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446. Are you heartless woman?

Feelings are not automatic buttons that we can press right ones to act as we wish in this moment. It would be good to press delete or shut down in some opportunities, because it would spare us from pain. Modern woman will say : "I can make love with man and after this i will leave him if he is not what i wanted", but that is part of theory. In practise, things are different, because if you are not porno star or prostitute, your feelings will be involved. 
Some women will try to copy men, for revenge. Just, men are not built from the same materials as women. Man can enjoy in sex and after this he will not date with woman, because it was part of his pleasure, and she is not in his heart. Women are more sensitive, and this planet is full of women who cried because they did not learn difference between sex and making love. 
Black widow is a spider. She will eat her man after reproduction. That is good role model for dissapointed women who wish to swallow partners after pleasure. P…

445. Dependable princess - are you powerless without help of others?

Independent person is gift for others. Many people love to say, i am independent, i don't need anyone. In the case of struggles and problems, this statement will be confirmed or denied. It is easy to say that you can do all alone when all is going well.

What happens in the case of storm in your life?

Suddenly, you broke and you need money, are you independent now?
Your boyfriend left you and you will call friends?
You got fired?
Your close family member is sick?

Being independent means that you lean on your forces, your previous experiences and that you will not give up.

Ask yourself, do you expect that high force will help you ?

If you expect granny with cookies in front of your door, you are wrong. Success never comes to lazy people. Maybe you will get some surprises, but happiness is not permanent and soon all what you get for granted will turn into big bill. If friend found job for you, he will ask you to return him favor. If you got luck in something, soon you will fail on other side…

444. Play with gigolo

If you are lonely woman, there is no point for despair. You just need to ask for gigolo. Yes, i am joking, but things are changed and feminism brought us new tool to compete with men, and his name is gigolo. 
Word gigolo appears first time in 1920, as french word gigolette , as dance partner who is making company to lonely women, for money. He is male escort, or male prostitute. Statistic talks about itself, so accord one research in 25 european countries, 7% prostitutes are men. One hour will gigolo will cost you about 100 euros, and whole day 1000 euros, it depends about offer and requests. 10% gigolos are from Balcan area.
Materialism is not only women tool. You can imagine man who is lazy to study or to find job, and he is looking good. This man will try to ask easy ways to earn money, and he will take his hook to catch lonely, older women with big wallet. Even some relation between much older women and young men will look like gigolo deal, partners will deny it. Gigolo is entrepren…

443. Can you forgive to yourself?

Guilt and responsibility are elements of forgiveness. When you decide to forgive others, you will throw out their guilt, and forward this responsibility on yourself. You will forget and look in the future, with hope that they will not repeat the same mistakes as before. Sounds simple, because you set yourself free from burden. Even better, other person will feel bad, because in this moment conscience will work automatically. You are good guy, person who hurt you is bad guy, in this simple equation. 
What happens when you need to forgive to yourself? You know that you did something bad and it hunts you in your dreams. Did you hurt your parents? Did you broke heart of good woman? Did you steal and nobody never caught you? Did you manipulate with someone and now you can't fix it, because person is dead?

Henry was famous as aggressive person. He was ex policeman and he used this power to exaggerate and punish people in cruel ways. He expanded this power in private life and his women had…

442. Living in a box

If you wish to search key of life, remember all pain which you passed. Under this pain was joy and achievement, because you earned this. You did not surrender, you were struggling, you faced with all troubles and still you keep walking. That is real life, maybe under your expectation, but the biggest reward is that you participated.
When someone dies, we look on his life, as history. Person who had lot of love, family and friends did not live in vain. This person will leave track and memories. I don't believe in miracles and i see all unexpected events as bonus. The rest is on me, and there is no game if i don't want to play.

The saddest part of life is not death. The worst thing you can ever do, is to surrender. If you close yourself in the box, you are dead since you were born. Passive people, chickens and cowards are living in the cage, with big fear that someone will open their cage and air of life will blow them into unknown place.

How does it look, when you are living in th…

441. Karma is a bitch

Life will not spare us of pain. Tears and wounds are part of living, and we are hurt unexpected, when we are not ready for this. Things are more worse when your friend or lover hurts you. Someone you kissed and hugged, someone you shared secrets and trust suddenly is your enemy. That is double scar, person who break your heart and trust. When enemy hurts you, you are less wounded, because that was not person who lived in your heart.
Our reactions will be various. If you don't wish vengeance, you will forgive, and try to forget. If you like revenge, you will not have peace until you return this kick. Here is one more way, life will be your supporter and karma will do great work.
What is karma and how does it work? I talk about karma as balance. If you do bad things to someone constantly, it will come back to you. If you hurt innocent person, you will suffer with time. If you hurt someone who loves you, you will get the same treatment from person you love. Pain is connected chain, so …

440. Material girl

Have you ever dream that you woke up and your whole day is free, without any obligation? Simply, you can throw your alarm clock into garbage box and continue to sleep. Your beloved man will work whole day for you, and all you need is to be beautiful, just for him. 
Economic crises has many side effects, and one is flood of women who want to get marry for rich guy. It is hard to find good job, even harder to work 40 hours a week or more, and to be hard working woman and housewife in the same time. If you have kids, you have triple role : wife, mother and business woman. What's left from your life? Do you see how your mirror shows wrinkles, eye bags  and your face is just a shadow what you used to be?
Gold digger is name for woman who wants to get marry for rich, successful guy. If you are pretty and sexy, it sounds as easy task, but that is not at all. Actress Dolores LambaĊĦa, who was in relation with entrepreneur Dikan Radeljak, once said: "That all girls want to jump on my pla…

439. Relation with robot

Painful experiences are our teachers, but also executioners. After someone broke your heart, you cry in silence of your room and then your mother or friends will tell you "I warned you." You will say that nobody has label on forehead  with title "Bad guy", but if you know to read between lines, some signs will tell you what kind of person is boy you fall in love.  Even you believe that nobody can't be cruel if you show love to him,  progress of technology makes people different, and your beloved guy is maybe emotional robot.
The main problem of every teenage girl is how to make difference between guys who want to take an advantage and guys who take care for you. Even it looks so fine on first sight, suddenly moron broke you in pieces, and you did not recognize him.

Here is small guide for beginners, how to recognize emotional robots.
He will know his rights, but never his obligations. So, he will ask sex from you, but if you want to introduce him to parents, he wi…

438. Kissing a fool

Be good and nice person and people will return you goodness on the same way. Bullshit, because you need to know well human nature before you give your heart to someone. There is a limit between fool and good person with attitude. This area is very sensitive and only few steps can take you into abyss, to lose your personality because your are victim of someone's ego.

How can you know that person is using your goodness?
Person never say thanks. You do everything for her, but this is understandable accord her opinion.
Person never have time for you if you need favor.
Person always compare her problems with yours, and of course, your problems are less relevant.
Person will get insulted if you reject her. She will not talk with you, because once you said no.

Love is especially fragile area in trade of goodness. You are not objective, and you will think that your partner deserve moon and stars, even space ship, because he is with you. Love is blind because often we do things for someone and w…

437. After love

When someone said "Love hurts", the point is not in physical wounds. We can imagine broken heart as big scar and this will bleed for a while, until fresh memories get cold. How much time you need to get over person who devastated your heart?
Mostly, happiness in love doesn't come immediately, from first experience and first partner. That are rare people, who fall in love in 16, and then they stayed together for a lifetime. Before we catch our best match, we will cry, scream and heal love scars. 
When woman says "you hurt me" this is not the same meaning as when man says the same. Women are more sophisticated, fragile and romantic. Our expectations are deeper and we fall in love easier than men.

Here are some examples, how women get hurt.
"We had sex and after that he is nice with all my friends, but he pretend that he doesn't know me." " He said in front of other people that i look fat." " He said to his mother that i am not serious candi…

436. Temptations - demons on your way

You made decision and that is your final word. Can you stand behind your attitude when temptation knock at your door? That is harder part. Accord experience, many circumstances will try to rock your plan. You said, i will never do it again, but then something or someone stand on your way. 
No matter is your decision about love or friendship, private area is always tough task. You decided not to talk with your best friend because she hurts you. She came and cry, she will give you promise not to do it again, she offers you flowers and chocolates, just to forgive her. Then, if your heart is soft, you will give her another chance. Guess what? Probably, she will screw you again. The question is, how much you will tolerate before you can officially call yourself a fool?
If you are weak on your naughty lover, things are more harder. He will take you into bed and situation is solved, if you look at things from his angle. This is not even near to solution. He kissed you but still he is jerk able…