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Is your partner a material for marriage?

Compliments are cure for ego. Every person likes to be the best and especially better from competition. Women will wear best clothes and shoes to be noticed. Men will drive expensive cars to increase their odds. In this big race, the main question is, how to find material for marriage? 
How to recognize person who is worthy to spend the rest of our life with us?
If you are woman, you will relate with this situation. Saturday night, and you are going out in club with your friends. I will assume that you are single and pretty. If you are young, or if you look younger, your chances are better, for first impression. Let's see statistic. About 15-10 men will approach you to offer you drink. Half of them are jerks who just ask for fast sex. 
How to recognize their intentions?
Guy x will approach you to ask for dance. If you say yes, he will try to touch sensitive parts of your body, or ask for dark corners in the club. If you accept , he will try to kiss you in this corner or to take you in…

How to fall out of love?

Love makes our judgement misty. If you have problems with breathing, your heart beats faster or your hands are shaking when you talk with certain person, you fall in love. Your secret crush has power to turn your world around.
Fall out of love makes our mind sober. We are sad and disappointed, but when fairy tale is over , we will get objectivity. It is feeling when you open your eyes and see things different.
Well, heart job here is not done. It is not so simply to fall out of love, even our story needs logical end.
When is recommended to fall out of love?
You get bored with your partner. 
Your love is taken. 
Your partner treat you as toy.
Your love is far away from you.
You are discarded, your partner doesn't love you.

The problem is  you fall in love when you don't know this, there is no awareness. This is spontaneous act and suddenly butterflies are in your stomach. Maybe this was your friend, you knew him a long time ago. Then he smiled to you, he saved you from troubles, he was …

Are you enough selfish?

Did you ever find yourself in a situation that others accuse you of selfishness? You canceled the deal with someone because something urgent happened and you could not come. You missed the party because you had an important exam so you were studying. Your pet was sick and you could not go with a friend to watch a football match.  People will look situation different from you and it is not the rarity that someone will call you selfish. "You think only about your needs, what about me?" That is something that you hear when someone asks your attention. But, the key to happiness is indeed in selfishness. If we will always please to other wishes, when is our time? When we will do things for ourselves, which makes us happy? 
Ask every person with ambitions, ask every successful man how much time he found for own plans. How much selfishness is created during life, and why he realized his dream?
Helen and Alice were good friends, from high school until college. Alice was the party girl,…

When the internet rape people

Internet should be tool for connecting people who are far away. In many cases that is good way to talk with persons you will never meet in real life. But, when you open this secret box, you will find dark place with doors for revenge. You can be crucified on internet on many ways, and one of them is spreading porno video about you. If you are unknown person, probably that will not be so popular but it will stigmatize you. If you are celebrity, you are target for this deadly weapon.
Starting from Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, this kind of videos were popular toys to pull attention on main actors in this "movies." It was not harmful for all, so Kim made big business based on her video and probably nobody would be interested for The Kardashians without this little story. Croatian singer Severina claimed that someone stole video from her laptop and she rise big dust, but story was forgotten and she is popular singer now days. Shall we talk that mentioned girls…

6 things you should never tolerate in relations

Tolerance is beautiful human value. It shows a path to handle people when there is no reason for this. It shows us how much our nerves are strong. Also, we learn about ourselves, where are our limits. How much bad things some person can do before we erase her from our life? It depends on the level of your tolerance.
When you love someone, your tolerance is higher than usual. At the moment when you start to look this person with sparks in your eyes, you will lose objectivity. Everything you learned with years could be forgotten. You learned that you can't run for a person or beg her, you know that you can't allow someone to humiliate you. All these lessons will be covered with stardust of love. One his smile, and you will forget why you get angry on him. One his kiss, you will remember just why you love him. 
People are not saints, and forgiveness is not unconditional. Before or after, you will realize situations when your beloved person takes an advantage of you, and it will cha…

The duff ( Designated ugly fat friend)

Do you know the meaning of word DUFF? That is Designated fat ugly friend, by urban dictionary. So, now you expect creature about 100 kilograms weight, with thick glasses or pimples on face, who wish to be in your company? Or, maybe you wish to find someone similar, to pull more attention on yourself because two good-looking persons will look better with a third, plain or ugly person, who is walking with them? Society is cruel, especially when you are young. Everyone will talk about inside look, about the beauty of personality, but these things came out when you get older. When you are young, there is a possibility to collect crumbs from your pretty friends, because you are duff. 
Saturday night is here and you wish to go out, to meet awesome guys. You focus your attention on one, but he is too handsome, too cocky or just unavailable. Lucky for you, he has a duff friend. 

What is the task of this duff?
You can talk with a duff friend, to collect info about your guy.
If you are familiar with…

It is not my business?

Your decisions are results of choices. If anyone asked you, is it right to stand in your way, you would say no. Nobody has right to make an influence on your choices or to involve in something personally. Is that really true?
Imagine that your family member or friend has big issues in relationships. For example, your sister has a husband who beats her, and she doesn't want to leave him. Will you talk with her or him? Or, maybe your friend run for a man who makes idiot from her? Your heart is breaking because you can't help them. Your conscience cannot be quiet until you do something, no matter the result.
When I was a teenager, my mother gives me advice about a guy who called me in the middle of the night. I was angry on her, I said that she can't separate me from a man I like. It was an indeed manipulative bastard. He would call me and talk about possible suicide if I will not meet with him. After our adventure, I realize that my mother was right. I saw a man who was fragil…

The mistress by a recommendation

The relation is sharing of responsibility. Some men are not ready for relations, but they can't admit this to himself. They are searching, exploring and hurting women. Then, they will regret when is too late. What kind of expert advice should be given to immature men? Find a mistress, not a girlfriend. Find a woman who is married and who asks for a lover.
If you make a poll between women, they will not hide facts about lovers. If you wish to avoid egg in your face, don't ask a married woman about secret affairs. The answer will be: "I am a loyal and pure woman. Who, me? I would never do that. " An opposite, if you ask men, they will compete. Men in midlife crises, businessmen, playboys, they will brag about their mistresses because that is a symbol of power. 

When Prince Charles had affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, he proudly said that he would like to be her tampon. When Princess Diana had lovers, publicity judged her, as a woman under moral question. In history tim…

Things which money can't buy

The sound of money is favorite music for the ear. Who would not like to be rich? Imagine what you can buy with money, but also imagine what is still unreachable, despite your big wallet?
When Sam was angry, his mother would buy him chocolate. When he was crying, she would give him money for ice cream. As a teenager, Sam got a new car because he broke up with a girlfriend. His parents were rich and they wanted to make him happy, with money. As an adult man, Sam did big success. He is a boss in one successful private company, his wife has own fashion line and they are a rich couple. It looks perfect, but during one of his business trips he found a mistress and he bought her flat, just to meet with her from time to time. When Isabella, his mistress wanted to cut her wrists because she was lonely, Sam bought her plane ticket for Tahiti, to travel and clear her head. He has a solution for everything.  One day Sam got a new neighbor. She was separated woman, with a small kid. She was attracti…

How to get rid of a mistress?

Sparks are cruel tool. At the beginning two people will fall in love and they can't explain chemical reaction between them. Why they want to rip each other clothes, why they want to kiss all the time, and why everything is less important than their love, answer is somewhere in the heart.
When this situation chills out, love is discarded, person is rejected and it could be obstacle to your future. What we can say, that all what happened wasn't real? Or it was just magical moment with deadline?
Some men are simply promiscuous. They will get marry and once when they feel comfortable, hunter zone is again opened for them. What they need is mistress. They will find mistress, but then , after some time, mission is accomplished, and what now? They need new flesh, but how to get rid of old flesh?
Stephan is one of the bosses in high position, he works for government. He is in happy marriage, with two kids. His secretary, Alice, is sexy young woman. Once, in business trip, they involved a…