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490. Chicken fight

When someone talks about discrimination between genders at workplace, many will pull trigger on men, who are bosses with bigger salaries, who are there to seduce innocent women or to abuse power on any other way. In shadow of this topic is relation women versus women. 
Women are territorial as cats. Once when woman settle down on higher position at work , she is without mercy toward other who had no equal luck. 

Women at work are separated on next categories:
Married. Respectable members of society, especially if they have at least two kids.
Divorced. Less respectable, but still in the game. Once she had someone, and if he left her with kids, she is worthy of condolence. 
In cohabitation. Women who live with men, but without legal paper. They are not so favorite, because marriage without ring and paper is not valuable.
Single. The worst category for workplace. You will be on target for all men, accord women gossips. Old, horny, ugly, even married when they wish to have fun. If someone has a…

489. Bad choices - chess game for losers

You might still hear advices in your ears, from your friends or parents, about your choices. The one who was not right for you screwed you even they warned you. Your inner voice was also activated, and you did not pay attention, because your stubbornness stopped you. Your desires were stronger, to involve with something or someone who was indeed wrong choice.
Women will often sit with their friends, to talk about wrong men from their previous relations. This kind of men are those who left emotional scarves, tears and bad memories. Anyway, they will still be topic of your stories, and sometimes you feel kind of nostalgia, because this guy who turned your life around is not here with you anymore.
Why we involve with people who are totally wrong choice for us?
Curiosity. This one which killed the cat, as in old proverb. Human mind is curious, and we wish to find out everything what is new, strange or forbidden. The more mysteries are around, we will dig more.
Learning process. Also, in human…

488. Blank space

Good recipe for successful relation is in healthy dose of absence. If you don't spend 24 hours a day with your partner, if you don't follow him everywhere, he will miss you. Let he wonder where are you, what are you doing and sparks will be around all the time.
Weekend time is often subject of discussion, because we should spend it with beloved person. If you work all week, some free moments at weekend are precious to share it with the one who is the most important for you. But, what if sometimes he wish to spend time with his friends?
Now i see  faces of wondering, and some women will make scenes if he wants to go out with his friends. What she will do alone in Saturday or Friday night?

Ladies, here are things which you never should do in this case.
Don't threat him that you will leave him if he goes out without you. He will feel pressure, like he is in jail.
Don't make scenes and especially don't follow him in place where he will go.
Don't cry as it is end of the w…

487. Partner on the leash

When you force someone to love you, first what you need is good leash. Then you must be sure that you hold this person tight, with something what is important to that person. No matter is that money, protection or safety, this leash is weapon in your relation. Nobody can't love you back by force, but people try this pattern anyway. How many marriages still exist without love and how many people are trapped in relations based on other reasons, not blessed by love?

Warren is young guy without permanent job. He is in the moment employed as computer engineer in one small company. His girlfriend is Romina, and her father is owner of that company. Romina is not beautiful woman, she is divorced, older 10 years from Warren and with one kid from previous marriage. Warren likes Romina because she is kind of kinky, funny, soul of every party, but he doesn't love her. An opposite, she is crazy for him. She did everything for him, offered him flat to live together, job and circle of importa…

486. Drama queen

Life will punish us with bad experiences on one way or another, but our reactions are not the same. Some of us will keep problems inside, suffer quietly and nobody will know about this. Others will yell and notify world about their "tragedies", as it is event number one.
If your better half is drama queen, you are victim of emotional flood and every word you say can be understand on wrong way. 
"Why you look at me like that? My haircut is bad? Oh i know i look fat in this trousers. But you should tell me this into face. "
Clint was in relation with Sandra and he was walking on the ice all the time. Few times she embarrassed him in publicity because she could not hide her moods. She was witch with broomstick and her friend circle was very small. 
Drama queen is usually woman, but also some guys are very good in that. Especially if it has connection with their career. Gordon got new job and his boss was harsh with him first few days. He complaint to Union after few weeks…

485. Stuck in the moment

Our future is unpredictable. If you know how to live in the moment, stuck there until you feel good. Don't think too much forward if you feel cozy now.  What happens when we start with plans for next days? This future movie is running and our soul and mind will prepare on tough moments. But, they did not happen yet, and we are already under pressure. The best example how to ruin your peace and spoil your beautiful day is too think forward on your unpleasant obligations.
Heather is business woman. She works at project with deadline. Finally, she got two days free for weekend, to relax and collect her thoughts. Instead of this, she was not sleeping . She woke up in sweat and in panic. What will happen? How she can deal with this? In Monday, she came at work so tense that nobody could cooperate with her.

If you don't appreciate present moment, this will be your destiny.
Constantly tired, because your mind can't be calm never.
Problems with insomnia , because your nerves are always…

484. 10 signs that you are hungry for love

Love can't be measured, but if we could use Libra, one person will always love more. It is not because that person has bigger heart or huge feelings, it is just the way how this love is expressed. So person x will keep some emotions inside, but person y will throw all this out.  Problem doesn't exist if you accept that your better half is recipient, not giver. Well, if you live in eternal expectations how someone will return your love, and it never happens, you are in trouble.

This 10 signs will discover truth about your heart.
 If you recognize yourself there, you are person who is hungry for love.
You are the one who always send messages and who calls your partner first.
You are creator of plans, about dinner, movie, dates, and all things where you go together.
You introduce your partner to your parents, but he still did not decide to do the same.
You wish to marry, but he is still in pending position.
You are in constantly lack of attention by your partner. 
You start to cheat your …

483. Updating love story

Fall in love every day, every week, every month. This sparks shine around you and butterflies in your belly are dancing. If you feel this, you are teenager. Your heart is roller coaster, it jumps up and down and you never know who is next. Your soulmates are changing so soon that you don't remember their names.
This kind of love has next symptoms:
Every attractive person is potential partner.
You don't know how much it will last. Probably until next month. 
You can't stay faithful. Too much challenges are around.
Your breakups are ugly and dramatic. 
Words "i love you" are so often, as "good morning."

During years we are collecting experience, personal dramas and pieces of broken heart. In this process we are learning about disappointments, rejections and denials, our tears are sharp teachers and our heart is silent pupil. We recognize fake fantasies from real values, and maturity is a book with many chapters about love, loss and pain. 

When mature person falls…

482. Distrust - voluntary prison

Between trust and foolishness is thin line. If you believe to everyone, you are ideal target for manipulation and cheaters. If you look at world with four eyes and walk on the street as gun is behind your back, you are paranoid. What we need is balance, how to draw boundaries between fair and unfair people. If you are distrustful, one of side effect is loneliness. Everyone is your enemy , even person who gave you hand maybe hold poison in other hand. 

The main question is, what made you so disappointed?
Parents who did not care for you enough. Unhappy childhood, where other kids laughing to you, and you were street clown. Bad relations with wrong choices of partners.
Lack of trust has own development. If you lost trust, you are under bad influence of wrong people, or you are pessimist by nature. One of areas were we lose trust is workplace. People at work are beasts, and workplace is a jungle. 
Helen works in office as civil servant, for a five years. She is silent woman, but not stupid. She…

481. Self-esteem - your best follower

How many times you take a look of yourself at the mirror, as your worst enemy?  So you said something like this: "I am fat. My skin is wrinkled . I have eye bags and pimples. My nose is big." There is much exaggerating when women desribe themselves. Especially if woman is young and her role model is Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian, or any other famous star. Even photoshop is doing miracles, many women will compare their faces and bodies with celebrities and despair will shine from their eyes.
Here is one important thing. Even if you are pretty, you will be unhappy and your acts will reject people. Do you know why? Because you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. I remember the day when i was eighteen. It was my first time that i wore short skirt and high heels. I was thinking that everyone is staring at me. I felt as i swallow broomstick. I was clumsy and when guy in nightclub asked me for a dance, i was so rigid. My feet were as from wood and whole night was ruined. Not to …

480. Sweet rebellion

Men should respect women even they can't fall in love in every of them. No matter is that woman fat, old, skinny, ugly or pretty, she deserves respect because she is human. In other hand, woman should give something to man, as reason to respect her. She doesn't have to be noble lady or rich business woman, but from her words and act man should assume that she is worthy of respect.
If man spend night with unknown woman, he will rate her as easy. They never met before, they had no opportunity to talk, and she surrender herself to him. Unless they did not agree about rules of the game, woman would probably be hurt. Everyone of us can experience this kind of situation. You never know when will hot guy reach stars for you and you could be fooled by his fake charm. There is no age limit for this, if he touched your weak spot, trap is ready. 
What can woman do when man ignore her after sex?
Sit and wait for phone call. Cry and accept that she was just a number. Start to argue with him, to…

479. Don't stand between them

Conflicts are not desirable, but life is impossible without it. Lot of things came out on surface when we get angry or if someone provokes us. If you stay out of conflict, your rival can understand this as sign of fear or weakness. If you spread claws for everything, this is also not good because people can label you as hooligan. People with short fuse are somehow addicted to fights and they will wait moment to jump into argument. Few words and fists are ready for battle. Croatian tennis player Goran Ivanišević was famous as person with short fuse, one wrong word of referee and he would lose nerves. So if conflict is something what you can't avoid, and it bothers you, there is no other choice.
What happens when we invade in other's conflicts? 
Shall we be sentry person for fights, someone who is professional intervenor in everything what is burning around?

Imagine that you have friend and someone attack him or her. What will you do? 
There are few choices.
Stay out of this. Help your…