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3 types of toxic relations

Have you ever feel that you stand between love and hate toward one person? Your heart loves him, but your mind despise your choice. This happens when your partner is humiliating you. In this way, that is Stockholm syndrome, when you are bonded with someone who doesn't love you. This is a relation between master and slave. He will not leave you, but you will give him your heart on the palm. That means, he will take from you all what he wishes, and if you complain, it will get worse. Chemistry is a weird thing. Once when someone press right buttons, you will not ask what this could bring to you. That man makes you hot, you enjoy to make love with him, and you love him. If you scratch under surface, there are many failures. He is not obligated and not responsible for you, because you are the one who asked this, not he. He only accepted what you offered to him.
How you will know that you involved in toxic relation? 
This kind of relationship could be covered with sweet words, promises, h…

Is your mother in law Bogeyman?

Once when you got married, you will spread your social circle, because together with your husband you will get bonus gift. Welcome to his family , especially in arms of his mother. Your romantic fairy tale will be richer with another creature, your mother in law. If you believe that she will accept you as you are, you are naive. Every mother in law thinks that son is her property and you are considered as enemy number one, unless you capture her heart. Some marriages broke under her influence, other survived, but the main character in this game is your husband, who will take an important decision: will he act as man or he is still a little boy. In this game i took victory because my mother in law did not favorize me, but i got support of my husband. 
What woman can expect from her mother in law, once when she enters into husbands family?

Here are some basic complaints.
" You don't cook good. My son is skinny because of your meals. " " This flat is not clean enough. I sho…

Did you break someone's heart?

Playing with feelings is a cruel game. Any normal person can't feel pleasure to left someone in tears or broken. In a situation when the ego is celebrating, conscience still regret, why should we hurt someone who did not deserve this? 
If I ask you did you break someone's heart, you might say no. Well, if you think deeper, you will remember past events when someone's heart was broken, by your fault. You did not mean it, you did not do intentionally, but the damage is done. 
If you are an interesting woman, attractive, smart and sensitive, you will pull attention. Even your heart is focused on one guy, you can't prevent yourself to be someone's silent pain. You don't know for him, you did not do anything, except you exist. Still, that person can consider you as a heartbreaker, because he imagined in his mind common life with you. 

When is possible that you will break someone's heart?
Your photos are on the internet. You are pretty. Some guy will fall in love wit…

Is your partner overprotective?

Basic instinct of every man is to care for his woman. Either to bring her food or drink, either to protect her from another men. Mature man will know how to face it with some jackass who wish to stole their girlfriend, but young guys will be in dilemma, how to protect their honor and not to hurt their better half with aggressive behavior. 
I heard story about this topic from my friend. He went to date with younger girl and they visited night club. While he was in toilet, she was in the corner, dancing and waiting for him. Suddenly, other guy approached her and offered her drink. She accepted. When my friend came back, his girlfriend was chatting and drinking cocktail with unknown guy. He reacted impulsive, he wanted to get out and fight with the competition. But, when that other guy accepted invitation , he suddenly gave up. My friend explained this : "Why to beat somebody because my girl accepted his drink? She should not accept this because she came with me. At least, she preten…

Are you sitting on the two chairs?

Sitting on two chairs is a phrase for infidelity. One person is between two fires, with the inability to choose. Simply, the person feels comfortable in a situation where she can take all the best for herself. Selfish, isn't it? Roots of such behavior are not always in hunger for sex or mean nature. This person is not always ruthless or egoist. Maybe she is abused as a kid and she felt lack of love, so this is her way to complete herself. Triangles can't last forever, because sooner or later protagonists will find out what is going on. What will be consequences? A person who was sitting on two chairs will fall on the floor. 
Even this sounds out of morality, some triangles are not so dangerous.

Imagine yourself in this situations:
You are a teenager and you like two guys. Which one to pick? So you will meet secretly with both.
You are married and you have a virtual lover. He is far away from you, in another country, and you will never meet again.
You are bonded to your colleague at …