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Is your partner making you ashamed?

You are crushed into your partner over ears. Will you let him do anything, no matter what people say? The opinion of others is not important, but if you don't wish that people laugh at you or pity you, your partner will behave properly. What if you found a partner who makes you embarrassed?
This is a nightmare for every relation, someone you love is your shame. Men and women will afraid of a partner who will get them into an uncomfortable situation and in this case, there is a choice: stay with a partner or leave him.
On first sight, some characteristic will look cool in the eyes of people in love. Two teenagers are crazy in love, he said to his teacher to go to hell, he abandoned her class and shown middle finger. Later, when a couple grows up, he might leave his workplace with swearing. Then he will send his mother in law to hell.  Heather cried in relation with her ex-boyfriend Thomas, he was a great lover, but he ruined her reputation. All her friends started to avoid her because…

Manners and a fair play in football

Human ego is fragile as flower. Once when something touch it, ego is full of rage and person will make things out of control. If person is connected with any kind of sport, ego should be in background. How many times we saw crazy John Mc'Enroe who throw racket on the ground, or Goran Ivanišević who was swearing? They lost control when their game was not valued, as they thought.
Football is place for various drama. Zinedine Zidan hit italian player Materazzi with his head, Gonzalo Jara put his finger into ass of Cavanni, but in Croatia we also have our gamer for race. His name is Paolo Machado. He is from Portugal, but he plays in Croatian football club Dinamo. I am supporter of Dinamo a long time ago, even this club needs good injection to show some results. In the moment Dinamo is on the way to reach Euro champion League , but they need to change strategy. 
Their coach Zoran Mamić was accused for criminal acts, as corruption and fraud, and he spent 10 days in Croatian jail Remetine…

How to protect your spouse from your ex-partners?

Love is the human purpose and we search our soulmate to realize this. Every woman wishes to find the right one, and during searching, she will cry, suffer and ask everyone why she is cursed and unhappy. On the other hand, that woman forgot that she is in the game and that searching is exciting. Just like in football championship, she is in the first league and she is fighting for the title with the competition. 

Women forget the feeling of passion, adrenaline, electricity in blood until they are changing partners in hope that between them is a real one.  Some women wish to stay always in the game, even when they get married. So, now here is perfect husband and kids, but that is already boring, let's win another title. Somehow, women in forties wish to beat the younger competition, as some old sports champions wish to fight young rivals. In this dangerous game, that women risk something valuable, just to taste fresh blood once again.
When woman decide that is time for playoff, it has …

The vacation with a selfie

Do you remember summer holidays before cell phones and internet? Somewhere in the sea, while sun rays shine, you are writing a postcard to your friends and parents, to notify them how you have fun. Or you call them to talk about the warm sea and how you get tanned, how many sexy guys are here and how many women in topless you noticed. After this you will close your eyes and drink your cocktail, trying to relax and forget obligations. I remember I was happy every summer because it was my chance to see something new and to take a break from exams. Later, my batteries were filled and I was a new person.
This year I was on vacation on Island of Pag, famous Zrce beach with many parties. This place was familiar as Sodoma and Gomora, and even it was my seventh time to travel there, every time people were wondering about rumors, is that really true. Sex in forests, the man who stabbed other with a knife and stole his cell phone, a dead man found on the beach were just a few of many news from t…

Why you always meet Mr Wrong?

The main subject of many female conversations will be about love. Did you find the perfect match, who is he, how long are you together and when you will get married for him? If you are happy, friends will listen to you and go to next point, because happiness is boring and they want to hear about problems. If you caught Mr. Wrong, you are an ideal partner for coffee time with disappointed women. 
It is not the first time that women kick out from their circles someone who is happy. Well, Sandra found a good husband, what we will talk with her? Sheila has the perfect marriage, there is nothing to add. Suddenly, here is a big abyss between single and married women, and married women should be guilty for their cozy life because they are benefited. Even worse, why guy pick Sheila, not you? You are better than her, she was so slutty and indeed stupid, so why she? If Sheila wants to give you an advice, you will get offended, after all, who gave her right to mock you? 
My officemate made a big l…

Is shopping time a nightmare for men?

If you are a woman, ask your partner about shopping. I assume, he will open his mouth and say: "Is it necessary? Am I obligated to go with you?" That is the natural reaction of almost every man. Shopping is equal to a nightmare for them. They see a big crowd of screaming women in the line who complain to each other about their weight and lack of money. Also, they see a direct attack on their credit cards and disaster to their wallet. So, if he rejects you, take your female friends with you to spare him trouble. In ancient times, men were haunting to bring a meal to their women, and they stayed at home with kids. They had no clothes from markets and men were happy. Some of them wish to turn into the stone age and bring bear fur to their women, just to keep them quiet. 

A man's psychology is different, they don't need purses and stockings, their shoes are not with high heels and they don't care about combinations. Unless they are not fashion models, they will avoid s…

When champions play dirty game

What would you do for your success? Would you betray a friend, walk over a corpse or just make someone ashamed? If you humiliate someone who is more rated than you, people will finally look at you, isn't it? If you throw an egg into the face of a famous politician, you will warn others that something is not alright, but it depends how they will react on this.
Copa America is famous football championship in Latin America. The most interesting football match was between Chile and Uruguay. Both teams were successful in World championship in Brazil 2014. Edinson Cavani, the player from Uruguay, was good goal maker there, together with Louis Suarez. So Uruguay had good odds to go further and won Copa America. But, Gonzalo Jara had another plan. 
Football is a long time ago more than a game with the ball. There are strategies, psychological games, racism, and many politicians poke nose in a choice of players. The referee is also key to the game, if he is unfair, he can spoil every joy. Re…