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375. Do you know how to value your special people?

Would you trade diamond for bunch of stones? Would you trade your present girlfriend for few adventures with other women? If you can say yes, you are person who doesn't recognize real values. Quality system is something what makes your life worthy. If you sacrifice some personal pleasures for real thing, your priorities are high and that makes you special. Quantity is just collection of numbers, no matter do you have hundred friends who doesn't give shit for you, or you stuck into short affairs with easy women. 
When Norman was little boy, he had cute parrot, as pet. That parrot died after 2 years, and parents said to him: "We will buy you new bird. " Norman cried and he said he doesn't want new bird, because he loved this parrot and nothing can replace her. His brother Matthew said that he wants new bird, because old one was noisy and it is not big loss, as he said, bird is bird and there is no difference. Later, that two guys found girlfriends. Norman get marrie…

374. People without plans

When you see life as kind of game, you are playing as kid in the sand. Nothing is serious for you, because you are having good fun. Then, something happens and you will understand life on different way, more seriously. Now party is over and it is time to settle down.

Love also consists from phases. First guy you kissed maybe was your classmate in school and you will not remember him. Then, it was story of your life. Later you lost your virginity with cool man, and after that you found guy who wants to marry you . Now all before that became ridiculous.
Mine friends used to say such things about their former boyfriends:
"I was so stupid when i did calls every day and night. His mother knew my voice, i even talked with her."
"I was hitchhiking just to see him, because he did not want to visit me."
"I cut my hair because he prefers short hair."
All that dramas were intro , because our experiences leads us to maturity. This is normal when you pass such things as te…

373. Lepa Brena on two chairs

Who sits at two chairs, usually falls down on butt. Sometimes we are undecided, unstable and we don't know what we want, so this is natural process. We can mistake in this situation, when both solutions are attractive and we would like to have all, but we can't . Imagine woman who must decide between two lovers, even she loves husband and lover, she can lose both. Or, if you are friend with people who can't stand each other, and one of them hurt other, so you must choose which side you will take. So you still sit on two chairs because decision is tough.
The other pair of this problem is sitting on two chairs with purpose, when you realize that you have benefits from both sides.

That is politicians tool, when politician is flexible in many political groups. Simply, when one government fall , he will get position in other. Democrat, socialist or liberal, what is the matter? He will follow the wind, in which direction wind blows. The same is with singers who are on some way con…

372. Doctor Time

There is saying that time is the best doctor. Every open wound will heal with time, but it doesn't mean that we will forget what happened. We will learn how to handle this scar and how to accept our loss. If we talk about love, everyone of us had some unhappy love stories or discarded love which never happened. If you remember this as your personal failure, your self confidence is damaged and you feel frozen.

Remember your past breakups, tears and nightmares. Remember your broken heart.

How Doctor Time really works?

Your pain will fade with time. It means, you don't have to force yourself to forget. One day you will have blank memories on this sad event.

You will see person who hurt you with real eyes. Often, when we fall in love, we see our beloved with eyes of love. You have no ability to see that your prince charming is jerk or idiot, because you love him. When your feelings are not so strong, then you will see his real face.

You will start to love yourself. Maybe you hated your…

371. I don't like Mondays

In year 1979 , at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, Brenda Ann Spencer was shooting and killed two people. Eight were injured in this terrible event, and when police ask her why she did it, she replied :"I don't like Mondays. " She was only 16 and she surrended immediately , without resistance. She inspired Bob Geldof to write song "Why i don't like Monday", and Boomtown Rats made music, so it was favourite song on top lists, as reminder on this terrible crime.
Monday phenomen is not an exception, because many of us will say "i hate Monday." No matter if you get up early for school, or you are travelling on the road to your job, you will notice traffic jam or crowd and it will upset you, especially because you realised that weekend is over. Our body and mind are in shock, because after relaxing we must back to reality and daily obligations. You will not shoot nobody, but you will be furious , nervous and frustrated.
It is not recommended tha…

370. 8 male misleads about women

Old habits die slowly, because they were developing for a centuries. Also, old rules based on past tradition have huge roots, and to break tradition, you must pluck this root. Fish stinks from the head.  Our view will change when we realise that things will not work out, because of wrong approach. Some men will complain that they are unhappy in love, because women constantly break their hearts, and they don't know why this happens.

Here is list of the biggest men misleads about women:
1. treat lady as whore, and whore as lady 
You will get what you give. If you humiliate your woman, she will runaway from you. If you open your heart to untrustful woman, she will cheat you. Snake will bite you because she is snake. There is no opposite psychology here.
2. my woman must be similar as my mother
Wrong. Nowdays women are more progressive, ambitious, bold ladies. If your mother was servant in the kitchen, and your wife is manager, don't expect that she will always wait you with warm meal.

369. Makeup sex

They were arguing whole day, and they could not make agreement. She was stubborn, and he was macho type, who believed that man should be boss. Suddenly he kissed her, she fall in his arms  and they made love whole night. In the morning they start to argue again, about the same things.
So called makeup sex is one of ways how to solve problems with your partner. When two different characters fall in love, their relation will often look as battlefield. Especially if that differences are expressed in important areas of life, couple will make many efforts to create harmony. Here is the question, what will win in the end, their love or ego?
Sean and Paula met each other in the shopping mall. They were in crowd and Sean had problem with credit card, so he caused big line at the pay desk. Everyone was furious, and Paula send him to hell. He invited her in coffee bar as sign of an apology and their relation started at this way. Soon they realized that they are as dog and cat. Paula was liberal w…

368. Love through granny's glasses

Every woman was once a little girl. Naive child can swallow everything, and elders are here to teach her life lessons. That is how Nancy had distorted vision about love, when she adopted knowledge by her grandmother. Her granny lived in harmonious marriage with grandfather and they stayed together for a forty years. Nancy dreamed about such husband, who will love and respect her forever.

Above all, Nancy got next lessons:
He will love you as you are. So, you don't need makeup and fancy clothes.
Right guy is chosen for you by destiny. His name is written in the stars.
Everybody find somebody at the end. For everyone exist someone.
Be good and listen to your husband, so he will return you on the same way.
The right one will change himself just for you.

As teenager, Nancy fall in love in Simon. She went on first date in simply shirt, without makeup and with stain on her trousers. Simon laughed so much when he saw her, and they were dating because she made him smile. But when Nancy continued…

367. When you fall in love in chicken man

Love stories are unpredictable, Cupid arrows hit unknown targets and in relation is possible with many various combinations. You can see people on first sight, and think: "How they finished together?" When you scratch under surface, you will understand why some couples split very fast, and why others are inseparable. 
One of bad combinations is relation between weak man and strong woman. No, i don't think about relation between wrestler woman and man who dance ballet, i talk about their characters. It would be natural that man is firm, bold and stable, and that woman can count on him. Especially if woman is sensible, fragile and gentle lady, that kind of man would be great match for her. Sometimes, life plays cruel games, and strong woman will involve with milksop. 
If you think that this is relation where woman rule, you are wrong. This woman has many problems because such man is unstable, undecided and unable to take important decisions.
What would be milksop?

You can reco…

366. Problems under carpet

If you could live in bubbles, one touch would be enough to broke this circle. The same is with problems, most of us want that they vanish, just like that, if we move little finger. Facing with troubles is hard part, especially if we use denials, and pretend that our problems don't exist at all.
Imagine that you have financial debts, but you still want to buy expensive purse , even you can't afford this. You think that shopping will make you happy and it is true, for a moment you will be happy and after that your debts will be bigger. Sometimes, people are unhappy because of single status so they will create many internet profiles in hope to catch their soulmates. Indeed, they could collect bunch of fans, but emptiness inside will stay as thorn and heart will bleed anyway.
Where is magic formula , general rule for all problems? How to get out from dark circle?
1. detect your problem, admit yourself participation of trouble 2. be sharp to yourself , even truth is harmful 3. face it w…

365. Medicine for broken heart

Broken heart is often result of bad relations. When something doesn't work out on time, we will end up disappointed and hurt. Then we will say "My heart is broken. " Feeling of grief, sadness, despair will rule with us, and we will think even about suicide, or just to vanish from reality. If you look this on other way, this broken heart is your lesson. You were on wrong path and now you need to get back on the right road.
There are many ways to heal broken heart after this love disaster. I wish to make difference between bad and good ways, because if you choose bad way, you will not recover, or you can feel even much worse.

Bad ways are in black category.
Sex with another man. 
Big mistake. You will not get over ex boyfriend, and this guy will think that you are easy.

Drinking alcohol until you fall down.
Also bad. You can be embarrassed and create new problems.
Fighting with his present girlfriend.
He left you, so she is not fault for this.
Try to hurt him physically.
If you slap…

364. How we take others for granted?

Happiness is double sided value. We often can't recognize until we have it, or we don't appreciate what we have, until it's gone. Once, when that precious treasure gone from us, we will sit and cry, try to get it back because only then we realize real value.
Did you have great friend, but you use him as toy? Did you have good job but you did not appreciate your position enough? Also, did you make a fool from your beloved partner, even he or she did everything for you? When you take someone for granted, you will get paycheck later, with the biggest price you ever seen. 
Edith was example of good wife. She woke up early to prepare breakfast for his husband Anthony, she was ironing his suits for business trips, and their house was clean as drugstore. Anthony did not appreciate her as he should. He was travelling a lot and his company was sexy secretary Jane. All people bragged about his affair, also Edith knew, but she believed that he will change. One day Edith got visit, from…