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7 threats in your love socket

Once upon a long time, the ago beautiful girl got married to handsome and rich prince charming. They lived in a fairy tale with adorable kids. Princess was always beautiful with a gorgeous smile, and the prince could not take eyes from her, so he never noticed another woman. If you read cheap romantic novels as a teenage girl, it could be a shortcut. 
In reality, marriage is bond between two people and many obstacles. Only the strongest and honest survive. Marriage will not last forever because she is a beautiful woman with the gorgeous smile or because he is blindly crushed in her. Let's imagine one circle, with these two people. They live in harmony but surrounded by demons. Marriage is exposed to threats and you can lose partner if you don't use two powerful weapons: control and patience. 
When you wake up in bed and your sleep partner is near you, you are not alone. Around you are demons, ready to make a mess in your love socket. Bad big wolves and little naive girl are in t…

Male pigs - theory of frustrated women

I never liked people who change their attitude like socks. Depends on situation, new trends or something third, attitude of such people will modify in something more cool or acceptable. Another reason is, they just wish to update others by their wishes, and offer themselves as the best example. 
When some women change marital status, they act like preachers. If they get marry, others will be shit, unworthy of any chance. If they get divorce, others will be old fashioned, totally out and dependable on men. That is typical attitude for woman who changes skin as snake, and who seeks for understanding and attention, because she can't deal with situation alone.
Rebecca is passing hard divorce. She was married for a years, she has daughter, and husband cheated her. Even everyone knew that Rebecca adored her husband, now her words are full of bitterness. She provoked young colleague at work who recently got married. "Wow, you still believe in this institution. You are romantic fool. &…

Mateo and a woman with mustaches

Every footballer has a dream about playing in the big club as Real, Barcelona or Manchester United. Many of them never realize that dreams,  but Croatian footballer Mateo Kovačić did it. He is now playing for Real Madrid even he is only 21 years old. As every successful, young, handsome and talented footballer, Mateo is on the target of the public. Who would believe in this, because that modest, religious guy who is 5 year in romantic relation with beautiful girlfriend Isabela was role model for teenagers.

Mateo got some haters because of two things:
He kissed emblem of Real Madrid.
He said that his woman needs to cook and that he is the one who will earn money for decent life.
Croatian supporters attacked Mateo cause they think he should kiss only national emblem, not Spanish symbol. They considered this as treason. Well, I disagree with this. Imagine that your dream became true and you are so fascinated that you want to jump from joy? Mateo probably felt gratitude in this moment so he k…

The story about a fake hero and a lion

Lion is for me symbol of power, danger and beauty. When american dentist Walter Palmer killed famous lion Cecil, i felt sadness. This 13 year old animal was dying 40 hours, and illegal hunter, ex sexual abuser , so called dentist Palmer made photo with his trophy, to brag about masculinity. It was toast to his fragile, insecure ego and confirm that he is a man.
This story made me thinking about some primitive men these days, who still live in stone age, and think that real evidence of masculinity is killing, beating women and having sex with any girl who pass in their life. There is a confusion between truth about real man and vision of macho type, who exist only in cartoon or action movies. 
In high school, male circle could be very cruel. They will ask proof of masculinity and if boy doesn't accept this, everyone will laugh to him. The price is, damage yourself, damage girl you love if you need, but be a man. 
I remember guy from my high school who said : "I will drink and smo…

How some women fool men with a make-up?

Woman's  face is space for painting, for those who are not satisfied by their natural look. Fake lashes, mascara, lipstick and all cosmetic tricks will make you awesome, as your role models in magazine. All right, i am kidding, probably you love yourself and you don't want to ruin your face with too much makeup. What if you have perfect makeup and you lose man because he saw you without this, in your natural edition, when you did not expect this?

In Algeria man started court trial based on this subject. Day after wedding, man wants verdict about his marriage, as it never existed because he is victim of fraud. He said, this marriage is not valid, because he saw his wife first time without makeup and that person is very different from glamorous woman as he knew. People around world at forums judged him as jerk and make pity about poor woman, who found this creature. He will throw her away, because he could not stand to see her face without makeup? Indeed, he is a jerk. He is supe…

Do you use a control buttons?

What makes difference between humans and animals are boundaries inside. We have that kind of trig which blinks in an important moment. When we don't wish to feel guilty, ashamed or embarrassed, it is necessary to pull the trig. 
Instincts are wild factors and the person who follows only instinct will crazy have fun. What happens later? Regret instead of joy, insomnia instead of a happy dream. We hurt someone because that trig did not work on time.
Helen was always decent and devoted wife. Then she went at a business trip and met that guy. He was her business partner, so they got drunk and continued their party in a hotel room. Her trig was destroyed and also she lost a business opportunity. After this, she could not look her boss into eyes and she could not admit to her husband. This secret was buried in a deep corner of her sobriety, but every time when she looked herself in the mirror, she wanted to spit on her face. 
We are not equal and some will be born with lack of brakes. Othe…

Do you follow social conventions?

We talk about free human rights at every opportunity, but society is made in the matrix. Even someone wants to fit in, standing out will be a better solution if you follow your instinct. At first sight is cool to fit between your friends or colleagues, but if you feel ridiculous or uncomfortable, this feeling will be as walking in too tight shoes. The question is: can you get out from the crowd and make own rules, or you will stay and dance on music made by others? We live in one big matrix even many are not aware of this. When you do something out of the matrix, the rule of society is broken and now you will get punishment. Judgment, isolation, the rage of the crowd, cause you are black sheep who need to get out from this herd. 

How matrix looks like?
For sure you will recognize some neighbors, friends, and colleagues as blind followers of the matrix, in this cases:
When you are 16, kiss for the first time.
When you are 18, find first boyfriend or girlfriend. High school relations are coo…

Jealousy as a backup plan

It is hard to get over someone you loved. In every breakup is amount of tears, rage and revenge. Even when we cried all tears, our mind will seek for revenge. How you handle breakup, depends on your maturity. Wise person will walk away and turn head, focus on future and what is next. Insecure people will stay in past, asking what was wrong and how to back in the game. Breakups are various and sometimes broken relation has second chance. Just, person who broke up need to make first step to reunion. 
One of the worst solution to bring back person who left you is jealousy. Simply, to find some idiot who will help you to make ex partner jealous, to go back into the game. Some people do that and this is very selfish act, especially if you did not notify your partner in crime what is all about. Find cute guy to make your ex jealous, but what if that cute guy loves you? You will hurt him as your ex hurt you?
Kelly was in love in Gavin a long time ago. He did not noticed her, he was local pl…

What is a platonic love?

"I love him as best friend and brother. We understand each other as twins. He touched my spirit. But, i have no desires toward him. "
This is definition of platonic love, relation about two persons based on friendship, without passion. When people make excuses why to stay together in relation which is not hot, they talk about platonic love. They will talk about stars which lose light with years. They will talk about common bills instead of kiss. Also, they will see family and relatives every time when they wish to make love. This kind of love should be free of every spontaneous reaction, anger, jealousy or rage. Platonic couple is connected with blood relation, and there is no jealousy because they have mutual roots. 
I could mention many couples who fit into definition of platonic love. So, some of my female friends talked about this feeling, even they have no clue that is platonic.

" I don't know am i fall in love or just loved by him. I mean, my ex, we were so hot, …

A ballad about a virtual couples

The biggest paradox of modern time is sharing our feelings with mechanic tools without emotions and expectation of love for return. The computer is our messenger, the internet is our voice. Many people will fall in love through virtual space, where love makes various choices. When you date with a person who is available to you in reality, rules are different than in social networks. As a real couple, you will pass through usual problems, but conversation eye to eye will make things easier. This possibility is limited in virtual space because you can't touch person, sometimes even not hear or see, and your partner is a ghost.
As much how internet makes strangers from people, on another hand it connect us with strangers. So in this situation, we are now strangers for our friends and family, and we connect with unknown people as friends, even lovers. This is a double cross, because once when you give trust and confidence to the person in virtual space, she will expect something from y…