publicity?
Don't push your beliefs forward …

332. Girlfriend from the corner

When you want something so badly, you don't think about risks and negative side effects. Passion will lead you until you reach your aim. Later you may cry or regret, because the same passion can destroy you inside. The same is about love, if you love someone and all what you have with this person is large amount of passion, your chances to stay forever are small.
Everyone talk about love, but many don't know the meaning. It is easy to say i love you , more easier to have great sex and mission is over. Life is not love story, so after one hot night with sexy guy you will not have bunch of children and house with big garden, if you don't add another ingredients into your relation. 

You want real love story and guarantee for happiness.

Which are basic elements for real love?

Appreciation. If you look at your partner from heights, if you underestimate person, this is not love.
Respect. If you humiliate your partner, you want relation master-slave, and this is not love.
Attention. Wh…

331. Race without winner

Life is an exam and every person will get different questions. We will compare with each other, because competition race is in human nature. While you are unhappy because someone is more successful than you, think about, how much you know about others and their problems?
Fashion magazines will offer ideal of woman beauty, even photo shop is behind it. Teenage girls will feel frustrated because they are too fat to reach modern standards. They forget miracle of technology and many trick how to look perfect on the photo. You don't walk in their shoes and you don't know about their bulimia and anorexia problems , because on the cover of magazine is fantastic face with smile and shining eyes. 
When you start to compare yourself to others, this is beginning of identity lost. Someone is also envious on something you have. We can see this from example.
Two guys from Croatia, Dario and Robert are peers.  They were studying on the same university and they graduated the same year. After 13 …

330. Fly with your partner

Relation is connection of heart and mind. We are together because something bonds us. In every relation is the same question: "How much space is allowed for yourself? " This is matter of personal freedom, and balance between your wishes and wishes from your partner.
Many conflicts will lead into this question. If you did something wrong, your apology will be "I have right on my freedom. " Your partner will reply: "But your freedom hurt me, you put knife in my heart."
Imagine situation that you don't know how to dance on wedding party, or you simply hate dancing. You will not make problems if your partner likes to dance and he will dance with other women. You can sit and watch him and you will not feel good. In solidarity toward you, he can sit with you or try to teach you this steps. If guy is not well mannered, he will not pay attention what you think, he will have fun with other women. Dance is not harmless, because in some moment you may think that y…

329. How to develop guts?

Until the world is here, violence will be reality. Aggressive people are everywhere, no matter about gender, race, age or religion. Violence is instinct inside and such person is pushed to do bad things to others. Targets are weak people, those who don't show intention to defend themselves or who are afraid to show resistance. The main problem about violence is not strength which some nasty dude shown. Problem is in silence and lack of guts. So when someone says : "You don't have bolls", message is that you are chicken who can't do nothing to stop violence.
Elaine was victim of bullying. She was pretty so guys started to touch her when she was 13. First she was crying and fighting with them, but they were in majority, and other girls were even jealous, so they declared her as little slut. Mostly, her friends did not want to involve. It was unbearable after six months in class with bullies, so Elaine reported them to headmaster. Lucky for her, headmaster was woman w…

328. Joker lady

Never mix power of manipulation with real love. This mistake is typicall for women, when they think that man who always come back indeed love them. If he is so loving, why he would leave at first time? He just cuddle his ego by knowledge that he has joker lady who will always wait for him.
Love is unconditional and many time it doesn't matter is beloved man loves you or not. His pieces are enough for you, the way how he smiled to you, how he looked at you or said something nice, even this might not true, this is good manifestation in our heart. This stupid heart will make event from small , usual action, because he did it. He posted on Facebook that he likes blondes, wow maybe it is related to you? He borrowed cell phone from you because he did not have credit , and you are so happy that he asked you favor, not some other girl. He liked something what you posted, even it was your status "have a nice day", but it was him.
We women are sensitive creatures and it is not hard …

327. Deja vu romance - sex with ex partner

When one relation comes to the end, couples are in pieces. Here is much anger, rage, sadness, frustrations. Wounds are fresh and one of the way to heal this could be sex with ex partner. That moment is bomb with clock, because you never know what will happen after this.
If you ask women about sex with ex partner, their impressions are based on feelings. Women are very fragile when they lose lover , and sometimes they think that great sex will bring him back. If this would be true, then prostitutes and porno stars would never have breakups. 
Girl A said: "I think after night with me he will come back. His present girlfriend is really wood in bed."
Girl B said: "I will refresh his memories and he will get it, what he lost indeed. I know his sensitive spots and i will reactivate them."
Girl C said: "I went to his house in his favourite underwear, black panties and bra. I think he will call me soon."
Sex is manipulative weapon, but it doesn't mean that you can …

326. Did you drink your own poison?

When i got angry, i use harsh words. I swear and yell. That is my reaction on injustice. Later, when i calm down, i read my messages and i wonder myself should i react different, more calmer or sophisticated. What is that telling about me? That i can't control myself. That i exaggerated with my reactions and shown my weakness.

There are things on which i am especially sensitive, my honor, my family and my dignity. I don't like betrayal too.  By showing my anger, i want to show indeed that someone took wrong actions. 

Some collateral victims fall, people who stand in the middle of my conflict. Friend of friends will  sometimes took sides and result is  their loss if they did not support me. Then i think, how i defeated myself by my reactions?

I turn back this movie in my head, and i think how stupid i was, should i keep my people around me in this personal war, instead of emotional blackmail?

Few things in learn , how person might defeat herself.

Don't shot yourself with own bul…

325. Unlocked spirit

Everybody will remember old uncle Albert from comedy serial "Only fools and horses. " When he started to talk about "during the war" stories, his family members were yelling "shut up Albert!". Elders could be boring and annoying people even they are not aware of this. It doesn't matter how old are you , the matters is your mental age. If you are old in soul, you are fossil.

Bertha and Emily are two different women. Bertha is 40, and Emily is 45. In weekend time, they talked about plans. 
Bertha said : "I will sleep all Sunday and read good book. Maybe i finish my knitting. "
Emily said: "I go to concert of Pearl Jam. Evan invited me, it will be cool night."
Reaction of Bertha: "Aren't you too old for this? There will be crowd, kids will push you from all sides. And that noise, omg, how can you listen this?"
Emily replied: "No i am not old, i feel very well thank you. But you are old and grumpy. "

How can you know …