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561. Casino - place between hell and paradise

Get up early and stay at work , then repeat it until weekend. It doesn't sound nice , isn't it? Industrial age invented work time 8 hours, and when alarm clock rings , this sound is worse than any bad songs you listened during your life. So, thoughts about easy money are present in your mind, you would sell soul to devil just to stay in bed. That is how average person lives, work for money.  One day i was walking in the street and two pretty girls gave me free tickets for casino. It was promo ticket and i went there to taste luck. I did not win, but they wake up my curiosity so next time i came with my money and won. During seven years i was winning and losing , depends of luck. I don't have debts but i heard about people with bad destiny, who get into troubles because of pathological  gambling. I heard about neighbor who lost flat because he had no money to return. I heard about man who spent social recompense for his children, all on poker table. I heard about other man, …

560. Hot zone - 5 signs of identification

Guys will easy slip in their attempts to go with attractive woman in bed. Some signs are wrongly translated and clumsy guy could stay in trap. She said that i am handsome and she kissed me, but when i wanted the main part, she suddenly back off. How is it possible? That are differences between genders, because women will not express their desires to make love so simply, as men. During centuries women were punished because they were too open and too easy. Even these days, in some countries woman is guilty for being raped, because he dare to challenge men with her clothes. All that stereotypes are deep buried in mind of every woman, so in the moment when woman wish to make love, her intentions will be mysterious. Experienced guy will read this signs, but what is with others?
Colin described his experience. Patricia was woman of his dreams, and they were hanging out all the time. They hold their hands , kissed each other in cheek and shared secret. It was summer when Colin tried more, to …

559. Emotional slut

Emotional burden on your heart is not easy to handle. This moment when you feel bitterness  something in you wish to share it with others. Your hand will grab cell phone to call friend. "Now, something is urgent, i must tell you what happened to me. "  You will say what's bother you to your best friend, then to your second best friend and to your work mates, your relatives, maybe some passengers on the street too? If you act like this, you are kind of emotional slut.
Feelings are something sacred. If you feel ashamed because of something, if you crossed line of behavior, if you fall in love in someone who is not appropriate, you should be careful to whom you will say this. Now that is trap, because people will judge you or share to others. It is not the same when you say : "I love to drink hot coffee" or to say "I love tied hands when i make love. " 
When some women complaint that guy did not call for next date, they need to return to their previous con…

558. Sealed with a blood

Say someone that something is forbidden and you will wake up his curiosity. When movie "Nymphomaniac 1" came in cinema, it was not recommended for minors. But, despite of alert, teenagers watched that movie, even it was forbidden in Turkey and marked as out of moral. The same thing is with love relations. Try to make some fence between two people who wish to be together, and they will do everything to break this.
In 15 century Romeo and Juliette were young people in love. She was 17, he was 15, and their families were enemies. Circumstances were against their love and Juliette drink poison to die, rather then to be separated from Romeo. Juliette woke up because poison was not enough effective, and saw dead Romeo who made suicide because he thought that his sweetheart is dead. After saw his dead body, Juliette stabbed herself with knife and died.

In 21 century things are different. Teenagers use aggression to get what they want, and it is not rare case that teenager is able to …

557. Happy end for playboy

When Bryan walked into room, every woman looked this guy. He was charming, talking with everyone and had nice words for all. Until the end of the year, Bryan slept with many women from his workplace. He broke hearts, but still all wanted to be with him. Stella had big decision, to catch him for herself. He should be only hers. That kind of plan is draft when you wish to catch playboy. Some boys will wonder, why their rude, promiscuous and nasty friends change girlfriends so fast, and they barely find someone to date? On other side, women will ask how to stop playboy and how to be the last station for him?
So, you crush in him, and he has many affairs. He is nice with you, he gives you chances, but soon you realize that you are only number and that you can't stop him. 

In this case, women do some basic mistakes. If you wish to stop playboy, don't do this:
Don't try to prove him that you are special. He will notice by himself.
Don't insist to date with him if he already say n…

556. 7 bad habits at workplace

When you hold key of your privacy, lock the door. In these modern times, when "Big Brother" and bunch of reality shows rape our privacy, real art is how to hide your intimacy from unwanted trespass. One of the most dangerous area is workplace. Have you ever experienced, that you bring your job into home, and your private life at work? Maybe you are not aware of this, but if your colleagues became your therapists and your boss your shrink, you are already there.
Job interview starts with question about your marital status, but employees will ask do you have kids, or are you planning family. This is already red area, and you are not obligated to talk about your future plans. Private firms will try to expand their views about you, if you are serious candidate. You are woman, and you might have plans about kids for one year? They wish to know, how much you will be present and focused at work. I understand them, but person is on the way to turn into robot. Official phones, laptops…

555. Candy man

If you are the one of women who likes younger men, you like challenges. People might stigmatize you as seductress or cougar , because you are going against wind of society. Recently i watched Facebook profile of Croatian model Vlaho Arbulić, who put photos with his girlfriend Tatjana Dragovic. She was married for famous tennis player Goran Ivanišević, and now she is in relation with handsome model Vlaho, who is much younger than she. One woman wrote nasty note under photo : "Young guy and old granny, it doesn't fit together."
I wonder, if this was opposite, if man had 50, and woman had 30, would people comment at the same way? Probably, women would say that he is mature man , financial independent and still able to have family, and she is woman who fits accord standards. Once, i heard so called advice from older man, who said to me : "man must be at least 10 years older than woman, because men grow up slow. " I am the one of women who likes younger men, and all …

554. Friendly masquerade

Meeting new people is awesome. You learn about various things through different opinions. Friendship is trade of values and special experience. No matter are that friends real or virtual, are they from your city or even out of your country, every friend is new lesson in your life. If you are optimist then you believe that you met friend for a lifetime. If you think different, something  tells you that other person will take an advantage from you. Simply, someone will screw you. 
If you wish to avoid "i told you" opinion, little guideline will help you to recognize person under mask, before he shows real face.

What kind of friendships are the most suspicious?
Friendship at first sight.
When someone calls you "my bestie" after few days of hangout, something is wrong in the air.
Friendship connected with bottle.
These are drinking buddies. If you drink together, it doesn't mean he is your best buddy. He is someone who will bring beer for party.
Inherited friend.
Someone y…

553. Drunk in love

Any choice you make, do it sober. When you pick partner during one drunk night, dawn will be painful. Imagine lights in night club, or walking in the beach under influence of alcohol, he whispers you sweet words into your ears, and you are hypnotized by liquor from your glass. If he is handsome, he will be magic man. If he is ugly, he will be handsome. Your mind will give wrong judgment , just because you are drunk. Alan met Celia in the club, when he was sad and drunk. They were kissing, but other day he noticed her small mustaches . He was shocked, i mean woman with hairy mouth? He made excuse not to see her again. This kind of examples are mirror of wrong perception and twisted mind. 
Helen had other kind of story. She was in the car with Gary and she was drinking whisky and cola, to relax before sex. When she was already half naked, she felt pressure at bladder. "Oh i need to pee. " She was running half naked between cars to find her place for toilet. And it happened 5 tim…