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Why he did not call you back?

Pending time is a crucial part of human relations. How you deal with waiting, delays, and hesitations, it shows the level of your patience and state of your nerves. This is the entrance to your dignity. If you are a woman who is waiting, you will sometimes feel like a fool. If you are a man, maybe you will appreciate your partner more while you are waiting for a reply to your question.
Do you know how to read from silence? Or, you are chasing a wind? Some women will desperately still catch their prince, trying to translate what he wanted to say when he did not call them back. Typical scenario happens when two people are dating, and he doesn't call again. The naive girl will ask her friends what is happening or call him back. He will not be at home (how convenient) or his mother will tell that he is busy (probably with his remote control while he watches a football match. ) 

What to do, when he doesn't give feedback?
Wait few days before you do anything.
If he calls after a month, …

Are you a good listener?

We are surrounded by cell phones, computers, i-phones and other gadgets, which distract our attention. If you ask for a friend who will listen to you, that is a hard task. As much gadgets became great tools to avoid someone, on another hand we are their prisoners. Imagine when you traveled by bus or train before 20 years, and a bunch of creepers annoyed you. How to escape? You would buy the biggest newspaper to hide your face, just not to listen old lady in front of you who were talking about their grandchildren. Today, you will look at a creature from Star Wars. Tablet in your lap, earphones in your ears, cell phone in your hands and i-pod in your purse, for any case. The main question is how long your battery will last and did you spent all credits, because how you will reply to the important message?
How many of you can say that you found the good friend, who will follow your conversation with attention? This world became selfish, not the just technological place. If we all talk jus…

Sprinkle yourself with ashes

We like to believe that our beloved people are perfect. Once you heard something bad about them, you might be shocked. What, that dear neighbor, he was in prison before 10 years? This kind woman next door cheated his husband? The point is, if you have impression that someone is pure and perfect, it is because that person has good self promotion. Some people are simply experts for own marketing, how to cover all glitches and to show themselves in the best light. Later, others might attack you if you try to expose them.

Honesty is a value, but when you wish to get some points in social life, that is not always the way. It is better to hide your black stories from the past. People will not understand your honesty. Imagine that you get great job and someone ruins your reputation , in a way to found out your secrets. Our weakness works against us and in fact, we are the worst enemies to ourselves.
Mia had good knowledge as legal expert, she was awesome lawyer, but colleagues saw her drunk at…

You are what you eat

Recently my neighbor died.  The woman was more than 120 kilograms weight. She could not walk so people delivered her food into her flat. She had problems with breathing and heart attack caused her death. All her life was based on food. Her stories were about ice cream, cookies, wonderful lunch on the beach, delicious slices of meat. She did not have a husband or boyfriend and when her mother died, he lived alone with bags of food. In the end, food was her executor. 

These days I read about plus-size models, girls from the fashion industry, who appeared as a response to anorexic models. So, in the time when Kate Moss introduced as a model with 170 cm heights and 43-kilogram weight, all were shocked. You could look through her bones. Nowadays, everyone talking about plus size model Amber Graham, chubby girl who is 1,75 cm tall and 77 kilograms weight. Even more, press represents Tess Holiday, a model who is only 1,59 cm tall and about 130-kilogram weight. Her statement is: "every gi…

Do you fit in or stand out?

If you are one of those who knows how to fit in, probably you have many friends. You have a team, they stand behind your back and support you. Are you strong, powerful person? Can you say to your opponents: "Take care of me, cause my team will ruin your life. " When ex Croatian tennis player Iva Majoli divorced from ex-husband, her words were: "Beware of dark, it will swallow you." Everyone who can count on gorillas, because of money, power or any other reasons, is not alone.
On opposite side, are you one of those who defends rights alone? 
Can you stand against the crowd, lonely and without background, just with your principles behind you?

Imagine these situations:
You are in bus and radio is loud. You are the only one who complains. Yes or no?
Neighbor beats his wife. Others will not interfere, but you are the only one who will defend her. Yes or no?
You have a friend at Facebook who constantly tag others. You are the only one who will remove the tag. Yes or no?

Why some women force marriage?

Serbian basketball player Miloš Teodosić recently got tempted offer from beautiful pin up girl Nataša Šavija. Girl saw his photos in newspaper, also she heard that he is famous, so she sent him public message : "I want to marry for you and to wash, iron and clean for you. I will give a birth to 5 children, all for you. " Many men would imagine himself as her husband, but Miloš answered : "I want girl with brain, so get marry for someone else and give him five children . "
His reaction was a bit harsh, but he sent clear message that he doesn't want pushy woman who will be with him just because of his glory. If he was carpenter, would she offer herself so openly? That is in fear of many men, that they will find girlfriend who wish their money and who will marry just to have wealth and children. 
As much women are afraid that their man is not ready for marriage and children, men are afraid that they found bachelorette.
Who is bachelorette and how to recognize her?

Is your soulmate your turn on ?

As beginners in romantic relations, we first make fantasies about our ideal partners. What's turn you on? Do you think everything will be perfect if you get the guy from your imagination? What's turn you off? Will you be miserable if you get a husband from the turn off the list?
Jane never liked men with a fat belly and hairy men. That was a sign that man is too old and untidy. She was dating guys from the gym but all broke her heart. She was an easy target for them, horny and fast to jump in bed with muscles. Well, when Jane met Albert, she was down after breakup. Albert, a man with a fat belly and hairy face, worked in the same office with her, as a new workmate. He was everything she did not want, but he had a great sense of humor. Also, he was a gentleman, educated and patient. He gave her feeling of dignity back. In the end, she got married for turn off guy.
Question: if the guy is turned on, do you easier fall on him? Will you let him make love with you on first sight beca…

Why office work sucks?

One day at work last 8 hours. Trend in European union is working week with smaller number of hours, and there are differences. 35 hours working week in France against 39.3 hours of working week in Croatia makes difference. 30 hours at week in Netherlands sounds as fairy tale for tired people. Industrial revolution invented this kind of torching even that is not in harmony with human's emotions and body structure. Why? 
Humans are not robots. Life will not stand because you are working and you can't go out from your workplace. Wake up early with terrible sound of alarm, be careful with closed eyes in traffic, walk through crowd and go at your workplace to listen new orders. If you were robot, all emotions would have button off, and when you have important task , this button would be eliminated temporary. 

Unfortunately, this program is different in human structure, so next things are happening at work:
Women get periods. Bleeding slows working process. This two days at month woman…

How to deal with a toy boy?

Playing with feelings is very cruel game. Someone loves you, and you define the path of this relation. So, it means, you will reply to message when you wish, you will date with a person when you wish and you will break up when you wish. This is an advantage when you love less or when you don't love at all. Women will complain about cruel men, but we also have a horse for the race. For years, every woman learns how to deal with players and it is not hard to become a coach. Imagine that you are in a period in life when you have all that you wanted. Marriage, kids, successful job, but still some things from past are unsolved and you want to heal old wounds, even to get revenge for the time when you were humiliated. Now is the right moment, because you are strong enough, you have the background and little girl who cried on every harsh word died. 
Roberta got married before a year ago. She loves her husband but she still did not heal some bad experiences from the past. It was something t…