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Are your ambitions too high?

She was born lucky, or he was born under lucky star. They are protected by angels or God's will. When people talk about successful people, they will mention high forces or higher authorities , as key of other's success.  That is true that some people are more lucky than others, but in general nobody can't progress if he leans only on luck. Wheel of fortune is variable and cruel, so today you are businessman, tomorrow you will be beggar.

Ex Miss of Croatia, Fani ńĆapalija, was very successful in international event, she got fourth place at Miss World competition in 1993.  She had very stupid reply on question about representing girls in swimsuit on the stage, she just said "It's ok". She was remembered by this in South Africa. Later, she had failure marriage with football player Ivica Mornar and after that nobody heard for her. She backup from public life, even her beauty was great potential for modelling. Simply, she did not swim good in this sea of success.

Can you forgive your beloved ones who hurt you once?

Our beloved ones are our weakness because we will do everything to protect them. We will not believe what others say about our children, husband or parents. Even in law is written that wife doesn't have to witness against her husband and opposite. Blood connection is not water, and love is a strong bond. When it comes tough, we will close eyes and refuse to believe in the fact.
There is saying, when a woman cheats husband, he will find out the last. This husband is not stupid, he will simply protect his vision about the wife, as a pure one. Jasmine and Colin were in the long-lasting marriage, with two adult sons. She was working in the factory, and he was always proud of her because she did not complain even about night shifts. She was a good-looking woman, good mother, and wife. People around talked about her lovers, but Colin considered this as human envy. One of that lovers was even her boss, it happened during nightshifts. After her affairs, Jasmine went home to get a shower an…

Are you a regular snitch?

Everyone will remember school days, when you had idea to runaway from classroom. When majority agreed, you were on a way to get home, together with your classmates. Unpleasant moment was next day, when someone said all to your teacher. That was class snitch. It was someone who wanted to leave good impression, and price was treason of others. If you cheated on exam, for sure snitch would knew. 
Donald grew up as kind of snitch. He complaint to his classmates because they underestimated him and he was victim of mocking and bullying. He found way, to tell all their tricks and pranks, so he was step forward. He was rat. Ten years later, Donald works in office. He report to his bosses if his colleagues get late at work, do they talk with clients or they don't answer on phone calls, and how much they stay on lunch pause. One day Donald stuck in traffic jam and he could not come at time. It was important business meeting, and he came half hour later. Unlucky for him, the main leader of thi…

Do you behave as teenager even you are mature a long time ago?

Immaturity is not basically connected with ages. You can be serious and mature in 20, and foolish in 60. It doesn't make difference how old you look, what kind of job you have or which is your position in society. Remember Silvio Berlusconi and his Lolita fetish girls. He is enough old to be a proud grandfather, but his behavior would fit better to a teenager.
Life is divided into stages. Childhood, youth, middle age, old age, every period has lessons to learn. If you pass this lessons on time, you are on next stair. You will bring your experience with you and share with your descendants.
What happens when you did not pass life lessons on time?

Which are consequences?
You may act naive. Everyone can make fool of you. You did not kiss a girl until 25, so you don't know how. 
Everyone can make fool of you. You are an excellent target for cheaters, impostors, liars.
People will mock you, that you are a greenhorn. You are still on mamma's milk.
You can deliberately hurt someone. You …

Are you in the relationship with a foreigner?

Every day in your street you watch the same people, you know everything about them, even name of their pets and time when they will go to walk. This daily pattern is so boring that you wish something different, unknown, even dangerous. That happened to Petra, at the moment when she was thinking that she will die from boredom.
Petra is a pretty girl from a small city in Croatia. She likes swimming in the river, hot summer nights and barbecue with friends. One day unknown guy joined to them. This guy was a cousin of her best friend Damir. His name was Pierre and he was from Marseilles in France. His eyes met with Petra during a barbecue, when she burnt her fingers with hot steak. They started to talk, and their conversation finished in the early morning when Petra went home. He was talking in the English language because he did not know a word from Croatian. They were together whole summer and when he was leaving, they exchange contacts. This relation continued over the internet and in w…

How to seduce women online?

Shy guys were reborn with appearance of internet. Finally, they don't need to approach in reality to thousand girls, and to risk rejection. All what they need is to open computers, to make account at social networks and their problem is solved. They will avoid disgrace in public, because they hide under monitor.
What many of guys don't know is how to seduce desirable woman online. Two friends, Ken and Daniel have Facebook profiles, with various results. Ken is loser, and Daniel is winner in this virtual game. Daniel met many of that girls alive, because of his special approach. Ken asked him what is his secret, because girls avoid Ken and block him.
Ken did some basic mistakes which guys should not do online.

So, now you are in the game, you want to find girlfriend on internet, and what you will not do?
Send private message in the same minute when she adds you. 
Wait some time, like her photos, say hello at status, and make step back. If you spam her inbox with bunch of messages, s…

Don't let others to steal your dreams

Vision of life is often different than reality, because that vision is based on dreams which will not always come true. As young girl you maybe dreamed to be famous singer, actress or dancer, but you are secretary, waitress or nurse. In some period of life we stop dreaming, and that situation could lead us into black tunnel of depression. 

What to do when your dreams did not realized?
Real end happens when you give up. Until you are in the game, your chances still exist.
Try with different solutions. Previous ways were wrong, so try with new refreshments.
Try with backup plan. You can't get what you wished , but maybe you wish something similar, what is more possible to get.
Don't make it worse, so don't do something what you will regret later, to hurt yourself or to hurt others because things are not good.
Human wishes are curse. When people can't get what they want, they are frustrated, desperate or even suicidal. It is not the end of the world if that woman doesn't lo…

Which element misses in your romance?

Hank is one of the guys who stuck in long relation. He feels unhappy because this relation doesn't fill his needs, but he has no strength to get out from this. When his best friend Linda asked him why he can't be alone, he replied: "I need someone to hold on." Fear of loss and loneliness are basic elements of ruined relations because people will stay in them even they look like abandoned houses. These are the type of relations which doesn't exist indeed, they are only walls for protection.
If we talk about love statuses, we can find interesting info about people who are neither single, neither taken. This is kind of vacuum between love and hate, where two partners hold on each other, even they are aware that things will not work out.
Here are some stories which I heard randomly, and it can be related to "not single - not taken" statuses.

"I have a neighbor, he is handsome and busy, and I like him. He comes to me at dinner, I care about him when he is …

He is already taken?

It is not rarity that we fall in love in someone who is already taken. Heart doesn't know for status, so we will keep our feelings even there is no hope to realize that love. Also, this is question of morality, why to involve in other relation and hurt someone? It could also happen to us so let's not do something what can hit us as boomerang.
Sometimes, this forbidden person is not in so happy relation and if we discover this, chances are bigger. Everyone knows about familiar story Brangelina, when Angelina Jolie seduced Brad Pitt even he was in formal marriage with Jennifer Aniston. If they were so happy, that marriage would last. There was a hole and Angelina passed through this hole.
People stay in some relations, not always because they can't live without each other. Sometimes, they will afraid to be alone or to hurt their partners, so they will stay even it doesn't make them happy.

So, when you meet someone who is already taken, and you wish to involve, develop next …

Don't fall in a hater's network

Feelings of anger, rage and wrath are united in one strong emotion: hate. So when you hate someone, you wish all the worst for that person. You imagine all possible ways which could hurt her. In the same moment, you spend large amounts of your own energy and waste precious time. Hate is double emotion because even when you hurt another person, you will hurt yourself.
Did you ever feel that someone hates you without reason? Even when you wanted to be friendly with that person, she or he will still hate you. 

Background for hate is based on next elements:
Envy. This person has something or someone what you wish for. That person stole your happiness, according to your opinion.
Jealousy. You think that person doesn't deserve happiness, so you mark this rival as your target. 
Frustrations. You are a loser, and she is a winner. You blame her for own failures.
Revenge. That person hurts you or did the same to someone who is close to you. 

Once when you allow that hate rule over you, you fall in…

Is this a man's world?

What is more sexy than strong, dominant couple? Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Carla Bruni and Nicholas Sarkozy, David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are examples of progressive couples, with independent attitude, but strongly connected together. They are not competition to each other, there is no jealousy on popularity, also they are not so innocent and faithful, but all their failures made perfect combination, so they understand mutual disadvantages.
Marilyn Monroe once said : "I don't mind to live in men world, as long i can be woman there." That means, i don't need to drive truck or to cut my hair, but i want to express my female ideas and i wish acceptance of my views and opinions. Unfortunately, remains of old systems exists now days too, so sometimes women will feel as part of harem in Otoman emperor, when they are surrounded by men majority.
Dominant men are not realization of Stan Kowalski, who will beat desk with his fists and yell on poor wife Stella in movie &…