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Are you person with a soft heart?

Do you like to taste victory? This sweet feeling when you know, you won in the game. That means, other side is defeated and now you can celebrate. Winners are many kind, so you are merciful or ruthless. When gladiators fought in arena, emperor Neron decided to who will stay alive. Thumbs up and he is alive. Thumbs down and he is dead.
If you are softhearted, that is not your advantage. That is your weakness. You might give coin to beggar, but he can steal your wallet. You might forgive mistakes to your friend, but he can hurt you more next time. Your boyfriend cheated you and you pass over it, but next time he might repeat this. Once, when your opponent is on the ground, don't give him hand to get up. He can pull you to the ground again.
How your victory can turn into defeat because you forgive too fast?
Leila was cheated by her boyfriend Nicholas. They were 7 years together and Nicholas wanted some refreshment. He pick up girl while she was hitchhiking and make love with her in his …

How long you let someone disappoints you?

Disappointments are part of life. Remember the last time when someone turned you back or left without explanation. Remember when someone you cared about did something bad to you. People change, or we were not enough care to see their real nature. Estimation is key of a good relation, so if we don't estimate person in the correct way, disappointment just results. 
You might ask yourself, why someone hurts you if you did not do something wrong? 

There are few solutions:

People hurt each other because of jealousy. 
You have a pretty wife, expensive car, good job. Enough reasons for bad actions, for frustrated people.
People leave because of wrong expectations.
Maybe someone loves you, and you can't give love back. 
It is hard to persuade broken heart. The heart can't hear explanations, that you can't give your emotions for return.
People act on the bad way to pull attention on themselves.
Some people are as children. If you neglect them, they will break something to pull your atte…

A hamburger made in Croatia

Have you ever been tourist in Lake Plitivice? That is beautiful place in Croatia which i visited three times. Croatian pearl of nature is full of waterfalls and green - blue water looks as in fairy tale. Also you can breath fresh air with full lungs. Lake Plitivice is favorite destination of Asian tourists, who will not mind to enter into not so comfortable bus, just to see this miracle.
These days one man got hungry and ordered hamburger. He got meat between two slice of bread, with salad and tomato. He was bitter because it cost about 4 euro, and that photo appeared on social network, as warning for Croatian tourism. People say that is disgrace, how tourists are robbed by this price.

Yes, hamburger should have rolls, ketchup and bigger piece of meat, but that is not the point. If anyone think that you will pass cheaper in other countries, that is a lie. Just, touristic agency from other countries will not apologize, people will not make scandal as here in Croatia. Why should we apolog…

A single status - is this a benefit or a burden?

If you are single, some people will pity you, others will make jokes and it depends of you how to handle this. Differences between single and taken status are visible in friend circles. Couples will have prejudices about single people, as they are always available and free for others. Single person sometimes feel as black sheep in group of couples, because in coffee bar is always free chair for someone who is not here yet.

If you are single, is this burden or benefit?
Take a look at your list of benefits.
You pay bills alone and you don't share money with anyone.
You are not victim of jealousy.
You can go on striptease bar, beach party and football match without discussion with your better half.
You can flirt around without responsibility that you will hurt someone.
You can make mess in your bedroom and kitchen and nobody will complain that you are untidy.
You can listen music and watch movies accord your taste.
Remote control is yours.

Workplace is area where single people can't feel c…

How to make your dreams true?

Did you ever ask yourself why it takes so long to get what you wish? Or why some of your wishes never became true? Maybe you wish two opposite things at the same time so one thing will abolish another.

What happens when you think like this:
I wish to change my job but I don't want to leave my old workplace.
I wish serious relation but I can't stop flirting.
I wish to lose my weight but I can't stop eating candies.
I wish to have friends but I don't want to hang out with people.

Our perception is our guideline. If we think on the way to sit on two chairs, we are not focused. Some people will think that they can do everything and that sacrifice is not necessary. Is it possible to feed the wolf and not sacrifice the sheep? 
Well, if you havea fast metabolism you can eat candies, butthe question is how long. If you are married you can cheat partner, until your conscience tells stop or until he expose you as a liar and cheater. You can take from people until they realize that you …

Do you know when you need to shut up in the relationship?

If you ask men what they hate most, they will tell you about one sentence. "Let's seriously talk about us. " That words are death penalty for them, because behind it are hours of explanations, bad words and tears. If you are in phase to talk about your relation on this way, be sure it will not bring you nothing good. Men are simple, and their actions will speak more than words. If man stands near you, he is here and doesn't go anywhere else. If man is cheating you, he will make all possible excuses to run away from battlefield. Only rare men will accept challenge to explain their actions. 
Ex Croatian national football coach Igor ┼átimac cheated his wife during marriage. When journalists asked him about this, he just said : "So?" That was his explanation and he saved words. If you are not sure in feelings of your beloved, first make a question what brings you into situation that you must play detective with him. 

What women do in questionable situations, when…

4 illusions about happiness

"I wish to be happy. " How many times you said or heard this request? Happiness is a follower of power, so when we are happy we can reach impossible goals. Simply, this wind in the back is a motivator, and we are safe, whatever we do, it will be in right direction.
Here is a big catch. Many people are lazy and comfortable, so they can't recognize happiness as a reward at the end of hard work or as the crown of pain. So, you wish to avoid obstacles and just grab your happiness? 
Close your eyes and think about misleads, how much your perception of happiness is wrong.

You would never believe that these elements are indeed basic to happiness.
This is a situation where you try hard, and something is always on your way. Obstacles are here, and someone will always steal carpet under your feet. You will fall and fall.
You had a loss. You lost job, friends, love. Still, you don't realize that is part of future happiness.
Lack of justice.
Your neighbor is rich, and…

Can you tolerate the imperfection for the sake of love relationship?

What we wish or imagine is often different from what we get. Remember yourself as a child. If you are a woman, as a little girl you had a dream about a handsome man who will do everything for you. Maybe you fell in love with actor or face from the cover of the magazine. Maybe your dream was about a rich man who will give you a comfortable life. If you are a man, your vision could be blonde, sexy woman who will do everything for you, in the house and in bed. 
Adult person woke up with knowledge. Your man is maybe bald, too skinny or with fat belly. He earns an average salary and his mother is a boring person, but you need to show tolerance. Maybe he is handsome, but his character is far from expected. He is passive, maybe not so good lover or very demanding. Which leads me to the conclusion, can we accept people as they are?
Once when you learn to accept that people are not robots you will be happier. A simple recipe is, find in your partner anything what thrills you. He is not a rich ma…

5 signs how to recognize the addict?

Life on cloud is beautiful in fantasies, but hard in reality. Imagine that you are focused only on one thing, instead of many duties and obligation you should do next day. That one thing is your addiction. Ask yourself, did you ever forget to eat because in your mind was only cigarette? Did you forget to pick up kids from school because you get drunk? Maybe you did not came at date because you were gambling. Even it sounds really bad and irresponsible, these are characteristics of addicts.
I will not talk about medicinal basic because i have no expert knowledge about this. I wish to talk of something i saw and i passed before. 

These are patterns of behavior, when you met with addicts.
Drunk person, gambler,  internet freak and other addicts have many things in common.
Family, parents, job or friends are on the margin. 
These kind of addicts doesn't care for real world, their world is parallel . Day is passing with glasses of wine or another alcohol drink, with wins on the casino or wi…

A message from the one night stand

Did you ever fall into the arms of a stranger and spent a hot night with him? At this moment you did not make questions, decisions or any moral dilemma. You surrender yourself to him, without thinking what will be tomorrow. Later, if he did not call you, your best friend was with you to collect your pieces. 
When a friend asks you for advice to have sex with an unknown guy, you will say her:"Don't do it immediately. Wait. " When she does it anyway, and ask you for advice again, you say: "I told you not to do it, forget him now. " 

It is not over if your strategy is right, and you need to press some other buttons to catch this guy again.
The first button is self-control.
Try to think normal and don't expect his call. If he is interested, he will call you. Also, don't call him. You did one step too much, now is time to back off.
The second button is the formal button.
If he calls you, be polite, but formal. Don't say "I love you" or "I adore …