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How to deal with the introvert?

Did you ever feel that you need a tool to open someone's mouth? Or, that you squeeze words from your partner, as he is not so fresh lemon? This kind of person who lives in the center of own inner world is introvert.
No matter are your friend, lover or just a colleague with an introvert, you will need a key for his cuffs. You will break walls with a cleaver, before any actions or deal with him.

What you must have on your mind if you deal with an introvert?
Silence is his main weapon. 
If person shuts up, if you don't get reply or message or if he blocked your calls, this is his way of defense.
An introvert is cold-blooded, or it looks like.
If he cries, he does it inside of him. You will not get scenes as breaking glasses or yelling. Dead silence will burn you.
An introvert is the leader of quiet elimination.
He will not say loud what is bothering him. He will show you with a look in his eyes and without greetings.
An introvert is a selective person.
He is not a friend of everyone and he…

4 forms of a marriage crises

A marriage is a holy connection with a partner, insurance of your love. This person belongs too you and ring is a symbol of dedication. What happens when this ring doesn't mean nothing and when signature on formal papers is just a formal letter, without worthiness?
Young Croatian tennis player Donna Vekić recently became subject of gossips. Accord press, she is guilty of a broken marriage. She is new girlfriend of Stanislas Wawrinka, 30 years old Swiss tennis player. His marriage came to the end and now many blame young and pretty Donna, that she is the main causer of disaster.
Typicall opinion of moral policy is against a woman in this triangle. Many will pull the trigger on Donna, because she is 18 and she should not involve with the married man. How many will blame Stanislas , who declared divorce from 10 year older wife? His explanation is, he wants to be free again.
Married men pass through crises.

It  happens on next ways:
He wants to go out with friends more often.
He wants space …

6 signs which categorize you as a girl for benefits

You wish to meet guy who will rock your world, who will fight for you and change your life. Instead of this you got someone who just want to drag you into bed. 
How women jealousy begins? It is based on the fact that men categorize women. Men will , maybe unintentionally pick women for marriage and women for sex. If you are in second category, you have bad luck. 
So, your boyfriends are indeed friends for benefits? Are you target for fuck buddies?
Some women were born with discipline and self control. No matter are they raised in traditional , conservative family, or they are just like that by their character, that kind of women will have big advantage. They have walls, and men will be interested to break those walls. Woman who will not fall on sweet words on first sight, who will not accept invitation for bed immediately is for sure woman worthy of attempt. Other kind of women were born as passionate, but they learn with time how to make difference between real man and player. They were…

How often you apologize for your mistakes?

Did you ever had feeling that you apologize to someone even mistake was not yours? When we love , we are ready to say i am sorry even other side hurt us. Why should we do this, to take a blame for something what is other's fault?
You can't open heart by force, but you can do it with sweet words. Apology is cure for ego, and when you offer your hand, other side will feel an obligation. How to hurt someone who is ready to admit defeat and surrender in this fight?

Even it looks stupid, as sacrify of pride, meaning of apology is different. 

You can manipulate with word i am sorry, even you really don't mean this.
You can use an apology as invitation for duty. Next time you will ask person to make an apology to you.
You can show that you are person with tolerance and manners.
An apology is kind of cold weapon. When you hit this spot of condolence, person will be less careful. Then you can fight back.

Here is one example story.
Monica and Owen are in marriage for many years. Monica is s…

Do you want to be young again?

Imagine how would you feel that you have chance to be young again, to start whole life from the beginning. If you are woman in middle ages, maybe you look at your pictures in album from youth and regret because you did not use your time properly. If you are rich and famous, maybe you wish to play God and act like young girl.  Time is cruel, and no matter how young soul you have, how much plastic surgeries you did and how much energy you feel, some things are under your power.
Madonna is the most successful female singer in history. Her albums are still popular, she is kind of authority for young people and many will agree that she is cool, even she has over 50. Her style, her songs and provocative videos as "Justify my love" or "Like a prayer", where she is dancing with black Jesus, all this stuffs made her popular . Madonna think as act as she is on the top of the world, so her affairs with guys who are double younger than her are just confirmation of her big ego.

7 ways how to hurt women

Women are as glasses. If you don't hold them carefully, they will fall and break into pieces. As much woman is strong and independent, she is a gentle creature, and choice of wrong words might hurt her. When a guy asks: "What I said wrong?", he is confused that he failed with his approach. Some guys are really nasty and they will deliberately hurt a woman, but others are just clumsy and without tact.
This 7 sentences will hurt a woman, so don't use it if you care about her.

You look chubby or fat. 
No matter how much overweight is your girl, don't tell her on this way. She will be insulted, especially if you make bad jokes about that.

Someone told me that you change guys as stockings.
Never brag about her reputation. Don't say this into her face, she will hate you. Besides, her past is not important.

Your daddy is rich. You have a lot of money.
Oops. Double sword. She will think that you want her money or that you considered her as a rich brat.

You remind me of my ex…

Are you born to be a wild girl?

I like wild guys, or at least guys who are not so available. This statement is not rarity, you will hear it from many girls. Even mature woman will admit that she would like to involve with wild guy, if her ages could not limit her or if her status would be single. Men are hunters by nature, but women are those who like to feel alive, seduced and captured by attention. If you think about fragile princess who fall on charm of some knight, you will see that he was not totally good and gentle guy. In past times duel was popular, so charming knight killed some rivals , just to get princess for himself.
What is so attractive in wild guys? I will not say bad, because bad guy would be someone who hit woman or abuse her. Wild guy is someone who is not so easy target.

He is not here always when you need him.
He is not pushing you, to follow him or to be with him 24 hours.You must catch him.
With him, you are also free. You can't hurt him so easily, because he is hard to get.
If you leave him, h…

How to collaborate with a beast at the workplace?

This world is not perfect place. When you are surrounded by people who love and appreciate you, that is indeed source of happiness. Unfortunately, it is not always like this, and life will put you into unpleasant situations. Sometimes, you will be rabbit in the forest, and foxes will seek you as good trophy.  How many times you collaborated with guy who can't stand you? Did you have neighbor who is rude every time you met him? You must work with ex boyfriend? This kind of situation are as taste of fish oil, bitter in your mouth, but you must digest this.
If you are flexible and mature person, you will make balance between your feeling inside and your official approach. 

What to do when you are forced to deal with person who can't stand you?
Stay calm. Any loss of nerves is point for your opponent.
Be formal. Don't try to be smarmy or don't act like coward. Your ex maybe scares you, but don't feed him with your fear.
Smile and stay positive. Smile will upset him, because …

Would you do a plastic surgery to be prettier?

Would you like to wake up with a pretty face and sexy body? Would you like to be more beautiful, if you are ugly in reality or just an average human creature? The famous reality show "Extreme Makeover" has a magic stick for you, to offer you the realization of your dreams. The team collected from plastic surgeons, fashion experts, dentists, hairdressers and other experts for beauty will kill this ugly duck and you will wake up as a beautiful swan.
In this incredible story only one thing is missing: self-respect, and it doesn't come out with beautiful face and body. When I heard words one of that "lucky " person, who said: "Finally, I will get the respect of other people", I was pleasantly surprised. Does it beautiful face make you respected in the eyes of others? So, your sexy body will open your door of human love and affection? Accord that theory, prostitutes, and porn stars should be the queen of human respect. 
Let's be honest. Beauty will for s…

On which way the internet kills people?

Words can't kill you, but their effect could be suicidal. You don't believe this? Little girl from north-western Croatia, small city Lobor, 15 year old,  was found dead after threats and insults at her internet profile. One of her "friends" wrote under photo : "You are ugly, you better to kill yourself." Reason of this insults was fatal guy, so group of girls notified her about possible revenge, because she stole guy who was already taken. She disappeared at first and her body was founded after, under suspicion that she commited suicide.
In Italy, girl in same ages made suicide because her photo was published at facebook page. In this photo she was vomit in toilet , after party where she was drunk. 
In Bosnia, guy published porno video with his ex girlfriend, where they made love. Girl reported him and he got punishment about 3 years of jail. 
This cases made …

6 reasons for the infidelity

Infidelity is a double cross. Once when you admit it to a best friend or someone you trust, you are good material for judging. It is very rare to find the person who will try to understand your reasons. Before that, you will be subject to preaching, fake morality and people will consider you as a demon. I am not saying that cheating is something to approve, but before you judge or crucify such person, read between lines.

What are the most often reasons for infidelity?
Lack of passion. Boredom and daily routine in long relations and marriage are killers of passion. Instead of hot kiss, you will look at your bills and dirty laundry.
Your partner is passive and takes you for granted. Some men stop to work on the relation. Once when they get paper, the rest is history and it works by default.
Your partner stare at another woman. This looks innocent, but in fact is unpleasant. When you are on the street, at the coffee bar you feel embarrassed if your partner looks at another boobs and booty an…