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Kill me with your irony

Do you know those kind of people who are always silent, but somehow they cause troubles? Also, you must be familiar with people who are so sensitive that they express their feelings by tears and crying, even for banal reasons?
When troubles are on the way, it is important to find roots. Fish stinks from head, but who cooked that poisoned meal? The oldest game between humans is playing role of victim. This skill is spreading in every areas of society, so we will find thousand so called victims at school, work or in love relations.

Typical words of every "victim" are:
"It is not my fault. They made me to do this." " Everyone is against me." "They used me." " I did everything for her, but she is simply devil." " I am surrounded by bad people." " I am loving and kind person and everyone hurts me. Always."

On first sight, you would consider victim as female. You are wrong, because victim has no gender. Some men will also very eas…

What happens when you choose between love and the career?

Envy is a follower of jealousy. When you feel stung of jealousy, next side effect is envy. You have something that other's don't have and now they will stab you in the back. If you think that your beloved man is jealous only of other men in your life, you are very wrong. 
Imagine that you live with a man who is without a job. It can happen to everyone, but that situation could be long-lasting or even permanent. So you will earn money for you, your husband and your children. It would be natural that husband feeds his family, but in some families, women are bosses, because they work, and men are at home. Fatima lives in Bosnia and she works as a teacher. She lives with unemployed husband and three adult sons. They are all lazy and they sleep all day because at night they watch movies and play games at computers. 
Her husband Alvin had some short time jobs, usually, he was painting walls and selling potato from their garden, but all this makes him tired. Fatima started to earn with…

Ten ways how to get fooled

It is very easy to get fooled. Someone cheated you, you are misguided? Don't blame yourself, it could happen to everyone. Difference is in way, how to get out from this and avoid future disappointments. Naivete is sign of trust, just in extreme form. If you believe in everything, you are naive. 
Life would be boring without risks. 

If you are too cautious, you step into paranoid area. Wow, everyone is against me, i am on black list and for sure this is again my bad luck. On that way, you close yourself into golden cage, and nobody could harm you. How to open your soul to others? Who can make guarantee that you will find treasure, and that you will not stuck in the trap?

Here are the most often traps for naive people, and you are not the only one who will fail. 
1. salesman and his skills 
You bought something what is not necessary and you spent big money, because salesman persuaded you in value of his products? Look at your wardrobe, there are dresses you will never wear. Here is jewelr…

Do you know when is time to stop?

One of good recipes for successful life is based on balance. If you know when is enough, your control system is turn on. It affects to every area in life : love, friendship, job and family. Limits are inside of us, but we don't use this always. Sometimes, you will act as elephant in shopping center - push, run, force, and break everything in front of you.
Control, pride and dignity are elements of balance, and if this buttons are ready, you will send message to everyone where are your limits. Also, this message has double meaning, so you will not allow others to break your inner values.
When is hard to stop, and why we often make errors in some situations? 

Breakups. He said he doesn't love you and this is over. Is it really end? Some women will force relation, stalk partner and humiliate themselves. The same thing is related to men, their ego will not let them to accept bitter truth. 
Money debts. You need money, and you will borrow money from your friends, and it is never ending…

The heart-breaker is not into you

Heartbreaker is special kind of man. Deep in himself, he hates women, for some reasons. Difference between him and Playboy is in the ability to feel. Playboy likes women, he tries to give love to every woman, even it is not possible to make everyone happy. This guy is like thunder, he hits and leaves devastated hearts, and he doesn't feel guilty.
How is it possible that some men hate women, even they are heterosexual? If you know a man who hit a woman, who leaves her with few children and doesn't care for her, who leaves a pregnant woman without explanation and who doesn't give alimony, he is such kind. 
Let's go to the past so you will see why A, B, and C became heartbreakers.
Man A. He is the son of divorced parents. He lived with mother, and she was changing her lovers as socks. So in this flat were many men. It was Uncle Sam, uncle John and a bunch of uncles were regular guests in that home. Mother of A was a slut. Everybody talked about this.
Man B. He was poor and ug…

How to behave in a nightclub?

People are looking for love in different places. Love is hiding in the corner , so you can meet someone special in the train, taxi, during lunch pause in business restaurant, even on the street. You never know where Cupid go for his duty. If you have plan how to meet special person, first think about location. Many  guys will visit nightclubs, in hope to catch attractive girl. 
No matter are you young or old, you must behave in night club if you don't want to be kicked out. So, if you are not drunk, if you don't participate in fights, you will still be undesirable there, for one special reason - if you annoy women.

So, what kind of failures guys do, when they wish to approach to women?
If you buy her drink, don't hug her immediately. 
I remember when i accepted drink from unknown guy. He hugged me, and i invited waiter, i asked him how much is this cocktail, and i paid by myself. Then, i told him to stay away from me. If you try to touch me , even you don't know me, you ar…

Do you need the romantic mediator ?

It is not easy to be in the middle of two people, especially if they are a couple. If you got this duty to hold side for someone, this position is ungrateful. Did you have experience with your desperate friend who asked you to help her with her relation, because she can't bear this pain anymore? At this moment you enter into a race and take a risk to jump out every moment. Messengers could be killed, isn't it?
Daryl is crazy in love and her best friend Alice is a shoulder for crying. This stunning relation lasts about one year. Her beloved man Richard is the main topic of every conversation between two girls. Even Alice has good nerves, her patience is at the end. Every time Daryl talks only about him. "Richard hurt me again. I can't live like this anymore. " Then Alice replies: "Leave him, he is not worthy of you. " This conversation is spinning into circles, because Daryl wishes some advices, and when she gets it, she doesn't listen and the story …

Libido on the top

Do you feel excited today? If you feel hot, horny and you want only one thing with special person, your libido is at the top and you are ready for action. Even in 21 century people are sometimes ashamed to say that they are horny because it could be wrongly understood. When man is horny, that is sexy and desirable, this will increase his masculine power. Well, if woman is horny, she is easy, filthy or vulgar , and she gives right to every man to be close with her. 
What kind of reaction could produce naked woman on photo? What will you think if woman start to use words with double meaning in conversation with you? In general, that woman is following her libido. Word libido had first mention in Dante "Inferno", where he described queen Semiramida. Her existence is allowed  "by law" and  libido . Sigmund Freud defined libido as sexual energy, but Carl Gustav Jung expanded that word, as kind of psychic energy. Accord Jung, libido is moving from one content to another. …

Through the love of a two standards

Things which you allow yourself are also allowed to others. For example, if you drink beer, you will not judge your friend because he is drinking beer. If you wear a short skirt, you will not gossip your friend because her skirt reveals her underwear. We are humans, and sometimes we move our limits into unknown directions.
Double standards are the worst failures in one relation. Although you are a jealous person,  it will not stop you to flirt around. A handsome colleague from work, your charming boss, your sexy neighbor, even this new salesman, they are all opportunity for flirting. Now, you have a husband, and your business is to play the role of private agent, by digging into his pockets. Does he cheat you? Maybe his schoolmate is also a partner in his bed. He can't do this to you. Now, when he asks you, why you are linking to all handsome men, you will say "But that is my right."
Things are always different from a selfish perspective. It doesn't look such bad when …

Do you believe in a summer romance?

When you eat ice cream, you are focused on sweet taste. This enjoyment is under deadline so it will melt if you don't eat fast, and when the meal is finished, you will not think about this anymore. The same thing is with summer romances. 
Summer is a special part of the year when everyone wishes to be sexy, beautiful and in love. Vacations at sea are the most popular, and people will argue at work about free days. This is a chance to get tanned, to make the better shape of your body and to catch some moments of passion. Later, you will remember days when you were party queen or when you break someone's heart. Your Facebook profile and your cell phone will remind you how dangerous seductress you were, and this photos will be basic of your self-esteem.
If you are a woman with realistic expectations, you will remember summer romance as something relaxing and sweet, but you will close that memory box with first fallen leaves. Now is autumn, rain is falling, your swimsuit is on the b…

Who are men on the blacklist?

Some men will always walk away with short sleeves from love relations. It is not that they are cursed, ugly or stupid, they are not even poor. Simply, they are in category which is hard to love and women will runaway from them as they are diseased.

I was doing small research between men i know, with different statuses. Interesting thing is, the men who were in relations in past are just temporary alone, and soon they will find new love. They get out from relation, they are between two relation or in front of marriage. That are privileged members in x group. The other group are men who are single a long  time, and they are always rejected. These are members of y group. Between x and y, women will always choose x group.

Members of y group, men on black list:

Narcis. Type of man who is in love in himself. Handsome, elegant, but still alone. Women are avoiding him, they considered him as dull.
Cleaner. Man who lives alone, he is used to do all housework for himself. Flat is clean as drugstore…