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595. Male virgin - prince without experience

If you ask men when they lost virginity, they will say : "I was 16. I was 18. I was 22. " Some will even say : "I was 14. " And some will say with reserve : "I was 25 but i was so picky. " Rare man will admit that he had 30 or 35 years when he first time made love with woman. Brazilian footballer Kaka wanted to save his innocence for marriage, so he was virgin until he got married. Or it was good marketing? In general, men doesn't want to talk about lack of experience, because it makes them bitter feeling, especially if their woman expects certain skills in bed.
Tell man that you are virgin, he will not judge you. Unless you are over 30, he will ask you what you did until know. Your reasons could be religious nature or you just wanted to be in marriage to make love. Man will understand you , if he is conservative, he will even be proud, because he is your first lover. 
Well, tell woman that you never made love, it will be problem. Man who is 30 years ol…

594. Ghost relation

After breakup, relation is dead. It doesn’t mean that feelings are dead. The same is with rejections. Just because someone rejected you, it doesn’t mean that you stop immediately your feelings for this person. In both cases, this is ghost relation. We are bonded by our addiction, sadness, broken ego, and it can’t have nothing with love.

Let’s suppose that you are loving person. You had success with many guys , you are picky and it gives you big choice. One day someone said no. How is possible, everyone loves you, and he said no? You keep following him, because he is the only you want.

Ghost relation is connection between subject and object. Subject is person who loves someone who said no, object is a target. This object can’t express love, so relation is one sided. Now, you will say, very simple, object will walk away and this is end. Sometimes, person gives fake hopes.

When person accepts ghost relation?

There is nobody better in the moment. Why not to enjoy in company of someone who…

593. Body language

Chemistry is something what you can't fake. Sparks are visible from the plane, and vibrations travel free, without control. Body language is universal language of humans. Wrong translation can get you into problems.
If someone make a quiz, to guess which people are indeed couples, you can guess it by some marks. 

They look each other in the eyes, and touch randomly, without plan. 
They smile a lot, because of mutual impression.
They are arguing about small things. 
They did not notice how much time they spent on the same place.
They are cleaning each other. You will move bread crumbs from his shirt, he will wipe small glitch of chocolate from your lips.
When people try to hide relation, or problematic past relation, they will control their reactions. This is an opposite effect, because all what you would do in contact with this person is now contrary. For example, you would say hello and shake hands on the street, but now you will turn on your head and walk faster, because you don'…

592. Annoying couples

Imagine that you are on desert island with the same person for a month. You will not avoid conflict at least once. When people spent so many hours a day together, they start to get bored and unconsciously asking for an argument. In some moment, you will fall into abyss of misunderstanding, when you stick with each other as inseparable humans. Then you will realize are you match or not.

Here are 3 biggest lies in one relation:
We never argue.
We think the same as one soul.
When we think opposite, i always support him for the sake of love.

As someone who know partner 15 years, i can sincerely say that we argued many times. Sometimes it was unpleasant, sometimes i yell or cry, but it is healthy way in one relation. I know that my partner is not cuckold and he knows that i am not fragile flower. I never wanted different way. It would be too easy for me. At least, here is no secrets between us, even we are sometimes as rivals on opposite sides.
For sure you know some couples which irritates you …

591. Old maid

Blonde woman in short skirt was crossing the street. I was in morning walk with my friends.  Cloud full of perfume entered into my nose, woman passed next to me as walking circus. My friend commented after 10 minutes : "That is Iris, old maid. " Iris is one of women who tried to win race with time. She is over 55, but always ready for competition with much younger ladies. She never got married because , accord her words "all were out of my league. " Now she is trying to find partner, but time is cruel and this is more dead race.  In Croatia we said "granny girl " or "old maid" for woman who is wearing clothes inappropriate to her ages. She tried to be young outside and inside, and in many situation it will make negative effect. 

How old maid behave?
She is jealous on younger competition.  Often, this kind of woman will gossip younger colleagues at work, because they wear sexy clothes, and it fits to them.
She tries to seduce every man , to confirm he…

590. Playgirl

Women talk about players. Those are guys who are educated to break your heart. If you see another angle of this story, some women are also players. As much they afraid of playboy, men should be careful with playgirls. Do you think that new age brings us this news? No, women are players from the beginning of history. Cleopatra, empress Sissi, Anne Boleyn, they were players. They knew old skills, how to play with men when you wish to accomplish your aim, or if you want revenge. 
Where are roots of woman's game? 
Helen was born as good girl. Her father was the best person in this world. Gentle, kind and emotional father, role model for every daughter. Helen raised with beliefs that every man is like her father. She entered in man world totally unready. Her first love was from high school, but he never noticed her. She needed experience so she started relation with first guy who fall in love in her, He grabbed her as trophy, She believed that is love, but later she did not liked him any…

589. The eyes of despair

When i visit night club in my city, i see always two guys in the corner. One is drinking juice, i suppose he is driver. Other is drinking wine or beer. They change roles with time, so the one who drives took shorter straw, because night will be more boring without alcohol. Other guy will be drunk so he will pretend that he enjoyed. The truth is, they are loners by years and they can't find girlfriend. Amazing thing in my city is that some things never changed. The same loners still stayed single, and taken girls are taken or divorced and taken again. This is like shopping when customers are the same and with same habits. Rich buyers will buy expensive things, and poor will just watch and leave.
That two guys are not handsome men. This is not the point of their story. They are single because they never tried to find girl. Their faces are grumpy as before judgment day , so which girl would like to drink beer with them? 
People believe that they can't find partner because they are …

588. Fear of replacement

Competition is pain in the ass. Once when you feel that someone replaced you, your ego is wounded. Dignity is under question and you can ask yourself why is that other person better than you and what makes her/him so special. How to get back in the game ? Are you senior like in tennis, who wish to defeat younger players with your big experiences? Or, you will just let it go and make peace with destiny, because your time is over?
Friendship, job and love are three spots where is replacement possible, and in all areas this could be painful. So, your friend doesn't think that you are cool anymore, and he found new team? Your boss got rid of you because he needs fresh brains? Your husband abandoned you because of younger woman? Yes, you might feel as shit, because all what you did before is not enough to keep you in surface, you are swimming surrounded by sharks and they will eat you each moment. 
Where is salvation ? Molly gave example of person who faced with her fear of replacement.